God is saying to you today my dear child listen to my voice

as I tell you to be brave don’t be scared because I’m right

here with you I’ll always have your back be your guide and protect

you even when life gets tough you can find peace and comfort in my

arms I’ll give you Joy strength and save you from any

troubles remember every challenge you face is part of my big plan for

you whenever you feel unsure or scared know that I’m by your side ready to help

you through it all you’re never alone on this journey my love surrounds you giving you the

courage you need in this crazy world full of surprises and unknowns just know that

I’ve got your back I know all your thoughts wishes and

dreams you can feel my love in the morning sun when you let out a sigh and

even when you shed a tear you mean the world to me and all I

want is to see you do amazing things and be happy type yes God if you

believe believe in faith and positivity if you agree type

and if you believe in God’s love type I love you Heavenly

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unsure just look up and reach out to me I’m always here ready to give you a

big hug Bring Back Your hope and make you excited about life

again out of all the amazing things in the universe you are special and loved

by me forever when things get tough and you start feeling scared or confused just

know that I care about you a whole lot nothing can ever change

that it’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed when life gets hard and

you’re looking for answers but remember I’m here to listen

and support you not judge you don’t let the noise of the world or

what other people say make you doubt yourself you’re super important to me

and you have a special purpose only you can fulfill keep your thoughts safe and

don’t share them with just anyone because they’re precious I know you inside and out and I

want to help you break free from all the worries that try to bring you down type

to a f I know life can be tough sometimes and

you might feel alone but I’ve given you strength and wisdom to get through it

all don’t let negativity or tough situations bring you

down you have a special purpose in life a path that only you can

walk so when you’re feeling unsure just look to me for help and know that I’m

always here for you I see how hard you work to take care of your family and how much love you

give them your role in your family is so important and I appreciate all the love

you show every new day is a chance for you to come closer to me to find the support

and guidance you need I want to not only give you material blessings but also wisdom peace

and love that never runs out type yes heavenly father if you

believe trust me with your worries and believe in my promise and I’ll make sure you

have everything you need to succeed remember to always look to me

for guidance even when things get busy I’ll be your safe place and give

you the strength you need to face any challenge don’t stress about the future

take each day as it comes think back to the fun and carefree

days of your childhood come to me with an open heart

just like a kid goes to their parent you don’t have to hide your flaws

from me I love you just the way you are I don’t want you to feel judged or

unwanted around me instead I want you to feel my deep

love my comforting Embrace and the peace that only I can

give I want you to thr Drive in every aspect of your life even when things

seem tough Let’s Make a Deal trust me and

I’ll make sure your future is full of good things and happiness as you go forward know that

I’ve got your back and I’m always here to help you and show you the right way to

go you’re not alone in this journey I’m like your loyal sidekick who will always

be there for you I’ll take care of you and make sure you have everything you

need type amen if you believe I’ll make sure you have

everything you need to be happy and healthy I’ll give you strength when you

need it and help you find peace every day you’ll be surrounded by

my love and protection I’m here to help you heal and make your life

better I want to help you and make sure you’re taken care of trust me and hold on to my

promises stay strong in the days to come I have some amazing things planned

for you and your family I promise you good things

blessings and a bright future I will make sure it happens just

you wait and see if you believe in me and trust my promises you’ll feel so much peace and

happiness don’t worry about what’s coming in the future just focus on the

good stuff push away any negative thoughts that try to bring you

down they’ll only make you feel sad block your view of what’s important

drain your energy and make it hard to see clearly stick with me and follow the

path of positive OT emotions peace and calmness I know you face challenges

every day the enemy wants to make you feel weak and doubt

yourself but if you keep holding on to my promises I dare you to stand up to

those challenges and tough situations with all your might even when you feel exhausted

remember that I’ll be right there with you giving you strength and

guidance let me say it again the enemy might try to make you feel small but

don’t believe his lies will you listen to his deceitful words or will you trust in me the God

who created you and believes in you I am like a powerful storm that

can’t be stopped and I will always have your back no matter how many times you mess

up I will be there to help you get back on your feet if anyone tries to bring you down I

will make you stronger than ever and if you fall I’ll be there to

pick you up type yes God if you

believe I want you to be brave and have faith like a hero who never gives

up you will overcome every Challenge and reach your goals with my

help I am proud of you and I love you more than anything let go of your worries and know

that I am listening to your prayers I will guide you through tough

times and bring you peace and happiness are you feeling overwhelmed

with all the thoughts swirling around in your head well guess

what you don’t have to carry that burden alone I’m here to help you find peace

and comfort I know you’ve been through some tough times but don’t beat yourself up

over it I’ve already forgiven you for any mistakes you’ve

made if you trust in me and believe in my love for you you don’t have to feel

like your situation is hopeless I don’t want you to live in

fear or sadness I want you to be free from all that worry and stress

you may be going through a rough patch right now but remember you were chosen

for this moment everything you’ve been through has led you to this point where you can

