God Says: IGNORE “IF YOU HATE ME | God Message | I LOVE JESUS |

my dear child I just want you to know

that I’ve got your back no matter

what your faith and determination are

truly inspiring and I have no doubt that

you will succeed in everything you set

out to

do but it’s important for you to

strengthen your connection with me as

that is the key to your success and

happiness type yes heavenly father if


believe I don’t focus on your past

mistakes and my love for you will never

fade no matter what challenges you

face I love seeing how you bounce back

from tough times facing obstacles head

on with

determination and even if you stumble

along the way just remember to trust in

me and keep your eyes on the

prize you’ve got this and I’ll be right

here cheering you on every step of the

way type him in if you

believe I am here for you through thick


thin I know life can be tough but I

won’t judge you for

it my goal is to help you overcome any

obstacles in your way and move forward


confidence I am fully committed to

supporting you and helping you grow

think of me as a river washing away any

negativity and leaving you feeling

refreshed I want to nourish your soul

and bring back your

energy believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type

and if you believe in God’s love

type I really love you

God you’re not alone in this fight

you’re my

hero I’ll be by your side whether you’re

celebrating a win or facing a

challenge I’ll protect you from any harm

that comes your way making sure you’re

safe and

sound in times when you can catch your

breath keep moving forward on life’s

journey with this Shield of Truth and my

guidance by your

side be brave as you continue fueled by

the Str WR Faith deep within

you you will overcome sickness and Debs

break free from chains and leave your


behind the obstacles that once held you

back will crumble as you push

forward if you agree type


and if you believe in God’s love

type I really love you

God my child I urge you to hold on to

your unwavering

belief the strength you feel inside is

real not just a trick of the

Mind embrace it each day when you wake

up letting go of any doubts and facing

life with determination knowing you will

succeed those who have the courage to

keep going even when they feel weak and

tired see their challenges fade

away they are support Ed by a higher

power finding comfort and strength in

their unshakable faith Rising above

sadness and

despair I’m here to offer you a bunch of

blessings just waiting for you to grab


of I really want us to strengthen our

bond even

more my love for you is solid and can’t

be swayed by outside

influences whenever you’re faced with

big decisions come talk to

me I’ll help calm your mind and light

The Way

Forward trust me to help you sort

through your feelings and make things

clearer don’t rush into choices without

getting my input

first I’ll give you the strength to

resist being manipulated or pressured

protecting you from a life filled with

sadness and

control be careful about giving your

heart to people you don’t know well

listen to those little warning

signs think back on past mistakes and

how they affected

you don’t waste any more peaceful days

and moments under burdens that aren’t

yours to

carry learn from the past and know that

I’m always here to support

you don’t let yourself get trapped in

Old patterns

again I have the key to getting you out

of any tough situation but it’s better

to just avoid those situations

altogether so think carefully about your

choices and how they might affect

others ignoring my advice is like

playing with fire questioning my

authority and doubting my

promises you’ve grown past your old self

now you respect and follow my

guidance that’s why I’m asking you to be

careful and make smart

decisions stay away from people who

don’t care about you or your family

they’ll take your stuff and leave you in

debt if you’re unsure about something

don’t be afraid to take a different

path come to me for advice and

support as we head into the new year I

see it being full of inspiration

happiness and freedom a time of great


Joy I Won’t Let You Suffer or be

controlled by

anyone if you understand what I’m saying

don’t worry good changes are coming your

way and you’ll start to get back what


lost type yes God F you

believe there’s no challenge I can’t

handle something amazing is coming your

way all thanks to your heartfelt

prayers what I’m about to give you goes

beyond what you even

want your faith is in my hands and I’ve

got your back no matter

what don’t let doubt or negativity get

you down I’m always here for you with


Love While others might fall for lies

you’ve trusted me and that’s a big

deal so don’t worry even in tough times


thrive in places where things seem

hopeless you’ll come out on

top type yes Father to affirm

yes my child when things get tough

you’ll find strength you never knew you

had your dreams will come true and

obstacles will just be stepping stones


success today’s challenge is will become

tomorrow’s victories showing off your

faith perseverance dedication patience

strength and

love pay close attention to what I’m

about to say because it’s full of wisdom


reassurance even when things feel

uncertain trust me without any

doubts no matter how many times you’ve

stumbled or how tough things seem I’ll

always be there there to lift you

up sometimes it may seem like I’m quiet

but trust me I’m always working behind


scenes type if you

believe I’ll support you through every

challenge until you reach

success pay attention to when I step in

as it will always be at the right

time take advantage of the opportunities

one give you to make a

move in a world full of chaos find

comfort in knowing that I’ve got your

back your loved ones are also under my

protection receiving blessings

constantly when I tell you to move go


it when I say stand your ground don’t

budge and when I declare Victory claim


proudly let go go of past mistakes and

embrace the changes happening within

you you’re becoming stronger and more

determined your future is safe in my


Hands find peace and Security in my

presence knowing that I’m always looking

out for you and guiding your

way I just wanted to remind you about

the importance of daily

