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God is saying my child I am your God and

I am here to talk to you I have heard

your prayer for the healing of those

suffering from illness or disease I know

how much you care for them and how much

you want them to be well you have a kind

heart and a compassionate soul

I want you to know that I am always with

you and with them I see their pain and

their struggle I feel their hope and

their faith I am not indifferent or

uncaring I love them as much as you do

and I want the best for them

like this if you believe in God but

sometimes my child’s healing is not a

simple or easy thing

sometimes it takes time and patience

sometimes it requires courage and

perseverance sometimes it involves

learning and growing sometimes it means

accepting and letting go

healing is not only about the body but

also about the mind and the spirit it is

not only about curing but also about

transforming it is not only about


but also about renewing if you have

faith in God please like and share this


I have a plan for each of them my child

and for you too a plan that is good and

perfect even if you do not understand it

right now a plan that will bring them

peace and joy even if they do not see it

right now a plan that will make them

whole and complete even if they do not

feel it right now

trust me my child and trust my plan do

not lose hope or faith to not give up or

despair do not be afraid or anxious

be strong and courageous be grateful and

hopeful be loving and kind

and remember my child that you are not

alone in this journey you have me your

God who loves you unconditionally and


you have your family and friends who

support you and care for you you have

your community and your world who need

you and appreciates you you are a

blessing to them my child as they are to

you you are a light to them as they are

to you you are a miracle to them as they

are to you

I am proud of you my child and I am

happy for you you have done well and you

will do even better I will always listen

to your prayers my child and I will

always answer them in the best way


God says type amen if you believe in me

then we who are here who remain shall be

taken up together with them in the skies

to encounter the Lord in the atmosphere

and thus we shall forever be in the

presence of the Lord Thessalonians I

. God is speaking to you right now

proclaiming you are stepping into a

fresh season where circumstances align

in your favor this is your moment you

have absorbed abundant wisdom you have

surmounted numerous challenges you held

steadfast faith even during trying times

to never relinquish you persevered

through every obstacle nah it’s your

time to embrace profound blessings in


Jesus declaration reveal to us in your

scriptures Matthew come to me all

who toil and carry heavy loads and I

will grant you relief we Earnest I pray

for those who are weary so he hosted and

burdened grant us all respite and

alleviate our burdens

we surrender everything before you all

that weighs heavily upon us dot please

enable us to place our trust in you and

allow your assistance to strengthen us

may your Tranquility descend upon us may

your might uplift us may your Holy

Spirit Enlighten use and guide us

through this Earthly journey in the name

of Jesus Amen

God wants you to keep in mind the

following for things today one you are

posed for a miracle by God you are

experiencing your breakthrough this week


make room for what you prayed for it’s

on the way three you’re going to have

your happiest moment in memory see what

God does next for your best days are not

behind you but ahead of you listen up

anxiety by itself does not bring about

change however if you choose to believe

that your situation will change instead

of succumbing to anxiety remarkable

things can happen

consider the story of Daniel who thrown

into a den of land despite the gravity

of his predicament

he did not allow worry or anxiety to

consume him

instead he turned to prayer and firmly

believe that I would protect him

similarly Joseph faced false accusations

and imprisonment which could have caused

Great distress

yet even in the midst of adversity he

did not let worry or anxiety overpower

him instead he prayed and placed his

trust in me subscribe to channel to

growth this community

when Elijah witnessed the cherith brook

gradually drying up he did not give into

anxiety instead he turned to prayer and

believed that I would provide for his


the lives of Esther Moses and David also

reveal situations that could have

incited worry and tension however they

chose not to fret or be anxious instead

they directed their prayers towards

their circumstances and placed their

trust in me through their unwavering

faith I blessed them abundantly far

beyond what they could have imagined

likewise in your own life you may

encounter situations that breed anxiety

but rather than allow worry or anxiety

to consume you I encourage you to pray

about your circumstances and have faith

in me God says type yes if you want to

follow my will

behold I am approaching shortly bringing

my recompense with me to repay each

individual according to his deeds

Revelation to . God is speaking to

you today with the message of love and

forgiveness it’s possible that you may

have numerous instances in your life

that seem to highlight your failures and

shortcomings in my eyes

however I want you to know that I will

always extend my forgiveness towards you

I am willing to embrace you and let you

immerse yourself in the boundless depths

of my grace this is because I hold a

profound love for you and you are my

cherished child if we acknowledge our

wrong doings he remains faithful and

righteous to Pardon our transgressions

and to purify us from all that is

unrighteous John to . O Lord Jesus we

thank you Lord for this new month and

all the ways you have protected and

provided for us so far this year

we ask for your favor and guidance on

this month may we experience your

presence joy and peace and all that

awaits us

we praise you in advance for meeting our

needs and for your grace and strength

that will carry us

we dedicate this new month to you and

ask you to lead and direct us that we

might honor you we pray these things in

Jesus name amen

God says what you say to yourself and

challenging times will either lift you

up or pull you down

you may feel empty but don’t go around

declaring it telling everyone you’re

broke defeated

addicted and lonely that’s not

benefiting you those words are going out

of your mouth and right back into your

own spirit

every time you say it it becomes

moreover reality that’s why the

scripture says let the weak say I am

strong let the poor say I’m rich let the

addicted say I’m free let those that

have faced bad break say good things are

in my future

when you have the right attitude you can

stay in faith even when life is not fair

you can move forward even when you

should be stuck

taipao man if you have faith in God you

may be facing what appears to be a

setback in your life but it’s important

to remember that God works in mysterious


sometimes what seems like a setback is

actually a setup for greater things in

your future just as David expressed his

trust in God you took and place your

trust in him and act knowledge that your

future is in his hands

instead of worrying about tomorrow

focus on the fact that your destiny has

already been predetermined by God he has

a plan for you and whatever he has

purpose for your life will come to pass

God has already Reigns the right people

and solutions to the problems you may

encounter the things you’re concerned

about have already been worked out as

part of his divine plan rather than

allowing worry to consume you choose to

return to a place of peace and Faith

remember that God has brought you this

far and he won’t abandon you now

whatever he initiated in your life he

will bring it to completion

it’s important to note that these words

are based on a perspective rooted in

faith and belief in a higher power

while some individuals find comfort and

guidance and such thoughts it’s

essential to respect diverse

perspectives and beliefs taipa man if

you believe and subscribe to the channel

if you truly believe in God

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