God Says: My Child, Don’t Hate Me Please | Jesus Affirmations | God Message Today

my beloved child do not be scared when

you have to do hard things change the

way you think so that you see challenges

as benefits instead of Duties if you

change your mindset from I have to to I

get to you can turn drudgery into

pleasure there is still work to be done

but if you change your mind everything

will be different when you’re feeling

down or worn out tell yourself I get to

do this thank you for giving you the

strength and ability to do what needs to

be done being thankful clears your mind

and brings you closer to me remember

that the helper is my spirit living

inside you call on him when you don’t

understand he will direct your thoughts

as you think about problems and look for

answers take great care of everything

you do as if you were being paid by me I

want you to live in close relationship

with me being open to my presence and

giving it get your full attention always

keep me in mind as you go about your day

because I am always with you I am always

fully aware of you pay close attention

by listening carefully and observing

carefully pay this much attention to the

people I bring into your life as well

giving someone your full attention while

praying blesses both you and the other

person believe in my unwavering love and

the good things that are all around you

remember that you can always count on me

to keep my promises even when it seems

like bad things are happening all around

you don’t let it make you doubt me trust

that I’m in charge and working for the

best behind the scenes not only be

thankful for the good things you can see

but also for the good things you can’t

see my knowledge and wisdom go beyond

what words can say my judgments are hard

to understand and my ways are hard to

figure out I’m always with you guiding

you and setting aside a Heavenly

inheritance for you trust me at all

times and be thankful I am the champion

who makes your faith stronger when

things in your life get hard look at me

when you’re having a hard time or

feeling down look away from your

problems and toward me I am always there

and easy to reach instead of letting

your mind wander focus on me this will

help you think more clearly and bring

you closer to me rest in the safety of

My Embrace and take shelter in the fact

that I’m here remember that nothing can

separate you from my love that will

never end I am your strength when you

are weak are you happy I’m the one

fighting for you and I laugh at those

who dare to stand in my way please know

that my love for you will never fade bad

things may happen from time to time but

I will always be with you it’s my job to

write the story of your life by putting

together all all of your experiences

good and bad I can see the big picture

from before you were born to after you

die I already know the perfect person

you will become when you live with me

forever and I am always working to make

you that person you are a king or queen

in My Kingdom people often don’t

appreciate how valuable my constant

presence is many people believe that I

am always with them but they live their

lives as if they are alone this makes me

very sad love me and Whisper my name to

me come close to me even when things are

hard this small action shows that you

trust that I will always be there for

you and care for you no matter how bad

things seem the fact that I’m here with

you is stronger than any problems you

may be having come to me when you are

tired and stressed I’ll let you rest I

give you the victory shield and my right

hand holds you up my ultimate Victory

came from my death on the cross and my

miraculous Resurrection which I did for

you and everyone else who trusts me as

their Savior and God your job is easy

just believe that you need a savior to

save you from your sins and know that I

am that savior your faith puts you on

the path to heaven and my shield of

Victory protects you as you walk through

this world use your faith as a shield to

stop the enemy’s fiery arrows say to me

help me Lord I trust you when you’re in


being dependent on me means that my

right hand will always be there for you

and hold you up there is no end to my

power and I use my powerful right hand

to protect you and lead you gently I’ll

be your guide all the way to the end

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