God Says; Only 1% Will Choose Haven‼️| God Message For You Today

God says I know you are facing many

events in your life right now give me

even one minute I promise after this

message I will definitely bring

happiness in your life

dear cherished child I wish to emphasize

today the strength and surrender

yielding to me isn’t a display of

feebleness but an expression of


and yielding control to my Flawless


on your path you might face instances

where you sense doubt overwhelm or

inadequacy and host times I encourage

you to relinquish your tone to me let go

of your concerns worries and loads into

my capable grasp not have faith that I

am orchestrating all things for your

benefit if you have faith in me so watch

this video

dear child I need you to recognize that

you are

in no way by myself and your moments of

distress or ache the pleas of your heart

Echo throughout the vastness of my being

and they’re met with countless love and


in the tapestry of life there are

moments of warfare pain and Melancholy

however these moments are intertwined

with threads of Hope strength and

renewal your prayer for healing and

healing in each measurement of your

being bodily emotional

and religious as a testimony to the

resilience and braveness that live

within you type if you believe

I am with you in every heartbeat and

each tear should and in each breath you

are taking the challenges you face are

however temporary in the grand

scheme of things and with time they will

supply a manner to brighter days trust

and Adventure even when the direction

appears and clear

embrace the power of Hope and Faith let

them manual you toward the recovery you

are trying to find remember your spirit

is boundless Your Capacity Limitless and

your essence Divine

allow yourself to be enveloped by my

love for it is a pressure that can

rejuvenate and repair even the deepest

wounds you are loved Beyond degree and I

will always be here listening guiding

and loving you unconditionally

God says type yes if you want to follow

my will in Romans says and we

recognize that God works all matters

together for the coolest of folks who

love him who are known as according to

his cause here are four things presently

God desires you to recognize this today

one God has set you up for a miracle dot

this week you are getting your


to make room for what you prayed for

it’s at the manner three you’re

approximately to be happier than you’ve

ever been Watch God’s subsequent move

for your quality days aren’t behind you

however before and of you

type amen if you believe

dear listener hear this carefully when

you make a decision too Consciousness

ahead and circulate on anticipate to

satisfy resistance the enemy does no

longer want you to step into the

promises of God on your life or to

satisfy your cause so he will do

anything it takes to deter distract

delay disappoint or distract you you

could have to combat to govern your mind

protect your heart and toughen your soul

it’s frequently simpler to surrender

than to preserve believing hoping and

awaiting in your leap forward to happen

this is called a combat of Faith because

that’s exactly what it Smiles the enemy

plays dirty it’s why you sense like

throwing within the towel it’s tough

It’s messy it’s laborious it’s


but I am right here to remind you that

extra is he who’s in you than he who’s

in international the enemy is a defeated

foe fix your eyes on Jesus who is the

author and the finisher of your faith

type yes if you agree and if you desire

Miracles watch this video all the way

through to the end

dear listener join this prayer with me

and repeat after me Almighty Lord my

mind feels troubled and my heart

overwhelmed I’m stressed affecting me

physically emotionally mentally I

struggle to focus except on worry

Forgive Me ease my worry guide me to

release anxiety help me cast worries to

you teach patience

rather than hurried prayer Grant faith

that in due time Duty will emerge in my

life in Jesus name amen

God we come in opposition to any family

curses nowadays any generational curse

within the form of sicknesses

misfortunes or poverty is destroyed

today inside the call of Jesus we

disconnect ourselves from any hyperlink

with a generational demonic spirit

see all strains which have carried those

curses this far we destroy all chains of

depression and illness these days we

free up all prisons of drunkenness and

bad luck these days Christ has paid all

our debts and we will now not go through

to any extent further

deliver and free us from all oppression

expensive Lord let us live our lives in

ample Grace and prosperity let your

riches be plentiful on us and

generations to come thank you Covenant

keeping God for placing Us free in Jesus

potent name


if you agree

but those who wait upon the Lord will

renew their strength they’ll Mound up

with wings like eagles they may run and

no longer grow weary they may stroll and

no longer faint Isaiah –

as God said only a few loyal people will

stay connected to this video till the


Jesus declares release it cease dwelling

on it any longer pondering over why

things didn’t unfold as planned will

merely Foster bitterness resentment and

self-pity before long you’ll shift the

blame to others to yourself or even to a

higher power

you might not fully comprehend the

events that transpired fairness might

not have been present however when you

let go it becomes an expression of your


you declare Divine I place my trust in

you I acknowledge your sovereignty even

though my path to Verge from my desires

your promise is that all events will

ultimately align for my benefit thus I

hold on to the belief that positivity

awaits in my days ahead

if you have faith in God right amen

God is saying don’t even consider

quitting you are going to make it

irrespective of what it looks like right

now I realize you’re concerned about

your price range your Fitness and your

circle of relatives remember I always

work in your want

I Will Bless You nowadays with peace

recovery and victory if you do not give

up I am going to carry something

terrific out of the scenario you’re in

get ready for your benefits

typel embrace my power to affirm

Lord claims you are entering pivotal

moments of Destiny I am here to guide

you where you couldn’t go alone the

upcoming events will be extraordinary

your heartfelt desires are on the brink

of realization that challenges scarcity

and ailments are fading a way of fresh

air has dawned

transformation is imminent the

impediments that held you back are

currently shattering favorable

opportunities are on the horizon and the

right individuals are about to appear

you are poised to conquer illness

conquer despondency and Conquer

adversity restoration advancements

breakthroughs and blessings root stay


type yes if you agree and share this

video with nine people who trust God God

has spoken I recognize there may be lots

in your thoughts taking care of your

family retaining your peace coping with

your finances and selling your

profession the weight of the Arena

appears like it is pressing down on you

always consider that you are not alone

through prayer bring all of your issues

to me I will offer I will make a manner

for you Heavens assets are at the back

of you you do not want to fear I even

have your lower back

I’m here for you through it all standing

by your side without a full dot in times

of struggle when you’re weary I’ll help

you march on strong and steady keep

pushing forward don’t let go I’m working

for you this you should know

if you watch this video till the end

then type on man if you believe and

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