grow in faith and wisdom type to

affirm so don’t lose hope keep your head up and know that I

am with you every step of the way trust in me and you will receive all

the blessings and guidance you need to overcome any challenges that come your

way let go of your worries about money by focusing on what really matters your

family and your health be kind to yourself and don’t try to be

perfect it’s okay to make mistakes just remember that there is always

forgiveness and a chance to start fresh each day Trust trust in yourself and in

the love that surrounds you Embrace Your Destiny and follow your

dreams you are loved and supported so have faith and believe in

yourself your journey towards true Freedom Starts Now I didn’t bring you into this world

just so you could waste your time getting tossed around by life’s tough

challenges don’t be afraid of being alone instead hold on to my love and

care trust me like a kid trusts their parent and know that I really do care

about you I’m always looking out for you and you’ll never have to face things on your

own when you come up against tough times you’ll come out on

top I’ll make sure you have everything you need I’ll give you strength when you’re

feeling down and I’ll I’ll help you keep going even when things get tough don’t be scared my

child let go of those who bring you down don’t beg for acceptance from

others when all you need is a kind word a friendly hand or someone who listens

without judging I’m here for you when you come to me with a humble

heart I’m ready to give you what you truly need come to me not because I’m telling you

to but because you truly care about me show me your loyalty and

dedication remember it’s not about big gestures I care more about your genuine

love and devotion let me explain I don’t pay attention to those who act like they

love me but secretly try to hurt my favorite people and the good ones

instead I appreciate and reward your true loyalty your strong belief your

unwavering dedication and in return I promise to answer your prayers when you

come to me with all your heart you know how much I love you I

don’t even need to say it don’t worry anymore I will make your faith stronger

Don’t Be Afraid we will move forward work together toward Success With Your Heart

at peace and your spirit surrounded by my love and calmness this is how it has been how it

is now and how it will always be today let me show you beautiful

Meadows and guide you to Peaceful streams let me help you with your

problems give me a moment in your busy life I will lessen your worries I want

to turn your struggles into good things and your sadness into

Joy I really want to give you lots of blessings I’m so happy that you come to

me every day and give me praise have you noticed how I’ve been

helping you out without me you would have been in big trouble a long time

ago look around and see all the challenges I’ve given you as a way to

show my love for you even when you felt like you were in a tough spot I was right there by your

side you need to recognize this and remember that if I’ve saved you from

tough situations before I’ll do it again I won’t let anyone take away the

good things I have in store for you when things get tough remember to

turn to me I’ve fought off the big problems you

faced when you pray to me with all your heart I use my power to protect you from

harm I give you strength when you feel weak and courage when things seem

impossible in your hard times I give you the grace to keep

going you are loved so much like really really

loved you are special important and cherished I promise to always love you

and be there for you I want you to let me into your heart completely so I can be a part of

everything you do amazing things are going to happen your life is going to be

awesome when you let me guide you all the things holding you back will

disappear I will make sure you have everything you need to be happy and success

successful I will protect you from anything bad that tries to come your

way trust me I’ve got your back you are going to be okay because I

care about you so much let me tell you something important

I control your future I’ve been kind to you for giving

all your mistakes no one has the right to judge or be mean to you

I’ve given you my love and blessings and you deserve all the good things coming

your way remember how special you are don’t be hard on

yourself it makes me sad when you listen to people who don’t have your best

interests at heart believe in my love for you I want to see you do well because I

made you just the way you are and I have great things planned for you

your success doesn’t depend on what’s happening in the world or the negativity around you nothing can stop the good

things I have in store for you let’s talk about trust and believing

in yourself you have a choice to make will you trust in yourself and believe in

your own abilities or will you listen to the negative things others say about

you don’t let their words bring you down or make you doubt

yourself you deserve to feel loved protected and

encouraged you should live in peace and love with faith in yourself and

confidence in your future success tell me that you believe in

yourself no matter what challenges come your way let’s talk about the things that

hold you back the emotions that weigh you down and the pain you’ve been carrying for too

long you can talk to me openly without fear or

shame I understand you completely and I want to help you let go of the things

that are holding you back choose to talk to me today and find

Freedom from your burdens you don’t have to carry all that weight on your

own let go of bitterness and embrace the love and joy that are waiting for you

I can help you heal from your past overcome your fears and find happiness

and strength trust in yourself and believe that you deserve a bright and happy

future it’s no coincidence that you’re hearing me right now Embrace Life with all your heart

forgive yourself and let yourself off the hook because I forgive you

too I’m opening the doors to kind Ness and plenty for you but in order for all this good stuff

to happen you’ve got to have faith tell me what’s bothering you today

what’s making you sad understand that you can’t handle everything on your own don’t look for

the answers in people or things around you you need a miracle a supernatural

one and you can only get that by humbling yourself in front of me

remember this stay focused don’t lose sight of who you

are you weren’t put on this Earth to be sad or feel trapped you deserve a life

full of good things today I’m offering you healing

today I’m pulling you out of that pit of loneliness open your heart and accept

this blessing get ready to live a life filled with my love and kindness [Music]

