God Says; My Child I Died For You Will You Give Me Your 2 Minutes

God is saying to you today

o my beloved child remember one factor I

already wrote your Tale the story of the

greatest reason yordl has outstanding

reason with the intention to do for me

everything which are going on on your

life is molding you and getting ready

you for that best motive to be fulfilled

so while a few things occurs do not pass

behind that but at that time make

yourself do not forget that every one

those things are going on for my

outstanding reason

like this video if your faith is


and additionally come to me along with

your strong faith and your coronary

heart to meet that finest cause with a

purpose to do for me let me remind you

one greater element it isn’t just one

step process

but for every steps on this manner there

are a number of extraordinary and

incredible blessing awaiting you

Lord says type why yes if you want my


remember in Bible verse Romans to

says do not comply with the pattern of

this International but be converted by

way of the renewing of your thoughts

then you’ll be capable to test and

approve what God’s will is is accurate

pleasing and perfect will

let us pray dear God thank you for the

closed doors thank you for not owing to

accept second nice God whenever I

thought I became being rejected from

something accurate you had been

redirecting me to something higher

God I pray you may provide me peace when

frustration Creeps in I pray you will

provide me the electricity to press on

when I am informed know God I thanks for

teaching me that Noah is only a step to

a bigger and higher yes amen

share this powerful message is nine

people who is closest to your heart

God says to you firstly I need you to

understand that gratitude is a powerful

force that could transform your

Lifestyles when you cultivate a grateful

heart you open yourself to experiencing

pleasure contentment and internal peace

it lets in you to peer the Splendor in

every second no matter how small or

insignificant it may appear

I am proud of you for looking for this

virtue because it is not continually

easy in a global filled with

distractions and challenges but recall

my child that gratitude is a choice it

is a conscious selection to renowned and

respect the advantages I have bestowed

upon you

take a moment each day to mirror at the

abundance for your Lifestyles look

around you and observe the Miracles that

surround you the air you breathe the

warmth of the Sun the laughter of loved


be grateful for the challenges you have

got confronted as they fashioned you

into the resilient character you are


type how many if you agree and by taking

comfort from those people increase your

faith in God

remember my child that gratitude isn’t

confined to cloth possessions or grand

gestures it is within the Simple

Pleasures of existence a kind word from

a stranger a grin from a pound or the

Splendor of nature cultivate and mindset

of appreciation for a majority of these


large or small in moments of issue while

existence appears overwhelming flip to

gratitude as your guiding mild

it will remind you of my unwavering love

and guide trust that I am usually by

your facet geared up to bathe you with

Benefits whilst you lease anticipate


my son allow gratitude be the foundation

of your Lifestyles Embrace each day with

a grateful heart and watch as your

existence transforms into a tapestry of

benefits remember that I am constantly

here taking note of your prayers and

guiding you towards a life filled with


type God is alongside me and and send it

to your loved once while watching this


almighty God words faith is all around

us people trust in so many different

things religion that a power will be

proper religion that your activity is

taking you on a certain profession


religion that the chair you are sitting

on is going to maintain you are

faith is certainly believing in

something but there are unique swords or

ranges of religion I’ve observed forms

of Faith delivering faith and a

sustaining Faith delivering Faith as

whilst God right away turns your

scenario around when that occurs it is


but I trust it takes a greater faith and

a deeper walk with God to have

maintaining religion sustaining Faith as

while God takes you through the

difficulty you are full of Doubt anxiety

fear and bitterness

but while you understand that God is on

top of things and even if you undergo

the problem you know he will deal with

you you can say God I don’t care what

comes towards me I don’t care how

lengthy it takes this issue isn’t going

to defeat

I understand that you loved me and gave

yourself from me as lengthy as you are

for me that’s all that topics

type yes if you think God is my savior

to four human beings trust in me they

stay and walk in darkens they do no

longer realize the father or me or the

father’s fact so they accept the Arena’s

deceptive values Satan is the father of

lies and the master of deception

in the darkness he makes the whole lot

he offers suitable and top and

everything Chief father gives him

unimportant and without value those who

continue to be in darkness will quit

share lives and depression but baby you

agree Within Me

you are the father’s expensive toddler

and he does not need you to remain in

darkness my words are mild and so long

as your heart remains in them you need

now not fear being drawn into darkness

when your conduct steps out of my mild

Into Darkness recognize what you have

forsaken my words

but you don’t should remain there get

returned to my phrases hear them and

Obey them there is not any other manner

to get away the darkness and know other

mannered to stay inside the mild

remain in my words to love me to grow

your religion to end up my genuine

disciple to understand the reality and

to stay free


if you convinced always keep in mind

beloved child you know how each music

has its highs and lows life plenty like

that sometimes you’re at the upbeat

feeling the Rhythm and different times

it’s a quieter reflective be aware but

each a part of the track each notice

makes the melody beautiful and unique so

whether you are dancing or taking a

moment to pause do not forget I’m right

there with you buzzing alongside to the

tune of your journey you are not on my

own no be counted what trials you face

or what problems you face I can be there

for you I haven’t helped you up until

this point for your life simply to let

you down I actually have no longer

helped you up so far simply to leave you

I am there if plainly I am silent

recognize that I am working to your

behalf type now

so many stuff alternate in life but

their stays is steady the light I’ve

placed inside you this Beacon of Hope

love and resilience shines brilliantly

even within the Shadows it is a

mirroredom age of my eternal love for

you supplying guidance fire each joy and


as you a adventure forward Trust on this

internal mild for it no longer handiest

brightens your course however also

serves as in suggestion for those around

you reminding all the Divine warmth and

affection that illuminates every step

but the fruit of the spirit is love joy

or peace forbearance kindness goodness

faithfulness gentleness and strength of

wealth Galatians –

listen carefully the enemy has assailed

your courage confidence strength

resilience and tenacity aiming to

tarnish your reputation extinguish your

purpose and obliterate your legacy with

deceitful falsehoods

consequently fear paralysis and Retreat

have ensnared you rendering you reactive

not proactive you’ve bought into the

false narrative that your journey is

over devoy of hope I assert that God’s

work in you is far from complete your

most glorious days are ahead not behind

the devil deceives despair not Never

Surrender the faithful promiser endures

all Divine promises find their

affirmation in Christ Jesus the

indwelling power eclipses worldly forces

no weapons shall prosper and goodness

will shine in your Earthly existence

taipao man if you accept God blessings

dear listener join this prayer with me

and repeat after me dear heavenly Lord

thank you for way a long way you’ve got

brought me I understand which you love

me and

my exceptional interest at coronary

heart I also recognize what you have

given me wisdom and understanding

because you responded my prayer I am

having trouble that specialize in

mistities my coronary heart is concerned

with the worries of This Global and I am

completely distracted from my cause on

this faculty

my grades have began suffering as I end

result I pray in your helping hand

please help me through these Muddy

Waters help me capture my portion in you

help me comprehend the capability you

have instilled in me I refuse to give up

on my goals in your name I refuse

to throw in the towel

help me upward thrust above my barriers

Show Me Your Grace and pull me through

this darkish second give me the

electricity to combat on hand emerge


thank you for answering my prayer in

Jesus call amen

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