my child keep in mind that God is the

one who created you and he will continue

to provide for you throughout your


life in the event that you require

assistance and rescue he will be there

to provide

it type yes heavenly father if you

believe you will soon be able to put an

end to these difficult

times in the very near future within the

next days you can anticipate

extraordinary blessings Miracles and

achievements as your wealth and health

continue to improve you are well on your

way to achieving success and

happiness my sincere

congratulations my dear

boy within the next hours you will get

a phone call that will completely alter

the course of of your life moving

forward type yes God to

affirm when you are feeling sick weak or

down you should not be concerned because

by the end of this week your life will

be filled to the brim with blessings and

miracles which will eliminate all of

your worries and concerns related to


feelings please know that God is aware

of your suffering and that he deeply

cares about your

pain having faith in the miraculous

power of healing is

essential you have demonstrated an

incredible amount of strength by

maintaining your faith throughout this

challenging time and as a result of your

unwavering Faith you are now in a

position to receive blessings favor and

healing at this

time praise God who is like a loving and

comforting father and let us take a

moment to express our gratitude to

him he is always there to comfort us in

our times of trouble regardless of the

nature of those

difficulties let us now concentrate on

their objectives for the current

week declare with self assurance that

success is already yours regardless of

the challenges you are working through

at the

moment confirm that Victory is on The

Horizon and that you will triumph over

the obstacles that stand in your

way type yes God if you

believe in the name of Jesus there is no

question that this week is going to be

filled with success moments that will

change your life and occasions that are

filled with

positivity according to the words of the

Lord Jesus your house will be protected

from harm ill illness and anything that

is wicked during this

years the love and protection of God are

all around you and you will never be

abandoned or left behind by his love and

protection amazing opportunities that

will completely alter the course of your

life are going to be made Available to

You by

God pay attention my

child it is within your power to bring

prosper it wealth and health to the

families you are responsible

for you have the power to make a

difference in the way things are for

your family for all

time have faith in it and then act on

it type yes Father to

affirm you and your family will

experience a period of healing

transformation blessings and miracles

throughout the entirety of the year

your prayers from the depths of

your heart have been heard and God is

going to bless you with Miracles that

you did not

expect indeed the Lord himself is the

one who is coming to make a difference

in your

life you are going to transform your

sadness into joy and from a place of

scarcity to a place of abundance you are

going to be

led do not not be concerned about

anything because nothing that you are

going through right now is more powerful


God he is in possession of all the power

and will participate in your conflicts

on your

behalf it is enough to Simply pray to

God if you are sick and tired of feeling

hopeless lost and

sad your life will be filled with good

health happiness and peace and you will

be taken away from the pain worries and

problems that you are

experiencing prepare yourself for your

bank account to be flooded with wealth

that is beyond your wildest

dreams because God has your back you can

rest assured that all of your bills will

be paid in full and on

time it is important to keep in mind

that simply as God is in charge of the

heavens and the Earth

he is also in charge of your

future do not ever have any doubts about

the power of the Lord who is the god of

the armies of Heaven sort

I would like to pray with you if

you have faith in

God I want to express my gratitude to

you Creator God for being with me at all

times regardless of where I

am you’re very presence is a source of

unfathomable blessing for

me you guarantee that you will never

abandon or abandon

me at all times you are by my

side I pray that you will hear my prayer

and fill both my heart and my mouth with

praise for all of the wonderful gifts

you have given

me May my life be filled with gratitude

in your presence

I want your love to be the engine that

propels my heart

forward allow your happiness to serve as

a source of strength for me when times


difficult will your presence overcome me

bringing peace through Jesus Christ Our

Lord I pray that this will

happen I utter the word

amen believe in faith and positivity

if you agree type

and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you Heavenly

Father for those who hold God close to

their hearts express your love with the

words I really love you

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