God Says: Only 24 Hours Left, Don’t Ignore My Child | God Message Today

dear child as you sit serenely in my

presence whisper your gratitude to me

with every inhalation as you exhale

reaffirm your trust in me the longer you

practice this the more profound your

sense of relaxation will become while

you spend time with me I help you to

appreciate and thank me for the

blessings that often go unnoticed the

boundless Sky Majestic trees radiant

light and a vibrant pallet of colors

cherished loved ones and everyday

Comforts the list is endless the more

you search for the goodness in your life

the sharper your vision Becomes of

course your deepest gratitude should be

reserved for eternal life which is yours

because of your unwavering belief in me

this is an incomparable Everlasting gift

a gift that fills your heart with ever

increasing joy in my presence I am rich

ly woven into the world around you

within the pages of my word and within

your heart through my spirit beseech me

to Open the Eyes of your heart so that

you may truly see me for I am tenderly

present in every moment of your life it

is crucial to set aside dedicated

moments to seek my face this calls for

unwavering mental discipline redirecting

your thoughts from the Allure of worldly

idols and choosing to meditate upon me I

am the living word so when you search

for me within the scriptures you will

discover my vibrant presence I fashioned

breathtaking Beauty in the world to

direct your gaze toward the one who

crafted all things whenever you

encounter something beautiful take a

moment to offer thanks this Delights my

heart and amplifies your own pleasure

even when confronted with adversity and

ugliness in this fractured World

continue to trust me keep seeking me in

both the grand and and the mundane

moments of your life find Hope and

solace in knowing that all your days are

firmly held within My Loving Hands if I

am on your side who can stand against

you it is crucial for you to grasp that

I am unequivocally on your side this is

a promise for all who follow me when

circumstances seem adverse and those you

trusted turn against you it may appear

as if I have forsaken you in those

moments it is Paramount to remind

yourself of the unassailable truth I am

not only with you always but I am also

unfailingly for you this holds true on

days of Triumph and days of defeat when

people treat you kindly and when they do

not when you genuinely comprehend and

fully believe that I am on your side

fear will diminish and you will face

adversity with unwavering composure

knowing that I will never turn against

you grants you the courage to persevere

in the faith Cas of Trials remember this

beloved I approve of you because you

belong to me my assessment of you

prevails and will endure throughout

eternity neither person nor circumstance

will ever separate you from my boundless

love refuse to be consumed by worry my

cherished one replace those anxious

Thoughts with trust and gratitude

declare your faith in me while offering

praise for all that I am and all that I

have done this blend of adoration and

trust is potent it dispels anxiety and

the forces of Darkness furthermore it

deepens your connection with me while

legitimate concerns may still be present

I will assist you in navigating them as

you cultivate peace you will be able to

view your challenges in the radiant

light of my presence and seek my

guidance allow scripture to shape your

thoughts enabling me to communicate with

you with greater Clarity take the time

to Express gratitude for the many

blessings in your life I want you to

convey your thankfulness in your prayers

in your conversations with others and in

your innermost thoughts share this video

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