God Says: My Child Trust My Timing | God’s Message Now | God’s Daily Message

my times are in your hand Psalm

don’t scroll away today if you

really love Jesus dear friend one thing

I’ve learned is that God doesn’t always

work on our timetable in fact he rarely

does but in a single moment God can

change your life all throughout

scripture we see examples of how God was

working behind the scenes and instantly

turn things around for his people

scripture tells us he is the same

yesterday today and forever which means

if he did it for them he can instantly

turn things around for you too you may

be going through some difficulty today

but be encouraged because your times are

in God’s hands trust that he has your

best interest at heart he wants to pour

out his favor he wants to take you

further than you dreamed possible and

work in your life in ways beyond what

you have ever imagined let this truth

sink down into your heart today

resist discouragement by speaking his

word over your future keep standing keep

hoping and keep believing because he is

working behind the scenes have faith

because your times are in his hands and

he will lead you in the life of Victory

he has for you like if you believe in


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