God Says: It’s Over For You, If You Skip | Jesus Affirmations | God Message Today

my beloved child trust me with all your

heart and talk to me every day about

your plans I will always be with you and

help you so put me first in your

projects I showed you my love even when

things were at their worst when you

thought your sins had kept you from me

when everyone else had given up on you

and when people hurt you put you down

and told you you were a

failure I got close to you with

compassion kindness forgiveness love and

care I pulled you out of the depths of

Despair once more say with your lips

that you will trust me no matter what

don’t doubt or fear you will win every

battle you

fight I love you always I won’t leave

you today if I didn’t leave you

yesterday I have always been with you

through good times and bad happiness and

sadness I never left you or forgot about

you keep your faith strong and if you

start to doubt say out loud the promises

I made to you to those who bother you

say I am with you every day until the

end you need my help trust in my grace

do not think too much about whether you

deserve the good things you want take

this blessing from me if you believe me

it will grow into great gifts when it’s

in your

hands now you have everything you need

to bless your family and help

others you will have plenty of bread

good health strength and peace but you

have to have faith and come to get these

blessings do not have any more doubts go

back on your words or hide from me in

the dark I’m calling you because I want

you to come and because I want to answer

your prayer and heal you and your family

of all bad

luck while I don’t want to take anything

from you I promise to give you even

better things you’ve changed since

yesterday this is a very important and

momentous time you are ready to make

choices and you will be sure of them

don’t ask people who are always negative

what they think and don’t try to please

people who don’t want you to be

blessed when you tell them about your

plans they will try to stop you and make

you go back to where you came from

defeated and down that won’t happen

though because I’m with you without

stopping you will walk and when the

doors open you will use your faith and I

will come in with

you they will hear about the problem

that made you mess up in the past I will

give you wonderful blessings but I beg

you to treasure them and use them wisely

so they can grow and lay the groundwork

for even greater

blessings your family and I will make

huge steps toward a better land and a

brighter future when the time

comes tell your kids that they should go

to school get them to dream big because

their skills and intelligence can also

help me in many ways Heroes and Leaders

of Tomorrow are being made right in your

own home prior to my second coming they

will be powerful tools of my word but

you can only do this if you honor me in

your home and show that you are a

Christian by the way you act and

behave you should never think that your

bad mood is who you are and that no one

can change you everything is possible

with me I can turn rocks and stones into

soft Hearts people who used to only

scream will laugh like kids I’ll put hot

coals on their lips and their words will

be as sweet as

honey that’s why I can change you so

your family can see that my power is

real the world will attack them because

of their faith and people will tell them

that I don’t exist and can’t help them

but believe now that my glory will come

to your home at night my neighbors will

be able to see my light and angels will

light up every room in your house

strange and Supernatural things will

happen in your home that will Amaze

everyone a lot of people will come and

you will touch them

in answer to your prayer I will

personally heal the hurt raise the dead

and fix their problems your family is

having a spiritual Revival that means

the end times are near and many people

want to know the mysteries of my coming

but they don’t really want

me I will only show my love to people

who truly believe in me and are willing

to give up their souls follow my word

and even give up their lives for this

message and other people this is the

strong message I want to to plant in you

right now pay close attention to where

you hear it and remember the time and

day take a deep breath and look out as

far as you can see toward the Horizon I

will use your life to bring my glory to

those far away places where people speak

languages you don’t understand but I

will touch you and my holy spirit will

show itself through you and your

family there is going to be a spiritual

Revolution and I have been with you as

you’ve gone through the valleys of


do not be afraid for I am with you no

matter what problems you see or how

rough things are right now believe what

I’ve written without question this year

you will be blessed Prosper known and

respected if you act and fight and don’t

waver in your faith in the one who died

so you could

win hold on to me let go of thoughts of

being bad and accept my love and

forgiveness even if you feel unworthy or

think you don’t deserve so many good

things I pick you to be a blessing to


family now is the time to win and make

your life better than ever get rid of

any negative thoughts that are bothering

you put the old battles behind you and

start a new stage of Victory and renewal

this is where I change your life and

start a new story for you let me show

you a new way that will bring you

happiness and

knowledge I give you my love and peace

so that your mind and soul can be at

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