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my beloved child I am your loving father

and I am willing to restore heal and

bless you abundantly never forget my

beloved that in me you will find

guidance wisdom and comfort in the midst

of any difficulty I will never leave you

for even a moment today I want you to

always remember that I am with you no

matter how long it takes to wait no

matter how dark the path may seem trust

that everything you do with integrity

and wisdom will prosper I am by your

side upholding you and giving you

strength You are not alone in this

journey just have faith and trust in my

promises without doubt do not be

discouraged if you do not see immediate

results in the least expected moment in

the perfect time your Miracle will

manifest until then walk in obedience

and communion with me knowing that my

love and grace are with you until the


come to me and let me carry your burdens

and worries I see that you’ve been

carrying a heavy load on your shoulders

and it’s been affecting your life and

well-being but you don’t have to carry

it alone anymore I’m here waiting for

you to come to me and give me all that

troubles you I am with you always ready

to assist you in whatever you

need no matter how big your problems may

seem or how difficult the situation

appears I can provide a solution and

lighten your load you don’t have to

worry about the future or things that

are beyond your control trust in me and

let me take control of your life let me

take the Reigns of your Affairs because

I’ve seen your struggles and concerns

I’ve seen how everything has overwhelmed

and drained you that’s why I want you to

know that you are not alone I am here

with you and nothing can separate you

from my love and protection for no

matter how insurmountable your

challenges may seem remember that

nothing is impossible for me I can do

all things even conquer the greatest

challenges so please do not despair

trust in me and let me carry your

burdens and worries do not give up on

your dreams and goals because of the

problems that weigh on you you don’t

have to worry about anything because I

am with you I will help you I promise I

won’t leave you alone on this journey

I’ll be by your side whenever you need

me and I’ll help you overcome any obst

iCal you can count on my love and mercy

at all times remember that you are my

child and you are precious to me please

do not be ashamed or afraid to come to

me and confide in me your problems I’m

here to listen and assist you no matter

how small or big the problem is I assure

you I will help you with everything

don’t forget that I am your strength and

your rock you can trust me at all times

and I will always guide you in the right

path and give you the strength you need

need to overcome any obstacle my beloved

child please do not give up trust in me

and in my love for you I assure you that

if you do you will find rest joy peace

and Tranquility because I will be with

you holding all your burdens and easing

your concerns I will never leave you

alone I will lift you up every time you

fall because I love you with an

unconditional and eternal love so now is

the time to surrender all your worries

and concerns to me let my hands carry

you let my love surround you and let it

give you the peace and Tranquility you

need don’t worry about how I will help

you solve all your problems for I have

already planned everything among my

plans there is well-being blessings and

prosperity for you all you have to do is

trust me and follow my lead I will guide

you on the right path and take you where

you need to be you just need to have

faith in my love my child for it is all

you need to be happy I promise I will

never leave you alone and I will always

be here for you I will hold all your

burdens and ease your concerns I will

never let you down for I am your God and

your father and I will always be with

you until the end of times amen my child

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