God Says: Ignore If You Hate Me, Child | Jesus Affirmations | God Message Today

beloved child I’m with you and I love

you everything that happens in your life

will take time and you need to stay true

to yourself don’t forget that I am here

for you and will protect your faith

everything that is happening right now

has a reason for happening even if you

can’t see it right now at the end of it

all when you enjoy the benefits I’ve

planned for you you’ll know how

important it was to believe trust be

patient and wait I understand how you

feel I know your heart very well and you

couldn’t hide anything from me even if

you tried you are aware that you can

come to me at any time without any doubt

you can tell me about your problems and

how you feel because I always care about

you and your needs this is how things

have always been I saved you and gave

you a new life so how could you ever

think you’re not important to me you

already know that love and understanding

are hard to find in this world still you

have everything you need here with me to

quench your thirst for peace fill your

days with my love and warm your heart

with the strong emotion that comes from

knowing you are loved beyond measure

because I love you and that love has

stayed with you even when you’ve had

doubts and problems my love for you has

never changed I loved you I love you and

I always will stop putting your trust in

people who betray you you showing love

to people who don’t deserve it and

giving priority to people who have made


cry they don’t deserve it do not push

people who have hurt you to the

Forefront of your life no matter what

happens because you know that I will not

let your downfall or shame happen pick

your friends carefully and don’t pay

attention to those who want to bring you

down or steal your faith people like you

can get tired in this world your body

soul and mind can all get tired even my

devoted servants who lived holy lives

got tired and made mistakes they

honestly admitted their sins came back

to this altar of forgiveness and got up

to face problems without giving up come

to me right now if you are tired if you

think you have failed if you think your

words have gone too far if you have hurt

someone without meaning to or if you are

stuck in a bad mental or physical habit

come to me if you really love me and

believe I’m here to help you I kiss your

lips wash your heart clean and forgive

you don’t go back to the same sins I am

renewing your spirit and your resolve

you will rise like a champion and let go

of your guilt and sad feelings if you

have to remember something think about

the good times and the things you did

well in the past you will win again just

like you have shown faith and won before

I want to encourage you to face life

with strong faith and determination

consider this a warm hug spend time with

my word come every day to listen open

your Bible and let its wisdom feed your

spirit do not pay attention to people

who try to control your life with false

prophecies or threats by surprising you

with what seems like big

Revelations if you ever feel doubt my

holy spirit will come to your Aid again

and comfort you at any time he will open

your eyes and whisper in your ear that

your heavenly father is protecting you

and that no one can beat you say it out

loud my heavenly father is with me no

enemy has power over me watch what you

say don’t say bad things about other

people and don’t spread slander or false

news don’t hurt people who are loyal to

you and don’t lie to people who trust

you should you have stumbled in this

area come to me I will forgive your

mistake isn’t clean your heart every

morning pray to me I want to free your

soul from guilt and regret I died on the

cross and rose from the dead so that you

could be free from all mental and

spiritual pain I answered you from the

very first day you came to me Laden with

sorrow placing your great need at my

feet I know how you are I know what you

feel but very soon Everything Will

Change prepare for happiness open your

arms and accept what I send you for it

will always be for your good to bring

you abundance shelter and sustenance

health and peace joy and confidence are

knocking at your door open it now teach

those you love to trust in me and

believe in my word these are two

beautiful fruits that demonstrate

devotion and Faith to me success is not

measured by material possessions

popularity or Earthly Glory don’t waste

your time chasing those things my

presence dwells with those who truly

seek me and I will bring true abundance

to those who are not distracted Ed by

vain goals the heavens and the fullness

thereof are mine the world and all who

dwell in it I am the king of glory how

many times have I commanded you to love

me seek me with all your might use your

blessings wisely and always bless those

in need do it and I will open the

windows of Heaven for you I have blessed

you abundantly and will bless you even

more my plans are not your plans my

thoughts are not your thoughts I can

rejuvenate your ideas and strengthen

your body multiply your Harvest and open

new doors for you days are coming when

you will experience such beauty and

travel to places you never imagined you

will receive abundance and be a blessing

to people you never thought of at that

moment you will understand that my power

does not reside in those who boast and

seek to humiliate others with

possessions fame or human titles

but in those who know and understand

that all have sinned all have made

mistakes and all need a chance to rise

up the changes I’m bringing into your

life are not meant to cause you pain I

do it because I love you I’m preparing

you training you to be ready for any

challenge without fear of any enemy that

may seem greater than you I want you to

learn to wait I can give you patience

but I want you to personally feel that

satisfaction that fills you when you

choose to ignore fear and trust in me

feel how your vessel fills with living

water enjoy the warmth of the Holy oil

poured over your head breathe in the

aroma of The Damp Earth a rain of

blessings is coming the Time of Your

Divine Harvest has arrived but wait

patiently if the days seem long let me

speak to your heart instead of thinking

about so many things that drain your

energy think about the life you can live

embraced by my love I want you to enjoy

your days instead of walking in agony

while I make the necessary changes and

perform the Miracles you await with such

devotion don’t sit idly stand up and

take big Steps of Faith like a little

child just learning to walk I say to you

with affection come here in my hands I

have sweet blessings I want to give you

a rain of happiness is about to pour

into your life your dreams will come

back to life you will be delighted to

see the beautiful Harvest that’s coming

the contempt and selfishness of some

people around you will change I will

transform them I will supernaturally

intervene in their lives and they will

recognize their flaws and seek me

sincerely come and sit with me by this

River of crystal clear waters every

morning here you will be shephered

nourished with sound words and find

Serenity in this pool of Tranquility

your soul will be comforted your path

straightened and you will never deep

rate from your Divine Purpose with my

help and your faith you will reach your

destination in my time not too early or

too late you will see your long-held

dreams come true my presence is with you

my grace accompanies you I will rescue

you from your trulies because you have

acknowledged your need but never stop

praying I will multiply what you have

and give you much more you are a good

tree and your fruits are blessings

understand it believe it accept it I

always want to do great things with you

tell me that you believe in me with all

your heart share this video with your

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