God Says: My Child Can You Give Me Your 2 Minutes Today? | God Message Today |

my beloved Child come to me and feel

better when you’re with me you always

need my peace just like you always need

me I am the Prince of Peace it’s easy to

forget how much you depend on me when

things are going well but when problems

come up you feel worried and upset you

come back to me in the end looking for

my peace I’m happy to give you this

valuable gift but it might be hard to

accept until you calm down how much

better it is to stay close to me never

forget that as your prince I rule over

everything in the world when you’re

having a bad time you can talk to me

about it but remember who I am do not

slam your fist on the table or force me

to do what you want instead pray like

David did but I Trust You Lord I say you

are my God you have my time

in my arms you feel safe secure and

whole let go of your stressful striving

and come close to me with the things

that are bothering you you should trust

me enough to be honest and open with me

as you share these burdens I really care

about you so give me all of your worries

and cares I will always be your guardian

so take a break and rest in my loving

presence you lose your sense of being

whole when you wander off and leave me

out of your life what makes you feel

Restless at those times is my soft push

to get back to your first love at the

center of your thoughts feelings plans

and actions should be me that’s where

you will find meaning in your life

according to my Divine will you are on a

path that leads to heaven and I am

always with you of course you will face

problems along the way but don’t worry I

beat the world really loved one you are

safe sound and whole in me I am always

with you even when you can’t feel me you

may find yourself in a place that seems

empty without my loving company but you

can call out to me and know that I am

there ready to help I get close to

everyone who calls on me put aside your

doubts and Whisper my name with tender

trust tell me about your problems and

ask for help then change the subject and

praise me for how great and glorious I

am how powerful and Royal I am thank you

for all the good things I have done for

you and will continue to do for you when

you praise and thank God you will find

that I am very much with you try me and

see if I’m good the more you look at me

in my blessings the more you will enjoy

how good I am take pleasure in the

sweetness of my unwavering love enjoy

the strong Taste of my strength fill

your heart’s hunger with the happiness

and peace that come with being with me

feed your soul with the richness of my

presence because you find complete

happiness in me as you stay in my

presence let your heart be filled with

thanks for all the good things I do for

you prayers of Thanksgiving should fill

your heart and be heard in everything

you say do and think when you face

problems and difficulties don’t let them

hide the good things in your life

instead let gratitude protect you from

sadness and hopelessness every little

thing you’re thankful for count it and

lift it up to me in thanks there are

blessings to be found even when things

are hard because I am always at work in

your life making things better even when

things are bad when you feel uncertain

and doubtful remember that the things

I’ve promised are true I have never

changed so you can trust that I will

always be there for you be sure to trust

me no matter what even when things look

bad remember that I am always working

for your good and hold on to the hope I

give you think of every day as a gift

from me full of chances to experience my

love and loyalty allow my blessings to

enter your heart with thanks and joy

everyone should be able to see how good

and gracious I am through your life let

your heart be full of thanks and praise

all the time because I deserve all the

honor and Glory as you learn to be

thankful you will feel my joy and peace

overflowing with plenty trust that I

will take care of you and rest in the

knowledge that I love you no matter what

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