God Says- “I’M NOT ALLOWING YOU TO SKIP THIS”???? – God | God’s Message Now Today |

my beloved child I want you to know the

depth of my love for you from the very

beginning I created you with purpose I

formed you each part of you with my own

hands you are precious and valuable to

me a treasure that I

cherish I see you really see you I know

everything about you your strengths and

weaknesses your hopes and fears your

Joys and pain s there is nothing about

you that is hidden From My Sight and in

seeing you fully I love you

completely my love for you has no bounds

or conditions you don’t have to earn it

or prove yourself worthy of it I love

you simply because you are mine when

life is hard and the road feels long

remember that I am with you always I

will never abandon or forsake you in

those moments when you feel alone I am

still there holding you up even if you

can’t perceive it I am your strength

when you have none left I am your

comfort in times of Sorrow I am your

peace in the midst of any storm lean on

me and let me carry your burdens I have

incredible plans for you child plans to

prosper you and not to harm you to give

you hope and a future I put my dreams

and Desires in your heart and I equip

you with all you need to fulfill your

destiny even when you can’t see the way

forward I am guiding each step trust me

in the

process I am always working things out

for your good your life has immense

purpose I created you to be a reflection

of my goodness and light in a dark World

wherever you go you carry my presence I

want to impact the lives of others

through you as you love them the way I

do you have a role to play in this world

that only you can fill

never believe the lie that your life is

an accident or that you don’t matter I

fashioned you with intentionality and I

Rejoice over you with gladness when you

stumble and fall my child my love for

you does not waver there is nothing you

could ever do that would separate you

from my love I am quick to forgive and

slow to anger my mercies are new every

morning though your sins are like

Scarlet I will make them white is

snow I remove your sins from you as far

as the East is from the West I remember

them no

more I am your father and you are my

child I love to hear your voice talk to

me about everything your dreams your

worries your questions your

fears no matter how big or small I want

you to share your heart with me I am

always listening I’ve placed placed my

spirit within you my very presence

dwelling in your

heart you have access to all of my

promises and

blessings I withhold no good thing from

you all that is mine is available to you

my resources my wisdom my joy my peace

draw upon me for all that you need an

abundant overflowing life is your

inheritance as my child refuse to let

shame insecurity your unworthiness Cloud

your vision that is not how I see you I

see you clothed in my righteousness

redeemed and

restored I am enthralled by your beauty

which comes from within from your heart

that is submitted to

me when the enemy tries to whisper lies

about who you are silence him with the

truth of what I say about you in my word

your identity is firmly rooted in me I

have called you to be set apart child

to live differently than the world I

know it’s not always easy the way is

narrow and the pressures to conform are

great but I will give you the courage

and strength to walk in Holiness

submitted to my spirit rather than the

flesh cling to me and I will help you

withstand any

Temptation I have already overcome the

world and in me you are an overcomer too

rest in my unshakable love for you you

stop striving and simply receive what I

am freely offering you my yoke is easy

and my burden is light I’m not looking

for Perfection from you just a yielded

heart when you are weary come to me and

I will give you rest I will quiet you

with my love and rejoice over you with

singing you are never too far gone for

my love to reach you there is no pit so

deep that my love is not deeper

still if you feel far away from me take

one step in my direction and you’ll find

me running to meet you I am the Good

Shepherd who leaves the to go after


one I am the father scanning The Horizon

eager to welcome home his wayward

child my arms are always open wide to

hold you let the reality of my love be

the Bedrock Foundation of your life may

it strengthen you embolden you and

compel you to love others as I have

loved you

everything you do let it flow from the

Wellspring of having received my


love There Is No Greater Joy than to

know and be known by me I am unspeakably

proud of you you are my beloved child

and with you I am well pleased hold

tight to me knowing that nothing can

snatch you out of my hand I will be

faithful to complete the good work I’ve

started in you and one day I will

welcome you home with open arms and say

to you well done my good and faithful

child now enter into your father’s Joy

my precious child I want you close to me

always my love for you is deeper and

more vast than you can

comprehend I gave my very life for you

allowed my body to be broken and my

blood poured out so that nothing would

stand between

us you are that precious to me

if my sacrifice isn’t proof enough let

me tell you again no one will ever love

you the way I do others may let you down

and reject you but my love is

unwavering when I hold you you are

absolutely secure I will never loosen my

grip on you or allow you to slip from my

hands my greatest desire is to pour out

my spirit on you in full measure to

solidify you in my love I long for you

to come to me to sit at my feet and

learn from me let the worries anxieties

and busyness of the world Fade Away in

my presence don’t let anything steal

away the good things I’m growing in your

life you’ve labored faithfully and the

Harvest is coming trust me I am the

deliverer of your soul your help in

times of need you recognize my voice

because you are mine I’m proud of you

your obedience prayers and sacrifices

are sweet offerings to me I’ve

dispatched angels to bring you

everything you

require my glory is all around you the

air electric with my presence this is a

Divine moment your Brokenness meeting my