prayer it’s all about approaching it

with children joy and unwavering Faith

even when you’re feeling doubtful or

emotional just come to me willingly

knowing that I love you just the way you

are flaws and

all I really want you to take a bold

step forward in your faith journey and

not let fear hold you

back trust that I’ll be there for you

through the storms giving you courage

and reminding you of the promises I’ve

made to you you your connection with me

is so important for nurturing your faith

and I appreciate our conversations and

your willingness to open up to

me I’ve heard your prayers both today


yesterday your words don’t have to be

fancy it’s the sincerity and earnestness

behind them that matter

most even a tiny bit of Faith Can Do

amazing things like mov mov mountains

and reaching the

heavens that’s where your destiny is

shaped and where I show you my endless

love and

comfort type amen if you

believe just know that I see your needs

and have a plan to take care of

them every response from me is meant to

help you in the best way

possible so keep the faith and trust

that I’ve got your

back when you’re feeling scared try to


calm remember my advice when tough times

come your way instead of panicking say

to yourself God my rock will help me get

through this day just like he always

has follow my guidance stick to my

values and stay focused on the path I’ve

laid out for

you don’t let distractions pull you off

course concentrate on the task I’ve

given you for

today Temptations might try to lead you

astray with false promises but my advice

is clear and requires your full

attention by following my teachings you

can protect yourself from lies and keep

doubt from clouding your

mind trust in my love and turn to prayer

for Comfort it’s the solution to your

problems and the source of the strength

and wisdom you need to keep moving

forward distance yourself from those who

question your

beliefs surround yourself with people

who Inspire your faith give you courage

and guide you toward

success I am here to help you navigate

through this tough situation that has

captured your attention and poses a

challenge to your life and your family’s

future during this time I will teach you


lessons I want you to trust my guidance

and understand that I am here to support

you your job is to stand strong with the

strength I give you instead of giving


fear keep moving forward While I Work

behind the scenes to make the miracle

you’re hoping for

happen remember I am here to protect and


you when you’re feeling feeling unsure

and full of Doubt don’t be afraid to ask

for help and

guidance it’s okay to lean on someone

else when things get

tough you’re brave but that doesn’t mean

you have to face everything

alone you need

support if you keep pushing forward on

your own you might end up feeling

exhausted and when you’re tired it’s

easier for your enemies to take

advantage of

you if you start feeling worn out you

might be tempted to skip out on

prayer but don’t let yourself get

distracted from what’s

important if you lose focus you could

end up stumbling in giving your enemies

the chance to

strike they want to stop you from

reaching your goals and fulfilling your

purpose but don’t give

up you’re strong and resilient and they

can’t bring you

down you and your family are meant to do

well in this world blessed with many

good things and always surrounded by my

presence your worries are important to

me and I care about how you

feel I give you peace that goes beyond

anything you can find here on

Earth I see that you rely on me and I

appreciate your

ocean get ready for the amazing things I

have in store for

you you believe that nothing is

impossible and that’s

great keep holding on to your faith

until the miracle you’ve been hoping for

happens I know you’re going through

tough times but I promise to help you

out just remember there are forces

working against your blessings so keep

praying and stay strong in your

faith my child listen up because I’ve

got the key to setting you

free trust me and be patient because I

promise something amazing is coming your

way at just the right

time take my hand and will achieve

things you never even dreamed

of Don’t Be Afraid have faith in me it’s

like a Guiding Light leading us to


possibilities tell me all your deepest

troubles I can see they’re weighing you

down don’t keep them hidden they’re like

a ticking Time Bomb ready to explode and


everything give them to me and I’ll make

sure they’re gone for

good don’t dwell on those troubles today

is the day you rise above all the

negativity trying to bring you

down those people people pretending to

care about you they’re just trying to

bring you

down they’re jealous of your dreams they

want to crush your spirit and take

everything you

have but don’t worry I’m here to help

you see through their lies and break

free from their

hold you can break free from all that

negativity with my

help embrace my guidance and will rise

above the darkness

together they want to plant harsh truths

deep within

you but now is the time to step away cut

ties with the

darkness I sacrificed myself on the

cross to forgive your

sins keeping secrets will only bring you


spiritually hiding things will only keep

you stuck and feeling lost steering you

away from a fulfilling and peaceful

life that’s not what I want for

you I came so you could live a life full

of Happiness free from grudges

bitterness and

negativity your mind will be clear free

from unnecessary fears and constant

worry take off your shoes because the

ground you’re on is

Holy you can’t reach the promised land

if you’re weighed down by hid

truths come forward and let go of your

burdens I’m waiting for you to be brave

and open

up I’ll trade your shame for my pure

love today you’re closer to me than

ever even if you’ve tried to hide I’m

here my presence is everywhere always

reminding you of my promise no matter

where you

go believe believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type

and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you Heavenly

Father for those who hold God close to

their hearts express your love with the

words I really love you

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$ as a sign of your faith and

