God Says: One Last Time to Talk to You, Don’t Ignore | Jesus Affirmations |

I am the Divine my beloved child and I

bring you happiness and peace my hope is

that your relationship with me and my

holy word brings you Joy I am the

Eternal Word I have been here since the

beginning of time and will always be

here the Bible which is my written word

has my deepest thoughts written on its

Pages you will feel my my presence in

your soul as you read its verses and the

pleasure of being with me will become a

constant companion take some time to

think about these holy verses you might

even want to memorize some of them they

will be your comfort during sleepless

nights and hard times knowing that I am

the source of your happiness will keep

you from moping about your problems or

wishing other people were happier my

constant presence in your life makes

sure that you always have something to

be happy about please find joy in Me by

rejoicing all day in my name just saying

Jesus in prayer can make you feel better

take advantage of the chance to enjoy my

righteousness which I gave you out of

love this cloak of righteousness will

always cover you take pleasure in the

difficulties you face in life they are

gifts from me that will help you grow

stronger and more dependent on Me In My

Kingdom strength and dependence go

handin hand

which goes against what most people

think you were made to walk closely with

me the whole time you’re on Earth

problems make you realize how much you

need me and encourage you to rely on my

Limitless sufficiency when things get

hard and you decide to trust me and get

through them you are blessed getting

through problems that seemed impossible

to solve before becomes exciting when

you do it with me as you go through

these hard times together your

relationship with me grows stronger your

sense of security is strengthened by how

well you deal with problems you feel

more sure that you can handle any

problems that come up in the future if

you work with me you are ready for any

challenge when I give you additional

Inner Strength celebrate that I am

enough for you in my loving presence you

will find peace and joy that never ends

as you go about your day look for me I’m

looking forward to your desire to

connect with me I always keep an eye on

you and never lose sight of you still

the world is full of distractions and

it’s easy to lose sight of me when these

kinds of things are trying to take your

attention away remind yourself that I’m

always with you giving up on your first

love is a much more dangerous situation

feeling like this please turn back to me

and tell me about the false gods that

have kept you from me thank me for

forgiving you and work with me to change

your priorities so that I am the most

important thing in your life as you

fully experience my presence think about

who I am I am the ruler of the universe

and the world’s light source enjoy this

bright light of life and let it fill you

up so that you can share my love joy and

peace with others should you face

problems that seem impossible to solve

look at me and say I am unable but with

you I am able recognizing your

limitations is a healthy dose of reality

however the most important thing is to

recognize my presence and my desire to

help you I incorporate the prayers of

Believers into my sovereign governance

of your world in ways far too intricate

for finite Minds to comprehend bear in

mind for as the heavens are higher than

the earth so are my ways higher than

your ways and my thoughts than your

thoughts given that my methods of

working in the world often appear

enigmatic it is crucial to carve out

moments of Stillness and acknowledge

that I am God sit quietly in my presence

inhale my peace peace and I shall Grant

you rest embrace the strength of my

glory when you find yourself grappling

with enduring unrelenting challenges

resist the temptation to Grimace and

merely bide your time in a gloomy

disposition such passivity and

negativity are not the response I desire

from you recognize that I hold

sovereignty over the circumstances of

your life and therein lie opportunities

of Plenty do not mimic the man who

buried his master’s Talent out of

disgruntlement with his

circumstances he surrendered and chose

the path of least resistance placing

blame on his difficult situation rather

than seizing the opportunity within

it understand that the more arduous your

circumstances the greater the potential

for growth I willingly bestow upon you

the strength of my glory it is

profoundly potent for it is the spirit

himself who empowers you infusing

strength into your innermost being

moreover my boundless Glory strength

equips you to persevere through the

seemingly insurmountable this reservoir

of power is so vast that it overflows

into Joy apart from me you can

accomplish nothing on days when the task

before you seems overwhelming bear in

mind that I am with you ready to assist

take a moment to bask in my loving

presence whisper

surely the Lord is in this place and

relax knowing that you are not meant to


self-sufficient I designed you to

require me to depend on me approach me

as you are without shame or pretense

engage me in conversations about the

challenges that Loom ahead and the

inadequacy you feel implore me to

illuminate The Way Forward instead of

rushing ahead take small steps in trust

while staying in communion with me I am

the Vine and you are a branch of my

existence as you connect to me my life

flows through you enabling you to Bear

abundant fruit do not concern yourself

with achieving worldly success bearing

fruit in my kingdom means carrying out

the good works I ordained for you long

ago therefore live closely to me prepare

to carry out my will and I shall unveil

the path before you if you

wholeheartedly Embrace this belief you

can bask in the knowledge that every day

of your life is a day worth rejoicing

disregard the labors of a bad day even

when you grapple with profound struggles

your circumstances May indeed be arduous

yet I am by your side holding your right

hand goodness can be found in each day

every day due to my unwavering presence

and enduring love material wealth May

evade You by worldly standards but my

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