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God says

my precious children from the day you

were born to this day each day becomes a

new blessing every day you were sinking

within the deep ocean of my grace I had

given you what you prayed for or even

what you didn’t pray for sometimes I

didn’t answer a few prayers

but inside the region of that I even

have given you extra then you asked and

blessed you when you were alone I held

you close towards my coronary heart when

you are concerned I turned into with you

when you felt lost the entirety I gave

you the brand new hopes

where seems no way I had made the brand

new way for you like this video If you

believe in God

through your pains sufferings and delays

I molded you remember not anything will

appear other than what I say to your

life don’t fear about the matters that

are occurring around the arena what is

happening is not anything but it is what

prophesied before for a reason

make certain you are organized for it

my child your words reach me and I

include them with love your prayer for

divine safety over your loved ones and

family members resonates deeply with my

heart know that I hear your issues and

hold them in my Everlasting care

like a Dad or Mom I watch over those you

preserve pricey surrounding them with my

unwavering defend of protection

and moments of uncertainty to call that

I am here a steadfast presence guiding

and safeguarding let the warm

temperature of my embody carry you

consolation easing your worries

As Time unfolds except is true with that

my Divine love envelops your cherished

ones nurturing them with energy and


Lord says type why yes if you want to

follow my will allow your faith to be a

beacon of light Illuminating the path

beforehand while demanding situations

might also get up relaxation confident

that my boundless electricity is a

shield against adversity

draw strength from our connection and

find solace in the knowledge that your

prayers are heard and reply through the

tapestry of existence your family and

family remain under my watchful gaze for

all time sheltered by using my love

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video with nine people who trust God

here are four things God desires you to

don’t forget this

one the healing you want is coming

two the money you need is coming


God will make a manner for you


trust God’s ideal timing

right to if you believe

remember some to to says if I

Ascend with the morning’s Wings if I

find rest on the distant Shore even

there your hand shall lead me and your

right hand shall hold me securely

God declares I know what you’re going

through proper now and it is going to be

over quickly I understand you’ve been in

the fire but I am usage of the fireplace

to burn off the hard edges I need you to

believe the process I am doing awesome

paintings in you

when you come out of this you may be

stronger brighter and higher off than

you had been before you’re going to be

in a brand new region you are going to

be prepared for the calling and dream I

actually have positioned in you


if you agree

affirm I forgive myself for the whole

lot the pasta’s gone yesterday is long

past the closing minute is gone every

moment I am being renewed and its miles

as much as me too decide what I preserve

until in my intellectual and emotional


this awareness frees me because I’ll

pick to take minor G back

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Sweet Child I am constantly by your side

leading your way and grasping your hand

there’s no need for fear as I am your

shelter and strength during difficult

times have faith in me and I will supply

all your Necessities from my abundance

discover solace in my presence as I am

the Wellspring of genuine tranquility

the challenges you’ve encountered have

forged greater strength within you

through our connection what the

adversary intended for harm I have

transformed into good throughout this

journey your unwavering faith and my

boundless power was set in motion the

shifting of your mountains type yes to

claim this blessing

listen carefully know that God is with

you usually he will never depart you nor

forsake you the Bible says if you need

friends then show you’re so friendly

every rejection is an appointment with

God look at rejection as people

voluntarily disposing of themselves out

the manor to carry you towards God’s

promise over your existence he knows

who’s for you he knows the timing for

when you’re equipped to get hold of your

husband or spouse

please do not waste your treasure deers

stressful feeling sorry for yourself and

pissed off because you’re unmarried and

no one desires you don’t live in anger

guard your heart work on yourself first

most essential fall in love with Jesus

and develop a real true relationship

with him everything your heart goals it

really is in alignment to his will on

your Lifestyles will fall into area

type thank you God if you believe

God claims I understand the pain and now

not having your manner that’s a pleasure

and ego difficulty I recognize what it

appears like to combat for romance and

trying to be desired via the person

yummy but the feeling isn’t Mutual

that’s a self problem

never live in a scenario wherein you are

unhappy that’s how human beings use you

for his or her benefit

within the gentle breeze brushing

against your cheek and the leaves

rustling swaying tanagers Rhythm listen

to my Whispers these form my messages to

you Gentle Quest that I am always near

always enfolding you in Words of Love

guidance and certainty

as days hurry forth and Knight Stern

tranquil pause and heed amidst Thanos of

life my calm gentle voice persists

affirming your treasured spot and my

heart and leading you on this favored


if you have faith in God right amen

Divine messages why worry why lose sleep

although you may not perceive the

solution but you’re unable to perceive

as me your heavenly father I’m bestowing

upon you divine favor shifting those who

don’t belong refreshing everything and

reversing unfavorable circumstances

place your trust in the timing I provide

God says I will satisfy all the

guarantees he made it to you the matters

I actually have spoken to you are now

coming am now liberating you from the

whole lot that has held you again

I am aligning you on this new season of

your Lifestyles stay near me and watch

me circulate within the midst of the


get prepared to grin once more your null

longer on my own on this let me help you

my angels are with you trust me I even

have extraordinary plans for you plans

to prosper you and give you a wish and a

future the first class is but to come


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you are to assist your brother still the

Lord gives them rest as he has completed

for you and told they to have taken

possession of the land that the Lord

your God is giving them after that

you can pass lower back and occupy your

own land which Moses the servant of

fellowed gay yeast of the Jordan toward

the sunrise Joshua .

Thai pow man if you need God helps

dear listener join this prayer with me

and repeat after me heavenly father I

come go on for walks to you today with

my coronary heart bowed I overdue and

thanks for being my Creator My Savior

and my God

you are my protector and also you are

all-powerful I know that there’s nothing

that I may want to ever ask that is too

hard for you God irrespective of how

right or holy I suppose owl were from

time to time I fall brief

I constantly start my prayers by using

requesting forgiveness please wash away

all of my sins and forgive me for

something that I can also have executed

idea or said that changed into non not

right dot father as I go searching I see

all your creation and my many advantages

sadly I also pay attention or filmness

and ailment that is spreading

international.father I withstand the

concerned that the enemy brings because

I’ll know that you may chill thou own

family from all viruses

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