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righteousness because in Repentance

comes forgiveness and

salvation today is the day you break

free from the darkness that’s been

holding you

back take this moment to declare your

faith and

acceptance even when things get tough

remember that better days are just

around the

corner and every blessing you receive is

a sign of my love and

protection in the spiritual realm

there’s a battle going on that we can’t

see but don’t worry I’ve got your back

through it

all your ability to overcome challenges

depends on your faith perseverance and

dedication to

prayer stay connected to me because

that’s where your strength

lies as things change around you I need

strong Warriors like you who can stand

up to any

challenge keep praying because your

prayers have the power to change

lives hey there listen

up I’m here to work some magic through

you sending blessings to those who could

use a helping hand with food clothes

Comfort healing and a little extra

luck when you show kindness to others

you’ll see good things coming right back


you so get ready for some Miracles and

ditch any doubts you may

have it’s time to embrace the good stuff

and feel my presence around

you keep your faith strong and don’t

brush off my gentle nudges instead lean

into my I love that you know so

well don’t worry if your prayers don’t

seem to be answered right

away I’ve got a plan that’s way bigger

than you can

imagine ignore the haters who are just

waiting for you to slip up they’re not

worth your

time you’re focused on bigger things

like reaching for the

Stars let those negative Vibes pass you

by while you stay connected connected to

me through

prayer I’ll always be there for you no

doubt about

it and for those who try to bring you

down just wait and see they’ll come

around when they realize they’ve been


out you’ve got a special blessing coming

your way and if it hasn’t shown up yet

it’s just because I’m getting you ready

for something

amazing so keep the faith and stay

strong good things are on the

horizon having a strong Foundation is

crucial for

Success without it we may struggle to

appreciate the blessings in our

lives when we have abundance without a

solid base it can lead to arrogance and

make us vulnerable to our

enemies that’s why it’s important to

build resilience courage and a

commitment to our values


drawing strength from wisdom and

Prudence will help us stay

grounded don’t let negative people bring

you down or doubt your

worth every day is a mental battle but

I’ll be here to support you we’re in

this journey together facing challenges

and chasing dreams day and

night keep the faith and hold on to

Hope accept my love and recognize your


value putting yourself down hurts me

too despite setbacks you will

overcome trust in my love even when you


unsure I’ll never abandon

you this message is for my

Warriors if you feel like one of them


up don’t ignore my advice or let

obstacles like gauge health or money

hold you

back for those Warriors who trust in me

I’ll clear the way and reveal amazing

opportunities you are my chosen

ones listen up because I’ve got your

back when things get tough hold on to

the hope I’m giving

you trust in my promises because I’m

here to guide you and bring you


right now you need to be strong have

faith and stay

determined don’t back down when faced

with challenges like money problems

health issues or family

trauma if you follow my lead I’ll help

you find solutions to your

problems when I talk about perseverance

and staying strong I mean you’ll be able

to overcome any obstacles that come your


way your happiness and success are in my

hands each time you face a trial you’ll

come out

stronger face your enemies with

confidence knowing that I’ll come

through for you when you need it

most watch as your enemies run away when

they see your unwavering

Spirit today I am giving you a special

sword that carries the power of my words

when you speak with wisdom obedience and

Faith remember that you are a leader and

I am here to support you in facing your

fears you are a brave warrior in my

eyes take the hand of your loved ones

and move forward with confidence and

positivity towards your

blessings trust me with your problems

and have faith that I will help you

through the toughest times

let me handle things for you instead of

trying to figure it out on your

own when you feel overwhelmed find

comfort in my

presence I will touch your head gently

bringing you peace and filling you with

hope and

calmness you will show patience

stability confidence and courage showing

your enemies that you are strong and

unbeatable my spirit is your saith Haven


salvation by opening your heart to me

rejecting negativity following my

guidance and allowing me to change you

you will be ready to face any challenge

with bravy and

strength let go of your shyness and

embrace the champion within

you you are strong and full of Faith

ready to conquer any challenge that

comes your way

start your journey today with confidence

knowing that Victory is already

yours hold on to my words and believe in


wholeheartedly focus on the prize ahead

and unleash your talents with

passion remember you are not seeking

approval from others but rather striving

for personal

growth your struggle is real and

meaningful not just a

Daydream take this message to heart and

move forward While others remain stuck

in their own

obstacles Stand Tall in the face of

adversity armed with determination and a

clear goal in

mind your Victory is inevitable so keep

pushing forward and never give

up plant your flag in conquered

territory and keep moving towards your


success I’m here to help you face your

challenges headon without any

fear I’ll Stand By Your Side giving you

my unwavering support and

protection your victories aren’t just

because of your hard work I’ve been

there to help you overcome obstacles

time and time

again whenever you’ve needed me during

tough times I’ve been there to lift you

up believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type

and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you God for those who hold

God close to their hearts express your

love with the words I really love you

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