God Says: MY PRECIOUS CHILD “DONT SKIP”| God Message | God Message Today |

God is saying to you

today my child I am the divine presence

guiding your

journey I bear a message for you urging

you not to disregard this video under


circumstances in the tapestry of your

life a moment will arise when others

will Ru the way they once treated

you have faith for this inevitable

transformation is on the

horizon anticipate a positive shift in

every facet of your existence persist

for nothing is

permanent you presently draw towards you

a wave of positive energy Embrace this

new found

vibrancy in the grand tapestry of

existence it’s the small selfless acts

that often occupy the most significant

spaces within others hearts

Hearts never underestimate the impact of


gestures gratitude possesses the

profound ability to reshape your energy

inviting more of your desires into

reality acknowledge and appreciate what

you already have and witness the influx

of more

blessings hope a force mightier than

fear is your ally tomorrow a Divine

miracle is poised to dissolve every

worry that burdens your

soul type Amen in the comments to

partake in this

blessing your commitment to the Lord

Jesus Christ has unlocked a reservoir of


blessings no external force can wield

power over your life

henceforth the Lord unwavering in

faithfulness is ready to manifest the

desires planted in your

heart a blessed path awaits

you nurture your connection with Christ

daily cultivating a life that pleases


Divine eternal life a gift bestowed by

Jesus Is

Yours return to the Lord your steadfast

protector and witness the restoration of


twofold Divine protection and prosperity

will envelop

you embrace the transformative light of

God by committing your life to the Lord

Jesus right now to receive the

Illuminating Light of Life type Amen in

the comments and embrace the blessings

unfolding before

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thank you

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