God Says: It’s An Emergency, Don’t Ignore || God Message Today |

my beloved

child there are parts of your life where

you will always need to trust me more in

hard times you should see them as

chances to improve the people you trust

take these chances to get closer to me

because I’m waiting to greet you with

open arms saying thank you to me wakes

up your heart and mind so you can enjoy

my presence to the fullest do something

to thank me for anything that comes to

mind whenever you feel off or far away

from me there are always a lot of

blessings to pick from both Eternal

gifts like Faith Grace and salvation and

blessings that happen every day think

back over the last hours and list all

the good things I’ve done for you in

that time this activity will make you

feel better and help you think more

clearly remember that the devil your

enemy roams around like a a roaring lion

looking for someone to eat so it’s

important to be alert and in control of

yourself when your thoughts are

wandering away from me and the enemy’s

power can take over remember that giving

thanks and praise to me can push the

enemy away this is a very effective way

to fight the spiritual war through

worship the reason I made you was to

make myself look good this should be

your main goal as you go through each

day find the small and large blessings I

have given you in your your life and

tell me how grateful you are for them

often praise me not only when you pray

and sing but also when you talk to other

people tell them about the amazing

things I’ve done and how great I am join

other Christians at your church to

worship it’s there that you can feel the

weight of my glory when making a choice

I should think about what will make me

look good and make me happy this method

will help you make smart decisions and

let you know I’m here with you instead

of getting lost in your your own

thoughts ask me to help you figure out

what to do I know everything there is to

know about you and your situation the

more you understand me the better I can

help you make decisions I want you to

learn more about me because my word is a

lamp to your feet and a light for your

path I bless you so enjoy them and be

thankful for them but don’t hold on to

them too tightly are you ready to give

them back to me when I ask I want you to

fully enjoy the good things I give you

at the same time to do this you should

live in the present and not worry about

what will happen in the future today is

the day to enjoy the gifts I’ve given

you whether they are family and friends

your skills your things or something

else look for ways to bless other people

in return there’s a reason you might cry

when I take away something or someone

you care about gather around me and hold

on tight during these times because your

connection with me will never end let me

be your rock your safe place and your

comfort often I give you new blessings

that you didn’t expect to comfort you

and help you move forward keep an eye

out for everything I have planned for

you thank me because I’m good and my

love will last forever take some time to

think about all the good things I have

done for you thanks for giving me life

your life and the lives of the people

you love

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