God Says: I’ll Save You From Hell If You Watch It | God Message Today |

my dear

child I’m writing to you from the bottom

of my heart because I care about you

listen to these words with all of your

heart because they are only for you

could you please give me a moment of

your time to hear my voice above all the


noise the thing I want to tell you is

more important than anything else you

are thinking about open your heart and

stay with me a little longer let me

remove the pain that’s on your heart and

the sad thoughts that keep coming back

to you I hold you close and give you

peace and quiet like no one else can let

me love you trust me with your whole

heart I keep the promises I make and

what I say has a deep meaning I’m here

to make you feel better and make you

smile every morning know that I love you

deeply and completely as you look for me

I want you to know and believe this holy

love and I want you to feel it inside

you so you can be happy again I will

never forget you and I have never left

your side

this is a fact that can’t be changed

when I hold you you are safe protected

and sheltered but all of your trust in

me my arms will always be open to you I

pay close attention to your prayers and

cries open your eyes take a deep breath

and feel my presence as you welcome each

new day it makes me happy when you greet

me in the morning with trust and

confidence you already know that I’m

here to listen and help you with any

good request you have when you pray for

your family it warms my heart because it

means a

lot when life’s problems make you feel

lost don’t let your mind wander to

unimportant things find peace in me a

way out when you feel like everything is

against you I am the answer to your

problem I don’t want your worries or

fears to control you you trust me

because you know I will keep my word do

not let go of my word treasure it in

your heart and remember the wonderful

things I have done for you in the past

when you were in danger I reached out

out my hand and pulled you out from

under the grip of your enemies even when

it looked like everything was lost I

came back with my powerful word and did

Miracles that no one could have imagined

trust me there are still many amazing

things I can do for you let me keep

helping you I want to keep you safe all

day and night do not let hopelessness

take hold in your heart because I love

you very

much I want you to feel my peace and be

happy for a long time I can see your

tears and hear your prayers for the

people you care about you kneel and pray

for other people a lot but you don’t ask

for anything for yourself very often

your worshipful and thankful attitude is

very much appreciated when you come

before me think about how blessed you

are and how grateful you should be I

enjoy how reverent you are know that I

will give you blessings that are bigger

and better than you can imagine even

when you don’t ask for them

directly I want you to have faith that

everything I say I will do will come

true if if something tries to get in

your way don’t give up your fate is in

my hands you will reach your goals and

make your heart’s desires come true your

blessing can’t be taken away by anything

or anyone but your faith loyalty and

sincerity are very important find me

every morning and the first things you

should say when you wake up are thanks

and praise don’t let bad things hide the

good things that make your days

better I want you to take advantage of

the chances I give you for my good plans

and thoughts for you I will give you the

supernatural power to see and understand

them I know that the past few days have

been hard for you and that your thoughts

may be

cloudy but I’m telling you now that

nothing bad will happen to you you won’t

be put down and you will beat your

enemies and come out on top against all

threats now is the time to see how

valuable you are and know that the all

powerful God loves you no one is

stronger than you and nothing can stop

you you have already beaten all of your

problems enjoy your wi don’t don’t think

too much about your loss I will move

mountains and you will stand strong in

your faith there will be conviction in

your prayers and you will know that I

will answer you will walk with strength

and determination in your heart there’s

no more room for sadness and

hopelessness I know that problems with

your family can make you feel bad there

are times when you need to rest pray and

get better giving your soul A Moment Of

Peace Quiet and alone time with my holy

spirit is good for

it you were not made to live a life full

of tears sadness mistakes and failure

you may be in pain and cry but I still

love you you may feel like you can’t go

on but I’m here to help you you will not

give up your heart as lovely and pure

don’t keep it hidden bring it into the

light let your face shine with happiness

and people will joyfully call out my

name Jesus you are my beloved child and

my love shows in you I have done many

nice things for you and I will keep

doing Supernatural things things to show

you how important you are to me I’ve

been telling you that you don’t have

time to give up or try to hide as a

sharp spearhead you cut through the wind

and make ways to the land of blessings I

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