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my dear

child I will help you grow spiritually

so that you understand that you are the

parent of many

generations don’t worry if no one

notices you today and don’t let the

blows you take even if they hurt get you

down do not waste the gifts and

blessings I give you everything has a

reason and I have control of everything

but how you feel matters you will reach

a higher level because of your faith and

belief if you feel weak kneel down and

read my word if you think you can’t go

on look up I am there and I also live in

your heart my blessings are not far away

they are right in front of you and you

will be saved soon all of your problems

will fall apart and your enemies will be

no more tell me do you believe in me and

love me as soon as I get your answer

I’ll do a great miracle for you today

you need to do these three things to

calm down and get rid of

stress pay close attention and let these

words stay with you all day making you

feel calm before anything else give me

your whole heart without any doubts or

fears my goal is to give you eternal

life and happiness I have never meant to

punish you or put you through hard times

because of your pain I want you to have

wealth and happiness a full life full of

love and care kneel in front of my

throne and give me your heart be willing

to do what I say feed your spirit with

my words and trust me completely even if

you have doubts and problems my written

word will hold your faith strong and

give you the strength to keep

going what if you only give me part of

your heart or only when it’s convenient

for you your faith will not be strong

your life will be tossed around by the

waves when storms happen and your

emotions and thoughts will be all over


place this is not what I want for you I

want you to give me your heart and stay

loyal and Faith filled no matter what if

you decide right now to give up your

life for all time each day will not seem

like less time but rather like more time

time because you will be with me forever

experiencing the amazing wonders of the

universe everything will be more

beautiful and better than you can

imagine you will receive countless

blessings enjoy a harmonious family and

face all challenges together my

blessings will reach you and those who

seek to harm you will flee the reward

for those who follow me is eternal

Victory which has already been secured

your part is to give me your heart faith

and loyalty I ask you to do this today

secondly raise your hands if you can or

close your eyes and dedicate some time

and silence to offer heartfelt

gratitude compile a list of your

blessings both current and expected as

well as those received in the past

include even the seemingly small things

that give you strength and purpose

Express gratitude sincerely and

completely even if you believe you have

no blessings give thanks for your

ability to give thanks this act of

Thanksgiving will bring healing to your

soul removing the blindfold that

obscures your vision

The Horizon will open revealing the many

blessings that have already reached you

and surrounded you sustaining your life

and providing reasons to continue and

fight they give you the strength to rise

each morning and persevere challenges

and struggles may be present but if you

look closely you will see the wisdom and

growth gained through each experience

and how your faith has

blossomed now Express gratitude to me

let me hear your voice and your sincere

words give thanks for life for the air

you breathe for your family for your

family for your current circumstances

even if they are not as you wish them to

be give thanks soon I will provide

guidance on your path reveal new maps

and correct routes to help you reach


destination but for now be thankful here

and now be thankful even when your soul

weeps be grateful when you are joyful be

grateful when your heart aches give

thanks for the challenges the failures

the bitter trials look at yourself in

the mirror and thank yourself your

attitude of gratitude is powerful today

you will begin to witness Miracles and

significant changes in your life because

of it lastly share these words with

others many around you may appear

content but their souls carry suffering

and they Teeter on the edge of Despair

they may struggle to find a true reason

to live go and reveal this miracle of

love that is happening in your heart

share the happiness that fills you and

the goodness my presence can bring to

their lives as you share love I will

envelop you with peace Harmony

prosperity and blessings free from

anxiety or debt your actions may be met

with laughter but the hearts of those

who hear you will ache they are in need

of what you have

found they need to know they are loved

and cherished spread this message of

hope and love understand that I heard

the prayer you whispered before falling

asleep last night tears dampened your

pillow as you pleaded for courage

strength peace and Assurance to face the

challenges of life look at you now as

you awaken to a new day filled with

determination and strength you are no

longer weak or disheartened you have the

courage to face any giant that crosses

your path where there was fear you now

possess Faith where there was

uncertainty you now possess resolve

yesterday your legs trembled at the

thought of adversity but today you stand

steadfast ready to conquer any obstacle

rise and move forward for I have placed

within your spirit a fervent desire to

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