God Says: It’s Over If You Ignore Me Today | | God Message |

e e beloved child be thankful for things

you need every day like food water a

place to live and clothes most of all

remember the best gift of all knowing me

as your savior will give you eternal

life as you think about all the things

I’ve done for you enjoy Who I Am All of

Me is good and there is no evil in me I

shine with pure light and am the light

of the world my love for you will never

end and will last forever spanning all

time and Beyond right now my loving

presence is all around you no matter

what is going on around you remember

that I am close to you even if you can’t

feel it have faith that I am with you

and find comfort in my love that will

never change I’m going to show you how

to live in the present more the future

is not really what people think it will

be like you are just using your

imagination when you look into the

future and make predictions because I am

not limited by time I am the only one

who knows what is yet to come I show you

the future one step at a time as you go

through each day you never step on

anything else though realizing that

dwelling on the future is pointless can

free you to live more fully in the

present it can be hard to become free in

this way when your mind is used to going

off into the future whenever it wants

when you get lost in your thoughts about

the future remember that you are in the

realm of your imagination being aware of

this will help you come back to the

present where I’m waiting for you

eagerly and ready to wrap you in my

unwavering love do not be scared to face

your sins except for me there has never

been someone who didn’t have any sin you

lie to yourself and avoid the truth when

you say you have no sin when you admit

your sin sins it can feel very freeing

to know that I will forgive you and

clean you of all wrongdoing the good

news is that I have saved you by taking

away all your sins when you admit that

you did something wrong you align

yourself with the truth since I am the

truth telling me about your mistake

brings you closer to me and takes away

your guilt as soon as you realize you

have sinned in your words actions or

thoughts you should say so you don’t

have to say a long or complicated

confession just say Lord forgive me and

wash me clean I already did the hard

thing by dying on the cross for your

sins it’s up to you to live by the truth

God the son I am the light of the world

Lord I am your strength and your safety

this truth may not hit you as hard when

you’re feeling strong but it will always

be there for you as a source of Hope and

encouragement when you feel yourself

getting weak use it as a chance to hold

on to me your safe Lifeline you can

always call out to me and say Lord save

me let my unwavering love lift you up

when you feel like you can’t handle the

problems in life think about how I hold

you close and never let go I am here to

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