God Says, Money Is Come To You Today… ✝️God’s message

dear cherished one as you embark on this

week ahead entrusted to my care and

anticipate the Miracles that await

believe wholeheartedly that I cherish

you deeply and long to shower blessings


you know that I have the authority to

open doors that seem closed and to

release a new outpouring of love into

your life may each day Dawn with Renewed

Energy and May my restorative and

empowering words fill your thoughts as


awake walk your path with happiness and

determination knowing that my promises

are steadfast and my support

unwavering understand that your

blessings come directly from me and as

you Journey forward rely on my guidance


Grace I will open doors and create

wonders for you your family family and

your friends though you may not be

perfect your sincere heart is cherished

by me when you falter find comfort in

knowing that I forgive and raise you

up Beware of the traps and pitfalls set

by the enemy but rest assured that I

will defend you and shield you from harm

Show Your Love through trust and loyalty

and banish any doubt about my love for

you place this week in my hands and open

your heart to the blessings I wish to

bestow upon

you your wait is over your anguish will

cease I am here to heal your wounds both

seen and unseen with love and tenderness

you are under my watchful eye guarded by

Legions of angels stay true to the path

I’ve set for you and avoid the company

of those who would bring you down

victory is yours and I will ensure your

Triumph in all battles both seen and

unseen kneel down in gratitude Pledge

Your Allegiance to me and find Solace In


Embrace affirm your commitment and know

that the Miracles I will enact in you

will Amaze those who doubt

it I Lift Your Spirits dry your tears

and bring you Sur

it embrace my promises daily and feel

the immense power I am pouring into your

spirit look ahead for I am already

answering your

prayers beloved in alignment with my

plan for your genuine growth freedom and

well-being I offer you Provisions this

week the wealth I bring carries no grief

you need not borrow or compromise your


no one can steal what I bestow upon you

never doubt your worthiness or feel

undeserving of the blessings in your

home they are rightfully yours out of my

love for you be wary of the adversaries

attempts to seow doubt and steal your

blessings I provide you with wisdom to

discern genuine guidance from deceitful

intentions stay vigilant avoiding

pitfalls set by adversaries knowing that

I will shield and look after

you pray daily and I will imbue you with


spirit surround your home and loved ones

with Divine

protection stand firm in faith for the

miracle you seek is on its way affirm

your faith with Assurance finding Solace

In My Embrace even in times of despair

trust in me even when your faith seems

weak your simple Faith however small is

accepted pray with Assurance knowing

your petitions will be answered

according to my

will understand that immense faith and

adherence to Myriad rules are not

prerequisites for my

love I hear your prayers listen to your

deepest cries and have made endless

efforts to bring you closer to myself

you are deeply wanted by me and I’ve

showered you with blessings out of my

vast love show love in return by living

in faith and knowing I’m with you as you

tackle life’s

hurdles value yourself for you are a

treasure to me do not underestimate your

significance or dwell on faults ignore

those who try to make you feel unworthy

for for their opinions do not matter be

kind to yourself knowing that I love you

deeply your prayers are cherished and

answered with

love I hear you and will respond with

the best outcome seek Sanctuary daily to

converse with me for I comprehend the

language of your heart rest assured I

shall never forsake

you beloved child your genuine faith and

sincerity uplift me

daily your trust in me to answer

generously because you aim to use my

blessings for Good Deeds is

commendable your wisdom has shaped your

character and as you continue on this

path you will develop further preparing

for even greater blessings be certain

that my promises stand firm faith is

being sure of what we hope for and

certain of what we do not

see come to me with trust and openness

like a child and you will be embraced

with abundant love and

care boldly ask of me all the good

things you seek for I will

provide listen to my words with love for

I express them slowly so you can absorb

my affection in every tone I cherish you

deeply and will make the impossible

happen for you stand firm in faith

praying with confidence and certainty

knowing that I will

respond to walk with strength and

courage in your heart leaving no space

for despair or

sorrow though family issues may cause

pain find moments of quiet and Solitude

to rest reflect and pray know that the

holy spirit is there to comfort and heal

you you were not created to live in

sadness or

defeat step into the light let your face

be bright and share your joy by saying

my name

Jesus you are cherished a mirror of My

Affection I have done much for you and

