God Says: It’s Over If You Ignore Me | Jesus Affirmations | God Message Today

my beloved

child do not give up when things go

wrong or take longer than planned I am

always working behind the scenes to make

sure you have more than you could ever

imagine know that I am with you every

step of the way as you keep going with

faith and persistence hold on to my

promises and find comfort in my presence

when you don’t know what to do I am the

rock that you can stand on and let your

soul rest if you trust me your tired

heart will find rest don’t give up my

dear child I will always be with you if

you keep your faith strong you will get

through anything that comes your way I

am what you need to be strong safe and

saved believe in me and I will lead you

to the full life I have planned for you

when bad things happen I want you to

always trust me because I am your safe

place when You Face problems they break

down the illusion of control and set you

free you can come to me when you don’t

know what will happen in the future know

that I am the master who controls the

storms in your life and everything else

when your anxiety is too much come to me

for comfort I offer support Comfort

empathy compassion help support

reassurance and relief my love and arms

have everything you need but when your

anxiety level goes up you naturally want

to focus on yourself or your problems

ignoring my presence and all the help I

can give you focusing on the outside

world makes your anxiety worse let the

pain of anxiety be your signal to get

back in touch with me say my name out

loud and let me join your struggles look

for my face and find comfort in the fact

that I care about you tell me what

you’re going through and I’ll answer I

totally get your problems and I know how

to solve them in the the best way I will

strengthen you and ease your stress

while you rest in my loving presence I

promise you that nothing in the world

can separate my love from you my comfort

is full of blessings beloved making your

soul happy I am a shield for those who

hide behind me when the world seems

dangerous and scary remember this

precious promise I will personally

shield and protect everyone who comes to

me in trouble to find safety in in me

you have to trust me and give me your

whole heart you should always tell me

that you trust me no matter what is

going on in your life there will be

times when you need to deal with the

demands of your situation before you can

pour out your heart to me tell them you

trust them and wait for the right time

and place to say what’s really on your

mind when the time is right feel free to

talk to me this in-depth conversation

will really help you feel better and

make your relationship with me stronger

which will light the way for you going

forward my protective presence is always

there for you when fear wants to take

over come to me and say Jesus I take

refuge in you walk close to me trusting

each other and being happy to depend on

me the promises from the Bible that come

with my friendship are very precious I

love you with a perfect love that will

never end I am with you all the time

every second of your life I already know

everything about you and have made up

for all your sins your inheritance is

safe in heaven and will never die go bad

or fade I lead you through life and then

I’ll take you to heaven Being Human

means that you will always be dependent

on other people a lot of people try to

hide how much they need help by giving

the impression that they can handle

things on their own still I made you to

depend on me all the time and you can

find joy in that realizing and accepting

your dependence on me makes you more

aware of my loving presence which brings

you closer to me and makes you enjoy our

time together more share this video with

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