extravagant love as you cry out to me I

draw you into my presence in the

Heavenly Realms you are seated with me

in Victory and Honor I Delight in

honoring you as you honor me I am your

God your king above all Kings I’m

pouring out my affection and Fa favor on

you now as you call on my name even as

you hear these words Freedom healing and

deliverance are

yours get up and walk in newness of Life

the trials you’ve endured have only

served to refine you just like Shadrach

mesek and Abednego you refuse to bow to

anything less than me even in the

fiercest flames and just as I was with

them in that furnace I am with you in

your hardships you won’t be consumed or

even smell of smoke when you emerge

you’ll be

unrecognizable not defined by your past

but remade for my

purposes say yes to me and you’ll never


back breathe in my spirit deeply and

exhale all that weighs you down and Wars

against your peace I’ve come to your Aid

faster than you know to avenge you and

shower you with blessings in every area

of your life receive the recompense for

your long-standing

faith I’m pushing back the opposition

that has harassed you I know you’re

battle weary but I say to you rise up

you are fully armed and dangerous to the

enemy even if you stumble you won’t stay

down I am your rear guard and I’m

defending you even now the sudden

breakthroughs are

beginning prepare for my glory to

reshape everything about your life

beloved I’m calling you out of the pit

of your past P you’ve been tested and

tried in the refining fires and I

declare today that you are approved

Vindication is yours I’m rendering

verdicts in your favor I don’t have to

strive with your enemies I rule from my

throne but I am standing up now to

intervene to defend my chosen ones I

will do all I have promised you all

you’ve dared to ask for that my name may

be glorified in the Earth make that your

quest too to glorify me follow me and my

commands wholeheartedly I’ve made you

worthy to be called mine fit for my

service I have need of you let me love

you back to life back to Joy surrender

to my heart for you and watch me move on

your behalf like never

before so Come Away With Me leave lesser

things behind Adventure awaits I’m

leading you to spacious places to a wise

wide open life of fulfilled dreams

refuse fear and choose faith I am always

with you and for you anything that

hinders your hope must yield to my love

I’m ushering you into a new era of

walking in my promises rest in me

whenever you grow weary be refilled in

my presence

continuously I will help you persevere

you are an overcomer crowned With

Victory my conquering Spirit lives in

you tap into my strength which is your

inheritance in me all of Heaven’s

resources are at your disposal trust my

timing and my methods I’m aligning

things you can’t see what I’ve started

in you I will bring to completion I am

your safe place your home I’m the lifter

of your head when others misunderstand

you I know your heart I’m all you need

abide in me and Let My Words abide in

you I’m tending to your roots helping

you to grow strong and bear much fruit

everything that concerns you concerns me

your name is written on my heart I will

move mountains for you when you walk

through deep Waters or raging fires they

will not overwhelm you my love surrounds

you like a shield fix your eyes on me I

will lead you in Paths of righteousness

and teach you my ways stay and step with

my spirit life flows from me to you and

through you there is no limit to what I

can accomplish in and through a child

abandoned to my will your true identity

is found in me embrace your

belovedness my kingdom is your

inheritance I Delight in satisfying your


longings nothing is too hard for me no

Miracle too

impossible expect me to wow you with my

goodness laugh at your fears knowing I

am in

control I am your firm Foundation your

anchor I will keep you steady and

stable when you feel

unseen remember that I see you I’m

working all things out for your

good you can trust my hand your weakness

is an opportunity for my strength to

shine through boast in your limitations

knowing they don’t limit me my grace is

sufficient for you I’m attracted to your

honesty not your perfection

come to me when you’re hurting I’m near

to the

Brokenhearted my love mends and restores

allow me to turn your mourning into

dancing your sorrow into Joy Beauty will

rise from ashes a monument to my

faithfulness release regrets and refuse

to be chained to shame my mercies are

new every morning I remember your sins

no more you are not a failure you are

chosen holy set apart wear your identity

boldly walk with your head held high

when the enemy assails you with doubt

raise your Shield of Faith wield my word

as your sword every threatening giant

Must Fall before me I am the god of

breakthroughs the champion who fights

for you watch me level obstacles and

shatter barriers as you advance I’m your

Defender deliverer and strong tower I’m

all you need and more than enough

no weapon formed against you will

prosper I’m promoting you preparing you

empowering you for all I’ve called you

to when the world feels shaky I am your


Foundation hide yourself in me until the

storms pass

by I will be your shelter your covering

your everpresent

help let my peace guard your heart and

mind be still and know that I am

God more than anything I Des desire your

heart let me fully capture your

affections and attention carve out time

to meet with me seek my face and you

will find all your heart longs for all

you’ve been made for remember no matter

where you go my love hems you in I’m

before you and behind you preparing the

way and protecting your back I’m above

you and Beneath You covering you and

lifting you up I’m within you and all

around you empowering ing you and

fighting for you I am the first and the

last the beginning and the

end what I start I finish let me be your

focus your obsession your everything as

you pursue me I will Amaze you

Adventures await oceans to cross

mountains to conquer I will be with you

every step Every Breath You Are Made for

courageous Abundant Living this is my

declaration over you my song of

unrelenting love receive it embrace it

