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my child know this You are not alone in

this journey

by aligning your priorities with my

Divine will you allow yourself to focus

on what truly matters

as you Endeavor to please me above all

else you will gradually transform into

the Masterpiece I envisioned when I

breathed life into your being

said your priorities not by the whims of

the world but by the gentle guidance of

your heart aligned with my will

in this Grand tapestry of life you

cannot do everything you desire or meet

every expectation That Others May Place

upon you

but fret not for setting priorities is

the compass that guides you through the

Labyrinth of choices

and The Limited expanse of your time and

the finite Wellspring of your energy you

must Choose Wisely

seek my counsel as you weigh the

possibilities that lay ahead

let the Ageless wisdom of biblical

principles and the unshakable promises

within its Pages illuminate your past

when you Embrace intentionality in this

manner you unlock the secret to making

the most of your time and energy

troubles my dear child are an inevitable

part of this world a world staying by

imperfection and Humanity’s fallibility

it is your nature to seek solutions to

mend what is broken and to heal what is


but do not carry the weight of the

world’s problems upon your shoulders

instead make our relationship your

Paramount concern

come to me with your concerns your

doubts and your fears

seek my perspective before rushing to

fix everything that captures your


let me show you what truly holds

significance in the grand tapestry of


remember you are on a journey towards a

Heavenly destination where Earthly

problems will fade like the Morning Mist

and the Brilliance of eternity’s light

so do not let the burdens of this world

obscure your path or weigh down your


in your heart if you resonate with these

words and feel the truth within them let

your spirit ReSound with a resounding


embrace the Divine guidance that is

offered to you and walk forward with the

assurance that your priorities are set

according to my will for I am with you

now and forever

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