hey there my dear

child look at me your everpresent guide

standing right in front of you radiating

Boundless Energy that outshines any

vibrant Soul you’ve ever come

across sure our Earthly bodies May

succumb to gravity and the passage of

time but even the most extraordinary

athletes can’t escape

it but don’t you worry because within

the warm embrace of my divine presence a

life full of endurance and abundance


you so my child Embrace each and every

moment with the fire of your spirit

because that’s the key to living an


existence don’t worry about the

fragility of your mortal body think of

it as a warmup to me infusing you with


Energy as we grow closer Our Lives

become intertwined and even though we

may age on the Outside Inside you become

stronger with each passing

year those who get close to me radiate

an inner Vitality that defies the

effects of time looking youthful despite

the passing

years let my life force flow through

your veins as we walk together in The

Shining Light embracing a journey of

everlasting ing strength and

liveliness hey there witness the power

of my unwavering love burning like an


flame and check out my boundless

compassion it’s like a fresh start with


Sunrise I get it you’re yearning to

understand this truth but I know it’s

not always

easy life throws challenges at you left

and right making it hard to see the

light but guess

what I’m right here ready to guide you

through it

all so Embrace this reality because it’s

the difference between just getting by

and falling into

despair yeah I know sometimes trusting

in me takes some extra effort especially

when life gets

tough but hey remember this every

morning brings New Opportunities

straight from my Divine heart to light

up your

path as you get ready for the day

remember that I have dressed you in

garments of Salvation a beautiful robe

of righteousness meant for Heavenly

Heights my Mercy is like a magnificent

rescue lifting you out of darkness and

placing you firmly on the path to

Glory no matter what challenges you face

today find comfort in knowing that I am

by your side as your living

deity by walking in my light you will

discover profound secrets of

existence your very essence intertwines

with mine creating a marvelous Symphony

of life and

purpose in this Divine Embrace time and

age lose their significance and you

become a vessel of eternal spirit and


strength embrace the day for you are

clothed in Divine Purpose and destined


greatness on days when the world tests

your faith stand strong for I am here to

support you through the

storm deep within your soul the flame of

belief Burns brightly ignited by my


presence together we overcome doubts

that try to overshadow your path and

your heart flourishes with unwavering

trust in the beautiful plan I have

crafted for your

life in the radiance of my love fears

fade away and hope blossoms like a

vibrant flower in

Spring my Divine Touch fills your days

with purpose urging you to embrace each

moment with Limitless

Passion by my side you experience the

sweetness of Life savoring the joyful

dance of

existence challenges are nothing more

than small ripples in the vast ocean of

my love my presence surrounds you like a


shield embrace the journey with

confidence for you are Guided by the

strength of divine

love during your toughest moments I’m

the light that brings you comfort and

guides you through all the the tough

stuff remember I’m the Steady Hand that

keeps you on track leading you to

conquer anything that tries to hold you

back as you grow older don’t get all sad

about time passing

by it’s just a way to take you into the

arms of

Eternity Embrace each day as a gift

knowing that my Divine Essence is

flowing through your

veins Every Breath You Take fills you

with purpose and a connection to


greater don’t let the worries of the

world weigh you

down I’m here to carry that burden for

you face life’s challenges with

confidence knowing that the comforting

light is always there shining on your

path to victory in

eternity give me your burdens and I’ll

take them off your shoulders freeing you

to fly high on the wings of

hope when you have faith in me you’ll

have the strength to face any challenge

with unwavering

courage as you strive for eternal life

remember that I am the source of all

life and the one who gives every good

thing your heart beats to the rhythm of

my love and every step you take is

Guided by my Divine

wisdom know that I am the the one who

sustains and provides for you giving you

everything you need to thrive in the ups

and downs of

Life come and find solace in my love my

grace Knows No Limits and my love for

you is never

ending trust in this and you’ll discover

the power peace and endless Joy on your

journey every morning as the sun rises

my compassion is renewed

mood it flows over you like gentle waves

bringing comfort and

Solace don’t let the limitations of

Being Human discourage you because in my

divine presence you will reach


Heights your spirit will Blossom like a

radiant flower Breaking Free from the

chains of mortality to embrace the

Limitless Realms of

Eternity when life gets tough find

solace in my eternal

Embrace trust in my divine plan which is

crafted with love and

purpose with every step you take you are

getting closer to realizing Your Divine

Destiny you are never alone on this

journey for I am always by your side

guiding you through the darkest

nights Embrace each new day with the

certainty that my compassion is a

constant force propelling you towards a

destiny filled with joy purpose and


light as the world keeps on spinning

just know that my love for you never

wavers it’s solid unwavering and

true come closer to me and find the

strength to weather life storms with

Grace and

resilience when you’re in my presence

time seems to stand still and the

challenges we Face become Stepping

Stones to something

greater Embrace each day as a precious

gift knowing that I’m always by your

side always present always loving and


faithful I am like your personal guide

through life’s twists and

turns in me you’ll find Hope joy and an

endless supply of

Love Rejoice because you are forever

cherished and in my divine presence

you’ll always find a

home I’m here to protect you to be your

guardian trust in me and you’ll find a

sense of security that goes beyond mere

planning and

strategy walk confidently knowing that I

illuminate your path with the light of

enduring love and un wavering

protection when you’re feeling worried

and your mind is racing for answers and

reassurance just remember that I’m right

there with you holding your hand

tight it’s important to be careful about

relying solely on yourself because true

wisdom comes from walking alongside

me Trust Me Above everything else and

you’ll Discover Real

protection wisdom is all all about

putting your trust in me more than

yourself or

others I’m here always ready to offer

guidance and advice so don’t hesitate to

bring all your concerns to

me when you’re feeling confused and your

thoughts are all jumbled up just say

your prayers and ask me to show you the


Forward by trusting my guidance you’ll

find the clarity in strength to overcome

any challenge

just chill and hang out with me giving

yourself some time to let me guide your

thoughts while you keep your focus on me

and my

teachings to stay focused softly whisper

the name Jesus which represents the

strong and unshakable Tower of

everything that I

am those who seek shelter in this Tower

are totally safe nothing can compare to

the Incredible Gift of eternal life that


offer always be happy and let your

kindness be obvious to everyone because

I’m always close

by being happy in me acts like a shield

against the temptation to complain when

things get

tough it’s totally normal to feel

annoyed but I want you to show kindness

and find joy in me who never changes No


What by finding Joy joy and refuge in my

presence you can rise above challenges

and show kindness even when faced with


times trust in the strength that comes

from focusing on me and let your

happiness and kindness shine as proof of

the unbreakable Foundation you have in

my eternal

love celebrate for there is always so

much to be happy

about take joy in knowing that I am

always close by ready to bring you

comfort just like those couples deeply

in love who bring out the best in each

other being near your beloved can ease

annoyances and make you even

happier I am the everpresent lover

always there for you even if you can’t


me let me calm your frustrations and

fill you with joy as you become aware of

my loving

presence show gratitude for my constant

presence and unwavering love as it is a

powerful way to deepen our

connection when life gets tough shift

your focus to me and think about the

immense love I have for

you by embracing this truth you will

find a well of joy that surpasses any

challenges you may face

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