my dear child you’ve been so brave and strong on your journey and I’ve been

watching you every step of the way even when things were tough and you

felt all alone you didn’t give up you’re like a Shining Light showing everyone

what real strength and goodness look like remember you’re amazing Just the

Way You Are you have incredible power inside you

to make your dreams come true but don’t forget to take breaks along the way find

peace in The Quiet Moments and let your heart rest even

while you keep moving forward towards your dreams type yes God if you

believe I’m helping you get ready for the challenges ahead fill fing your

heart with wisdom and getting you ready for all the good things waiting for

you stand up Brave one because you can do even more than you

think forget about the hurts and let downs from before think about what’s

really important to you and spend your energy on that for your family and your

soul you you don’t have to carry the weight of old regrets and sadness

anymore I say it’s time for them to go they won’t stop you from reaching the

wonderful things waiting for you I’ve seen you struggle seen you

almost give up but even in your darkest times I’ve been there surrounding you

with my love type yes heaven L father if you

believe listen closely to your heart once it was hurt but now it’s strong and

happy feel its powerful beats full of joy bravery and

strength you’re like a new person now fresh and clean from the mistakes of the

past there’s no punishment waiting for you no bad luck hanging over your your

head all those scary voices that try to hold you back are gone

forever go forward on your journey feeling confident you’re free and nothing can

make you feel bad anymore you’ve been brave and facing your past and I forgive you you’re pure

and good standing in the bright light of my love the future is calling

you promising a life without the Shadows of the Past walk bravely into your

future because I here to protect and guide you believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type to and if you believe in God’s love type

I love you Heavenly Father for the those who hold God close to their hearts

express your love with the words I really love you God and for our Christian

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$ to $ as a sign of your faith and

dedication listen closely to these words filled with promise and and truth you

are special to me like a cherished child everything about you your family

your life your home is protected by my love you are free because of me and

nothing in this world can take that away from you no matter what challenge has

come your way remember that you have the power to overcome them you you are

blessed beyond measure safe from harm and evil even when things seem tough

know that my love will always keep you safe and strong you are in a speci special place

filled with love and safety always held in Caring

Hands sometimes people may say things that don’t match the goodness I want for

you but you stay strong in your belief in a powerful and loving God who talks

to you every day even if you can’t see him when tough times come and even if

your family’s ideas make you unsure remember your faith believe in what I say because it’s

always been true your heart knows that what I say guides you like a light on a

dark path path deep inside you there’s a strong feeling to trust what I’ve

written type yes God if you believe when you want to be close to me

read the Bible it’s words are special and full of

power keep listening to my guidance always there for you day and

night in everything you do I’m by by your side ready to

help if you ever feel lost or afraid don’t worry just come to me you belong here

with me listen carefully to my words they are here to give you strength and

courage when people say mean things or try to make fun of you don’t let it

bother you remember I know your heart and I see the good in

you your love for me is powerful and my love for

you gives you the strength to overcome any challenge tell me you love me say loud

and proud I love you God keep this in your heart

always I am stronger than any problem you face don’t be afraid face your problems

with break bravery I know things are tough for you and I hear your cries for help but now

it’s time to make a change in your life decide to follow me to trust me

completely and to make good choices promise to obey me and stick to

what I teach you this journey may seem hard but it least leads to

peace if you stay faithful to me you will find patience and

calmness and no one can make you feel ashamed when you follow my

ways see how those who try to hurt you will run away and stumble unable to say bad

things about you anymore because I’m protecting you I’m always here with you guarding

you against lies whether it’s dark or light outside so don’t worry and believe in

what I teach you in my teachings you will find strength and comfort for your heart and

body tell your worries and fears that my love is stronger in this new part of your life

you’ll be free from feeling sad all the time imagine a world full of peace and

happiness where you feel so much joy that it overflows from your heart I’m

always thankful for the time you spend with me whenever you’re with me you’ll

feel loved safe and cared for whenever life gets tough remember

you can always come to me and if you ever feel lonely

just know I’m right there with you close your eyes and feel my love

surrounding you like a beautiful set that never

Fades my love is always shining on you making you feel warm and cozy

inside let yourself be wrapped up in this amazing

feeling of love life can be hard sometimes like strong winds blowing

against your ship making you feel lost at sea you might feel stuck like your

dreams are Out Of Reach and your things weigh you down these tough times hurt but remember

