God Says: My Child, Don’t Ignore Me Again If You Are My Real Follower | God Message For You Today

God has an amazing plan for you that

involves a significant financial

breakthrough in only three months and

the message is crystal clear

and as hopeful as a brilliant Beacon

you have the opportunity to bring wealth

good health and prosperity into your

life this month

the final part of this message must be

heard though it’s essential if you are

to unlock this amazing potential

your financial investments will increase

and your relationships Fitness and

Financial State will all get better

if you have recently struggled with

money I want you to repeat after me

I am grateful for the money I already


and I am open to accepting more

eat once again

I am grateful for the money I already


and I am open to accepting more

type amen if you want to receive Jesus


also like this video

visualize a lovely stream of abundance

healing and love flowing into your life

in the mighty name of Jesus

you and your family will be blessed and

healed and miracles will happen when you

need them most

prepare yourself for wonderful news

blessings development

unexpected possibilities getting things

done remaining positive

discovering Solutions feeling better and

God’s favor shining on you this weekend

type triple nine if you want to receive

God says your Miracle is on the way

God will remove the barriers that have

been keeping you back and open doors

that no one can close

prepare to defeat your adversaries

whether they are an addiction depression

or anger

all that has been impending you is being

removed by the Creator

God says imagine yourself in the

following six months driving your idol

vehicle in front of your new house

surprised as you discover a million

dollars in your bank account

now let me tell you something important

there for you no matter what you are

going through in life

your life will have a breakthrough this

weekend that will affect all facets of

it including your career finances

relationships health and relationships

in journal

thank you Heavenly Father for your

wonderful plan for me

I put my previous mistakes behind me

today because I know you have good

things in store for me in the future

in the name of Jesus amen

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