my beloved child when you wake up

my beloved child when you wake up

tomorrow you’ll be completely different

enjoy this soft emotion as it grows

stronger with each passing moment making

your peace bigger your whole being is

changing an emotion of awe and Delight

that is uplifting and healing that never

goes away it is Supernatural beyond

words experience through your senses an

ineffable feeling that wraps around you

and changes you my power is shown not

only in your feelings but also in your

character and actions you’re no longer a

dry tree a flower without scent or a

river without water your mood swings

will end and your life will no longer be

defined by

mistakes my glory surrounds you

comforting and teaching you come to me

in prayer with open hands and faith I

want to to bless you with my power

believe in me today and promise to fight

until the end to see this through to the

end help other people with this courage

but most of all hold yourself in high

regard because it makes me happy read

this message three more times and you’ll

understand the Deep truth that will

supernaturally change your life and

future listen and get ready to conquer I

love you and always will I want you to

know that my love for you has no limits

every day I show you my love in a

million different ways as you go through

life remember that you are with me and

that your place in my heart is safe you

and your loved ones are important to me

both here on Earth and in the stars

above the people who accept my message

will feel my strength shine brightly and

their spirits will be lifted and they

will receive many blessings every home

that welcomes me will be filled with the

Divine Light of my

presence wishing you blessings today and

always I want to break the chains that

hold you back and give you freedom and

peace my kindness will make your deepest

desires come true I am determined to get

rid of any problems that are getting in

your way which will boost your efforts I

am by your side helping your dreams come

true I wish you and your family

blessings health and NeverEnding

happiness there will be problems and

some people may try to steer you off

track they may want you to fail and give

up but remember that no one can change

your Victory or God’s favor I see the

problems you’re having and I promise you

that you will get through them trust me

and let your faith guide you as you show

your loved ones love and care remember

their strengths talents and the good

they do your words will give them the

energy they need every day also accept

their differences each person you care

about has unique gifts waiting to be

discovered don’t underestimate their

potential potential see them through my

eyes everyone has a purpose even as they

deal with problems bad habits and

mistakes remember your own journey and

the progress you’ve made even though I

know your weaknesses and secrets my love

for you grows stronger I’ve never left

you and I don’t hold your mistakes

against you please do the same for

others many people didn’t think you’d

get as far as you have today I’ve helped

you get rich

and you’ve been determined every step of

the way now I want you to help everyone

around you including family and friends

who live far away be their Rock giving

them blessings prayers and support and

encourage them to keep going when things

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