I see you and understand everything you’re going through before you came

into this world I’ve been by your side guiding you in my special way

even when you felt lost the longing in your heart to be

close to me is like a spark that I lit those things that seem to block your

path they’re like fences I put up to keep you safe open your heart to

me know that you’re amazing but without me it’s like a flower without water or a

leaf cut from its tree your dreams lose their Sparkle and your

hopes fade away but remember I never want you to go far from

me if you ever think of leaving push those thoughts

away I’m talking to you through these words and it’s not by chance that you

hear me I keep reaching out to you because I want you to be happy it’s not

not just about feeling good for a moment it’s about making smart choices that

help you stay strong choose Joy because

my love is always with you making sure fear can’t hold you

back you’re so strong that even when things get tough you stay

peaceful you show kindness even to those who are mean because you know I’m in

charge taking care of everything I want to share something

special with you my dear when someone says sorry and waits

Patiently I give them love and forgiveness but you my child don’t need

to hold on to mean thoughts or want to get back at someone I promise to protect

you from anyone who tries to hurt you

they won’t be able to say bad things about you anymore when you trust in what I say

you’ll feel peaceful even when people are mean to you you’ll stay calm and not

let anger take over if someone tells you that someone else is saying bad

things about you don’t believe it right away even if a friend tells you don’t

fall for it it’s just a trick from someone who wants to make

trouble don’t ever think bad things about others give them the same chance you’d

want keep your heart free from hate jealousy and

anger I want your spirit to be pure and your faith strong live in peace without

getting caught up in worldly problems choose goodness and

kindness rise above sadness and don’t let mean words bring you down always

speak kindly to others because words can hurt share your feelings with me don’t

hide anything I have the power to do amazing things like healing comforting you

when you spend time with me I want you to know that I love you

very much I’m making your life better giving you patience and peace and teaching you

important lessons think about the good things that will happen in the

future I’ll help you see them clearly be excited about life and

believe in yourself even if you feel sad sometimes trust that I’ll bring you

happiness miracles happen when you believe in me even if I feel far

away when life gets tough I’ll help you get through it and become

stronger start with small miracles and soon you’ll see amazing things happen

you’ll see obstacles disappear and feel protected by

Angels now is the time to be brave and strong keep learning and growing and

fill your heart with love help your family and I’ll reward

you with blessings your pain will end and I’ll surround you with love and

peace taking away your fears your heart will men and every

morning you’ll come to me with love and thanks each day you’ll find more peace

love and calmness I’m here waiting to make you

happy you’ll leave feeling better than before today my love surrounds you and

your family bringing blessings these words in your heart give

you faith that you are already have my blessings your eyes see and you and

you’re blessed I’ve taken away your sadness and

I’m healing you in your soul I’m planting sweetness and removing the

reasons for your sadness in this spiritual world you’re dressed in Royal clothes

next to me and I’ve given you many blessings but believe and accept these

promises with faith I freed you with my Powerful Love breaking your chains and

no one can hold you back you’re free but I ask you to live in this Freedom When

you pray feel the encouragement I give you from now you’ll see blessings behind

the problems that used to bother you instead of feeling down you will shine

with joy because you trust in my words and negative things won’t break

your spirit I’m with you and just knowing this will give you strength to

keep going every day when you wake up think about all the good things you can

do remember to be kind to do what’s right and to be brave like a hero lead

your family with love and never give up even when things are

hard when you hear these words every day they make you feel happy ins sigh they

remind you that everything will be okay even better than you think you can be

strong with help from a special power that helps you control your feelings and

say good things inside you there is a fire that can burn away any

problems look around you stand up straight and feel a warm hug from

someone who loves you very much they’ll whisper don’t be afraid I love

you you’ll feel calm and safe even when things don’t go how you

want don’t get mad and give up I know how you feel and we’ll fix things

together don’t go away from me or think kind not real I’m always here for you

loving you every step of the way do you ever doubt yourself don’t you’re amazing

just the way you are your thoughts and feelings matter a

lot even to me I care about you deeply and never want you to feel alone you’re

like a precious child to me and I’ll always love you remember when you felt

really sad and lost I was there for you holding you close making everything

better you didn’t have to look for me I came to you because I care so much every

they come to me with an open heart I’ll give you my love and

protection and I’ll make sure no one can hurt you people who try to bring you

down will realize they’re wrong they’ll learn to respect me and understand that

believing in me brings strength honor and

Truth your spiritual journey is important it’s not just a game it’s real

and meaningful trust in me and you’ll see

amazing things happen in your life Walk

Tall in look up at the sky with confidence don’t worry about people who

made you feel bad I am here to protect you like holding your hand to keep you

safe from stumbling on the stones they put in your way stay

strong and don’t let mean words or teasing scare you if you listen to them you might

