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I am the vine you are the branches

whoever abides in me and I in him he it

is that bears much fruit for apart from

me you can do nothing John without

Jesus we can do nothing Jesus is the

vine and we are the branches if we abide

in Jesus and he in us we will bear much

fruit for apart from Jesus we can do

nothing no matter what we do with our

full strength if we are separated with

Jesus or if we don’t have personal

relationship with him we are not able to

do things that are acceptable to the

father we will never have access to

father and this will make us unfruitful

we cannot bear fruit of good works

because it’s only through Jesus that we

can have a Holy Spirit who will instruct

us guide us lead us convict us without

Christ’s Spirit Grace strength and

presence we are incapable of pleasing

God because that shows we don’t have

faith and without faith it’s impossible

to please God

but if we are connected to Jesus we will

surely be fruitful in this we know that

it’s not by Our Own Strength why we are

fruitful but because of Christ it is

humbling to realize that we can do

nothing apart from God here is a great

secret of the Christian faith our life

is not about what we can do for God but

it is all about what God can do within

us and then through us all of our

energies and strivings are a vanity

apart from Jesus for if anyone thinks he

is something when he is nothing he

deceives himself but let each one test

his own work and then his reason to

boast will be in himself alone and not

in his neighbor Galatians


ourselves dear listener do we tend to

compare our own spiritual progress with

others potentially leading to feelings


superiority Galatians reminds us to

honestly examine ourselves without bi us

it shows us that we shouldn’t think

we’re better than others but instead we

have to recognize our weaknesses limits

and how much we need God’s grace we

should be humble and admit that without

God’s love and mercy we are actually

nothing if we think we are better than

other believers or that our ministry is

superior to theirs this will promote

pride and pride goes before destruction

and a hauy spirit before a fall Proverbs

we should not fool ourselves once

we start thinking highly of ourselves

and believing we’re great we lose touch

with reality we are to evaluate our own

actions motivations and attitudes it’s

important to honestly examine ourselves

Galatians also says let us not

become conceited provoking one another

envying one another Paul begins to speak

of keeping in step with God’s spirit in

some very practical matters the spirit

hates conceit strife and envy and so

should we who want to walk with him they

are works of the flesh we should instead

focus on becoming more like Christ which

is an ongoing process called

sanctification by looking at ourselves

closely we can find areas where we’re

not doing well and need to grow this

helps us focus on improving ourselves

instead of bragging about how great we

think we are like if you believe in


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