will continue to do incredible things so

you may grasp how much you mean to

me nourish yourself with my teachings

Pray when the journey seems hard and

remember that I am always with you both

within and around you believe in me and

love me and I will work miracles in you

showering blessings upon you and

inscribing my word on your

heart forgive yourself for your mistakes

for I am a god of mercy and my blessings

far surpass any material wealth

trust in my promise to open the heavens

for you and accept it with

faith beloved take my words seriously

for my love for you is not hidden it is

clear for all to see feel the breeze

bask in the sunlight these are my gifts

to you manifestations of my love and

presence I have been your protector

guiding you through Dire Straits and

leading you out of Darkness and

confusion as you embark on this year

eager and ready to accomplish great

things know that your dreams matter to

me and will be

realized I have given you a mission a

purpose to show my love and power


you each day I fill you with my Holy

Spirit enhancing your spiritual

awareness and granting you wisdom to

understand others true

intentions you will soon have greater

wisdom and intelligence with a

supernatural ability to assist

many live out my teachings and let

others see the power of true faith in


life open your hands to receive great

blessings accepting them with

faith the heavens are opening in your

favor but I ask that you never aray from

me tell me that you love me beloved

continue to believe in me until the

end I Delight in your prayers and

openness know that your hopes are coming

to pass I am reaching out to touch the

heart of someone you deeply care about

peace and joy will return to you in due

time hold on a little longer and focus

on the positive things ahead Your

Capacity to to Love Remains intact and

Love Will Find its way back to you my

spirit fills you bringing comfort and

setting you free from past memories and

loneliness today marks the end of that

phase as you open your life to my

powerful help and invite blessings into

your toughest

situations in my hands I hold peace Joy

healing and unity for your household

keep your faith strong and be mindful of

The Company You Keep on this

journey I am with you always but avoid

falling in with those who may lead you

astray From the Path I’ve set for you I

hold the solution to your problems and

the key to

life seek me with Simplicity of heart

and accept my love and

blessings declare your Readiness to

receive them you have have been tested

and now it is your turn to be

blessed this year you are set to gather

a Bountiful Harvest of blessings free

from sorrow and burdens recognize me as

your provider and treat others kindly

without placing ultimate trust in any

person stand firm in faith and

remarkable Miracles and wonders will be

unveiled transformation is Within Reach

if you believe

Envision Prosperity kindness wisdom and

sincerity in your life and family for I

have the power to change hearts and


overnight as you enter this new land

leave behind what is past and embrace

the blessings awaiting you with

unwavering love beloved child extend

your hand forward with faith for I am

about to bestow blessings upon you that

you have have earnestly Prayed

For Your Time Has Come Today I will

perform beautiful miracles in your life

and in your

family feel the tenderness of my words

and the love emanating from my lips I

have heard your cries amidst your

thoughts and I have come to demonstrate

how deeply I love

you my affection for you does not fade

with time my presence does not depart

from you even in your darkest moments do

not trust solely in your emotions for

they may deceive

you though you may feel your faith is

faltering and the years slipping by

without much achievement know that I am

with you always you may feel lost and

alone shedding tears and feeling

deserted but I am here to reassure you

that I have never left your side

let your peace be rooted in my promises

hold on to the belief that I am always

with you especially in times of

isolation and

challenge remember that pain is a sign

of life and that Victory awaits after


trial affirm for yourself that I am your

heavenly father and you are my cherished

child you are more precious to me than

all the diamonds in the univ ierse hold

your head up high knowing you are of

Royal lineage and March forward toward

your destiny with bravery and

confidence in your moments of Doubt

remember that you are never alone your

journey has purpose and your strides

have Direction I am with you in every

trial and struggle ready to listen to

your deepest truths without

judgment remember I am here to embrace

you with open arms to listen to your

cries and to reassure you of My Endless

Love close your eyes feel my presence in

your heart and know that I am with you

always amen like and share this video If

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blessings say thank you to the God for

all things he does for you thanks for

watching amen

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