start feeling afraid they might think you’re weak and

try to hurt you but don’t worry their efforts don’t matter they can’t hurt you

because I’ll be there shining bright reveal ing their bad

intentions keep believing and stay truthful Victory is already

yours you can relax now knowing that you and your loved ones are

safe life peacefully and don’t worry about those

who troubled you hold unto my love and nothing bad

can touch you every day wake up with happiness and give me all your

worries my angels will be with you everywhere and my love for you will

never stop when you hold on to these words your life will change for the

better my love will give you hope and lift you up when you feel down believe

in the power of love that makes you happy today I know you might feel sad

and troubled sometimes but remember I am here to protect you and keep you

safe when I am with you no bad things can hurt you under my care nothing can separate

you from my love I am like a friend and a father to

you always looking after you with care even when things seem hard I am

still here for you I see the troubles you face but

don’t be scared keep believing in talking to God

because that helps you in even when things seem really tough if you’re

hearing this now it means the tough stuff you’re facing won’t beat you it

might keep trying but when it sees how strong you are with God it will give

up but don’t let anger or grudges stay in your

heart lots of people including you will start taking their spiritual life more

seriously it’s not just a game Walk Tall look up at the sky and don’t worry about

the people who tried to make you feel small I’ve got you and won’t let you

fall all over the problems they put in your way stay strong and don’t be scared of

what others say because if you listen to them you might start feeling scared too

they’ll see fear in your eyes and think you’re an easy target don’t worry about

people who try to bring you down they can’t hurt you because I’ll shine my

bright light and show their true colors just stay honest and true and

you’ll win you can relax now knowing you and your loved ones are

safe life peacefully and don’t focus on those who upset you keep hold of my love

and bad things won’t bother you wake up happy every day and give me your

worries my angels will be with you and I’ll always love

you when you hold on to these words your life changes for the

better my love shines bright giving you hope and I’m here to help you trust in

the power of love to bring joy into your life today I know you might feel weight down

by worries making you feel sad but remember I’m here to guide and protect

you when you’re with me nothing bad can hurt you under the care of my Holy Spirit

nothing can separate you from my love no sickness enemy trouble or bad

thing can keep us apart I am your God your friend and your

father I’m always watching over you with love never leaving you

alone I see the problems you face like lies and trouble in your family but

don’t be afraid keep believing in talking to God

and you can beat even the toughest problems if you’re listening to these

words right now it means you haven’t been beaten by your troubles they might keep trying to

bother you but once they see how strong you are with God they’ll stop bothering

you but don’t be mean to the people who didn’t help you when you needed it even

though they didn’t help you I did there was a time when you asked for help from

people who didn’t want to give it but then you turned to God and found comfort

and love from now and I promise to always be here for for

you whenever you need anything just talk to me I’m listening to your

wishes I want you to always feel loved and cared for I wish for your hurts to heal for

you to feel love again and for your heart to be free from

sadness keep going and don’t give up you mean a lot to me

and good things are coming your way I’ll keep you safe from

harm I’ll stand against anything trying to hurt you and keep your heart

peaceful remember no one in this world is stronger than you or weaker than you

always remember that I am right beside you all you have to do is believe and

pray sincerely no matter what happens if you’re sad

talk to me if you’re happy share your joy with

me if you’re worried come to me for comfort your prayers are like magic

making wonderful things happen in your life every day the problems you’re

facing today are not to beg for you to

handle I I have a solution for you trust me I won’t let you face

challenges that you can’t handle with your faith even if you feel like giving up

today please don’t lose hope I am here to make you strong and protect you from

harm I’m here to hold your hand hug you tight feel the love I have for you talk

to me no matter what no matter what happens or how tough

things may seem I’ll always be there to help you if you feel lost just talk to

me and I’ll show you the right way trust me I’ve got wonderful things planned for

you and those you care about I’m here to give you strength so

don’t doubt yourself give me your worries and I’ll carry them for you

those who believe in me will see amazing things happen whenever you need

me I’ll be right there listening to your prayers I’ll be with you in every

challenge leading you to victory those who try to hurt you will

see how powerful I am always remember you’re a part of

me stand tall and good things will come your way nothing can harm you when

you’re with me if you appreciate all the good things I give you say thank you

with all your heart de kind and caring to others this way you’ll be protected and

safe even when you feel unsure or tempted I’ll always be there for

you now close your eyes and believe in me me saying I trust in you my

god get ready for the amazing things I’ll do for you

amen if you want your loved ones to feel as blessed as

you to share these words with them let’s spread

hope and make the world a better place together believe in faith and positivity

if you agree type to and if you believe in God’s love type

I love you Heavenly Father for those who hold God close to

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