God Says: Ignore If You Hate Me, Child | God Message

beloved child take a deep breath and

enjoy the new courage I give you today

take hold of my love and let it grow

inside you then watch as it turns into

victories and leads you from one Victory

to the next in the void of time and

space my heart longs for yours with an

unwavering desire I want to give you a

love that has no limits and goes beyond

what people can understand think about

what would happen if you accepted this

love that I offer and spread it to every

part of your life what if you tried to

show each other the same boundless

kindness patience and forgiveness that I

have imagine a world where everyone was

filled with grace and mercy and where

kindness and generosity were freely

given as life’s Storms Come and Go I

will always be there for you a beacon of

love no matter what happens I will

always be committed to you follow my

every move as the best example you can

don’t expect to be perfect overnight but

work every day to become more like the

love I offer believe that my love has

the power to change things let it change

your lives by adding patience kindness

and forgiveness to what you do just like

a single candle can light up a dark room

let my love shine in your hearts and

make the lives of those around you

better your prayers like fragrant

decorations make your room look nice

weaving a tapestry of devotion that

takes away your worries about the

outside world I take in every word every

plea and every whisper with an infinite

amount of kindness and compassion let my

love grow inside you it will give you

the strength to get through life’s

challenges my love wraps around you

taking away your fear and wrapping you

in warmth as you rest and Rise trust

that my love is always with you a

comforting whisper in the depths of your

being let this love be your base your

source of happiness and your constant

support as you go through the ups and

downs of Life dear ones your path to

show how much I love you is a path of

growth Come Along on this journey with

an open mind because even a small Act of

Love or kindness can mean a lot to

someone else I want you to help me make

a community where my love grows and

where kindness and understanding are

common your commitment to spreading

these messages of love and understanding

shows that the world can change for the

better May these thoughts bring you

comfort and inspiration and always

remember that I am here with you helping

you become more like the love that comes

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