God Says: Ignoring Me Closes Heaven’s Door | Jesus Affirmations | God Message Today

my beloved child get ready for a battle

that you will win I will not let you

down and even if you stumble and fall

know that I will pick you back up again

do not let your future be controlled by

fear take on the challenge get ready to

fight against hopelessness and fear with

everything you have let me know that you

have faith in me and are ready to win

you your family your body your soul and

your emotions will all be healed by me

you will see with your own eyes how

Supernatural I am please pay close

attention I love you and I want you to

truly believe this I also want you to

come to me every morning and feed

yourself with my word spark your faith

and let that fire burn away all the

fears that are holding you back still

afraid of the lies of the false Giants

that scare you you can’t get to your

Promised Land you can’t enjoy the fruits

of victory until you’re brave enough to

put all of your skills struggles and

failures in my hands at this point in

your life you don’t need to doubt any of

the good things I’m about to do for you

remember that I took the punishment for

all your sins on that cross and made

your enemies look bad you’ve paid off

your debt so you don’t have to worry

about anything else in the Supernatural

world you are now sitting next to me I

have already blessed you with honey and

oil from Heaven no know this you are not

a weak unimportant person who is doomed

to fail and whose life will be ruined by

feelings that take away your chance to

succeed I’m talking about real Victory

being free from debt getting your

finances back on track being forgiven

and having peace in your home it’s a

supernatural peace that lets you move

forward it’s wisdom and caution in your

soul and mind why keep going on your

journey based on what other people say I

tell you that you should no longer

listen to the negative thoughts of

people who are jealous of you and want

to take what I want to give you you

should trust me and my word and stay

away from people who want you to fail

because Victory lies in my presence and

you will find it every morning I will

give you strength joy and peace I’m

waiting here to whisper sweet words of

love and care into your ear which will

make you feel strong and happy

I am blessing your home and life

everyday believe accept and love me more

you are welcome my child today is a new

day when you will be blessed in many

ways don’t forget that I am your

Shepherd and that you will never be

hungry I will bring everything you need

into your life soon because I am your

provider I am the one who can heal you I

wrap my love around you and heal you

because I am your guardian I will cover

you with my wings and keep you safe in

my shadow what I say is true and what I

promise is real things I told you will

happen will happen because I am God and

I don’t lie I’m going to do what I said

I will lead you on the path I have

picked out for you by your side I am

with you in all seasons and all

situations no matter how scary things

may seem even when you think a miracle

is impossible you won’t have to stay in

this hard time forever I will get there

just in time to set you free I know that

your spirit is tired and that these

problems sometimes make you question

your faith but stay strong and

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