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my beloved child in this very moment

where Time and Eternity embrace you

stand in the Sacred Space where you and

I can meet I am your Eternal Savior and

I long for you to fix your thoughts on

this present moment to bask in my

presence Here and Now invite me into

every part of your life seek my guidance

in all your endeavors and together we

will lighten your burden and enhance

your Effectiveness share not only your

work but also your leisure with me

offering gratitude for both when worries

and anxieties assail you do not

surrender to fear or obsessive thoughts

instead engage in a conversation with me

about the source of your unease cast

your burdens upon me knowing how dearly

I hold you if you ask I will open your

eyes and stir your heart allowing you to

fully embrace the present I take immense

joy in our communion within your

Vigilant heart I came into this world to

offer you a life that overflows with

abundance allow me to shower you with

unwavering love each morning so you can

sing with exaltation and find joy

throughout your days many seek

contentment through harmful means even

virtuous Pursuits may leave your soul

wanting if you place them above me

approach me each morning with your

desires and emptiness sit in quiet

contemplation within my presence

fostering a deep connection with me

invite me to fill you to the brim with

my boundless love Ponder the vast ocean

of blessings that surrounds you finding

your contentment In Me Above All Else

provides a firm foundation for your life

building your life on this solid Bedrock

will Empower you to journey through your

days with Jubilation and happiness yes

you will encounter challenges in this

fractured world but as you cling to me

with unwaver in trust I will gently

guide your path your life will be filled

with purpose and fulfillment as you

Journey towards the Gates of Glory place

all your trust and confidence in me

alone for I am the Savior whose

Redemptive sacrifice and miraculous

Resurrection have paved your path to

eternal glory trust in me wholeheartedly

pour out your deepest desires before me

for I am your Refuge the more

steadfastly you rely on me the more

effectively I can come to your Aid

trusting me is appropriate in all

circumstances whether in moments of Joy

or sorrow Tranquility or turmoil in fact

moments of stress should serve as

reminders to seek my presence remember

that I Am with You caring for you even

in the midst of life’s pains talk to me

about your tribulations and entrust them

to my care rest in my presence as I

tirelessly work on your behalf speak

truth to your soul about me use the

words of of scripture to describe me you

are my sanctuary and my Fortress my God

in whom I confide in truth I am your

Refuge a secure sanctuary in the storms

of life instead of just thinking about

me declare your faith aloud this will

bring Clarity to your thoughts and

strengthen your trust in me you may

sometimes feel plagued by thoughts of

inadequacy but rest assured my love for

you never wavers let me share how I see

you dear one in my eyes you shine with

Regal Splendor for I have clothed you in

my righteousness and bestowed upon you

glory and honor you radiate Beauty

especially when your gaze is fixed upon

me you are a beacon of beauty as you

reflect my glory back to me indeed you

bring me such Delight that my heart

resounds with exalted rejoicing at the

sight of you this is how you appear

through the lens of my grace-filled

vision in my infinite perspective I see

see you as you are in this very moment

and as you will be in the Realms of


simultaneously in the present I work

alongside you in the transformation you

must undergo simultaneously from a

Heavenly vantage point I cherish you as

though you were already perfected I urge

you to view yourself and others through

the prism of my unfailing love as you

persevere in this endeavor you will

gradually find it easier to love both

yourself and your fellow

beings Heaven Knows No night for the

glory of God bathes It In Perpetual

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