God Says: Keep Skipping Me As You Always Do | God Message | God Message Today |

God is saying to you today

my child they said you wouldn’t make it

they said you didn’t deserve it they

tried to stop you from receiving my best

my child know that promotions and

blessings come from me

what I promised you no one can take

block or destroy

stay in faith I am about to overwhelm

you with blessings

Taipei men to receive

God says what are you worrying about why

are you losing sleep

you may not see how it can work out but

what you can’t see is me your heavenly

father maneuvering things in your favor

moving the wrong people out of the way

lining up good breaks and turning

negative situations around

type yes if you believe

what you are going through right now

will over soon

God knows you’re in the fire but he is

using the fire to burn off the rough

edges to bring the impurities to the


I want you to trust the process

God is doing a great work in you

when you come out of this you will be

stronger brighter and better off than

you were before

you are going to on a new level

you are going to be prepared for the

destiny and dream God has placed in you

and planned for you

type yes to affirm your belief

God is Shifting things for you and your


don’t spend another night worrying about

the who what when and how

that’s God’s job not yours

one day soon it’ll all fall into place

it’ll come together and you’ll be glad

it went God’s way instead of your own

you’ll be blown away by the way the

father strategically crafted your story

the pain of the past will no longer

matter as you know you’re finally living

out your beautiful promise

May these words serve as a Beacon of

Hope guiding you toward a brighter more

blessed future

trust in the divine plan have faith in

your journey and never forget that you

are deeply loved

remember God plans to prosper you and

not to harm you he plans to give you

hope and a future

be abundantly blessed today in Jesus

name amen

if this message blessed your heart type

Amen in the comments section below

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