give me your worries your jealousy your regrets and your guilt I’ll take them

all let’s tackle This Together your mind can be a tricky Place

sometimes causing you to feel tired stressed and unable to see all the good

things around you but you don’t have to struggle alone you can bring all those negative

thoughts and feelings to me so you don’t have to carry them by yourself

anymore you deserve to feel happy and at peace without losing sleep or feeling

regretful about the past I want you to feel better and be

free from all those heavy emotions you deserve to enjoy life and

spend time with the people you care about without being weighed down by

stress I know you want to to feel better and this message is here to help you at

a time when you might need some guidance so take a moment to relax close

your eyes and listen to the words I have for you it’s important to admit when you’ve

made mistakes and ask for forgiveness even for the things you keep hidden

inside just saying sorry isn’t enough you have to really mean it I can see the

real you the one who’s hurting and feeling lost when no one else is

around but don’t worry I’m here for you let me help you find peace and

happiness and show you how much I care about you trust me things will get better if

you just have faith and stay patient every day take a moment to be

still and listen for my guidance I have so much love for you and I want

to give you all the good things you deserve so don’t give up hope

okay I’m here to support you and give you the strength and courage you need to

keep going even when things get tough you’ve already overcome challenges

before so don’t worry you’ve got this listen to my advice and believe in

yourself because amazing things are coming your way I promise to take care of you and

your loved ones making sure you have everything you need your home will be filled with

happiness and good things remember to be grateful for all

the good things in your life and try to help others who are struggling when you give back you’ll see

even more blessings come your way stay stay positive and keep

believing in yourself you’re capable of great things

and I’ll be here every step of the way to help you succeed get ready for some awesome

surprises and a bright future ahead let me tell you something a bright

future is on the horizon for all of us who believe in me your dreams are going to come true

even the ones you thought were possible I’m here for you always looking

out for you protecting you and supporting you now and

forever you’ve reached out to me pouring your heart out looking for comfort and

guidance and now I’m here to help you to meet your needs I’m giving you my love and comfort

for your hurting heart hey there don’t forget that I see everything that’s going on in your life

life I know all about you and your loved ones so keep your faith strong keep

praying and I promise to give you peace and Clarity every day as you come to me

with faith during tough times you’ve learned a lot from your

experiences and that’s going to help you make good choices that will help you

grow remember I’ve always been there for you protecting you from Big

challenges someone tried to bring you down in a sneaky way trying to make you

feel bad and ruin your reputation but you stayed strong even

when you didn’t understand how now I’m here to give you the good

things you’ve been asking for get up stop crying and go to the

door because I’m calling you open it and I’ll take your hand to lead you to a

place where good things are waiting for you I’m giving you a new kind of

strength blessing you in a way that will lift you up higher than your enemies can

reach I won’t let anyone hurt you anymore I’m opening a door to bring you

big blessings and solutions that will Amaze you you might cry but with happiness and

the power of my love in your life stand up wipe away your tears and

go outside with courage and a smile that shows you’re a winner today I’m speaking to you with

love and my blessing is with you keep moving forward with

determination and don’t look back get ready for some big news coming

your way soon you’re about to feel a love like never before full of blessings and

happiness you’re always in my care surrounded by my love and

protection if you’re feeling down don’t worry just lean on me and feel my warmth

and comfort everything will be okay soon I

promise let go of your worries and let my love lift you up sing out your joy and let my I love

lighten your load I’m giving you a special blessing so you can find amazing opportunities

ahead you have a purpose to shine bright for your family tough times will come but don’t

be afraid I’m here with you giving you the strength and wisdom you need to face

anything that comes your way I just wanted to let you know how much I care about you and all the

awesome things you want to do in life I see all the good stuff inside of

you and think you’re really special you have the power of love

kindness and forgiveness in you and by being yourself you can Inspire others to

believe in themselves and Achieve great things I’m always on your side cheering

you on and ready to help you out you have the abil AB ility to be Al

light in Dark Times guiding others who need help don’t be afraid to take on

challenges you have what it takes to succeed in whatever you try I’ll make sure nothing gets in your

way just keep believing in yourself and know that I’m right there with you

supporting you every step of the way I care about you a lot and I know

you can handle whatever comes your way you’ve got

this I’m giving you some serious power here get up go out there with confidence

and strength that I’m handing over to you you’re going to conquer obstacles

jump over hurdles just trust me on this don’t let bad news bring you down

don’t let a tough diagnosis scare you and don’t let family drama ruin your day

your feelings might try to convince you that you’re stuck that problems are too

big to handle that mean words will crush you that you’ll never bounce back from a

tough situation and that happiness is Out Of Reach but I brought you here to remind

you that I’ve got your back and I care about everything that happens to you believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you Heavenly Father for those who hold God close to

their hearts express your love with the words I really love you

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