be anchored by it I am calling you forth

into your destiny be bold be brave be

all I’ve created you to be I believe in

you because you are

mine my beloved child I want you to

listen to me closely stay focused on my

guidance and don’t get distracted or

confused about which direction to go I

am leading you with a gentle hand you

will have clarity about the path before

you right now just be

still imagine you were sitting

peacefully on a raft in the vast ocean

letting the waves carry you along relax

and trust that I know exactly where you

are headed remember how I parted the Red

Sea so the Israelites could cross on dry

ground in the same way I have moved

obstacles out of your way I sent plagues

on those who stood against you until

they let you go and now now you can move


unhindered they will not overwhelm you

for you are under my protection there is

a passion burning within you a fire that

comes from me and now I am causing those

Flames to grow higher and brighter that

fire in your spirit is going to spread

like a chain reaction every person you

interact with Will sense the power and

blessing I have placed on your life as

you go through your days stay attuned to

my voice when you talk with love loved

ones listen for my words pay attention

to my promptings when illness tries to

attack your body I will give you

extraordinary heavenscent wisdom to

overcome it that wisdom will manifest

suddenly and

abundantly know that I have heard every

dream wish and prayer of your heart even

the ones you barely dared to

whisper I do not Overlook a single

detail my perception is perfect and

complete believe and have faith my

spirit flows through every part of your

being from head to toe my blood covers

and shields you I am filling you to

overflowing with a burning passion to

know me more deeply I have set you apart

from the ways of this world you are no

longer limited by its patterns but are

being transformed by my

power expect your long awaited healing

to manifest it is finished

the freedom you have cried out for is

done the blessings and breakthroughs you

need are

accomplished Supernatural shifts have

been completed because I am a good and

generous God I Empower you to produce

wealth and prosper you wherever you go

in the city in the country in your

health your Offspring and the work of


hands let my presence boo you like waves

on the ocean bringing you to a place of

peace and rest

for in this season things are going to

progress and unfold rapidly don’t fixate

on the past for I am unfolding a new

story in your life where you saw no

possibilities I am making a way look for

change starting tomorrow expect a

noticeable shift this very

week you have already begun to discern

that things are different you have

stepped into a new level of closeness

with me that you’ve never experienced

before awaken awaken come closer still I

am beckoning you to go deeper with me my

cherished one I am pouring out Living

Water rushing Rivers into your innermost

being your very body is being enlivened

and energized you are no mere servant

but my close companion and I confide in

my friends I am unlocking Revelation to

you beyond anything you’ve known you

will have dreams and visions of piercing


mysteries about every sphere of your

life will be made known to you for I

have opened the floodgates of heavenly

wisdom over you my favor surrounds you

like an impenetrable

shield I go ahead of you and I am your

rear guard my angels are encamped around

you on every side the Unseen spiritual

realm is more real than the physical

world you perceive it is the original

and eternal

reality begin to live with an awareness

of the spirit spiritual realm conduct

yourself as one who walks by faith in

angels and the activity of the spirit

live like you truly believe that I have

set you free for by my wounds you have

been healed and

liberated I was broken and crushed for

your wrongdoings and

Rebellion I bore the punishment that

bought your peace I carried it all so

you don’t have to your struggles are not

a heavy burden for me yes after you have

endured hardship for a little while I

the God of all Grace come to

you I am with you now I am grounding you

reinforcing you and constructing you

from the inside out I need you to be

unshakable with your foundation fixed

firmly on the Bedrock of my

word then when the rains pour down and

the winds howl and the floods rise you

will stand strong you will not collapse

hear my promise today you will not lose

what is most precious to to you the

season of loss is over your losing

streak has ended I am reorienting you to

Face Forward Square your shoulders and

walk with the confidence of one who

knows the battle is won The Sovereign

King has arisen and I am taking my place

as the supreme authority in your life

let go of all anxiety and fear for I am

in control I am enacting Speedy change

bringing rapid acceleration ation just

as I always reveal my plans first to my

prophets so I am announcing to you now

your appointed time for breakthrough has

arrived I am recreating you you will

emerge from this trial without even the

smell of smoke you are stepping into an

anointing like Joseph’s second in

command to Pharaoh you are my selected

ordained and qualified secret weapon now

is the time to take up your spiritual

weaponry and pray like never

before pray fervently in the

spirit humble yourself before me in

surrendered worship set aside

distractions and busyness quiet yourself

in my

presence I urge you in this way because

of my great love for you I am the father

of heavenly lights The Giver of Life and

the only way to me is through me cry out

to me posture your heart in reverent

submission so arise and shine for my

glory is Dawning upon you stand up now

from the posture of defeat and

stagnation that has pinned you down rise

up take your rightful position in My

Kingdom you are royalty a king and

priest in my domain now live like it

speak like it and exercise your

god-given Authority for the enemy must

flee from you in

Terror he has been exposed and must

repay you seven times over for all is

stolen decree it for I the Lord of

Heaven’s armies have spoken amen

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