God Says: Ignore If You Don’t Need Me |

my beloved child today I want you to

know that every morning is a fresh start

don’t let the weight of yesterday’s

failures and disappointments burden your

soul begin each day a new with a heart

eager to please me and walk in my ways

focus on today for in doing so you allow

me to transform you little by little

remember this is a lifelong journey

filled with both challenges and pain

pain but it’s also a journey brimming

with joy and peace because I am with you

every step of the

way as you walk this path notice that

you are continually being

renewed this isn’t something you can

achieve through your own effort and

willpower alone my spirit is the one

responsible for your renewal dwelling

within you and guiding your growth in

Grace so do not be discouraged when you

encounter problems and pain along the

way these struggles are integral to your

renewal process have the courage to

thank me even during painful experiences

for I hold you firmly by your right hand

preparing you for the glory that awaits

you don’t be afraid to experience

happiness because you are mine you can

expect moments of Joy even in this

broken World sometimes anxiety may try

to steal your Carefree moments making

you feel like you need to plan and worry

about the future dear child it’s okay to

let down your guard and embrace

happiness in the present moment let go

relax and know that I am God you don’t

need to have everything figured out

before you can enjoy my presence this

very moment right now is the perfect

time to find joy in me so boldly enter

into my presence and say Jesus I choose

to enjoy you here and now hope in what

you cannot see and eagerly wait for it


perseverance while sight is a precious

sense hope is an even more valuable form

of vision it allows you to see through

the the eyes of your heart things that

are yet to come think of the most

magnificent hope of all the hope of

heaven where you will share in my glory

its promise is secure through my

finished work on the cross and my

resurrection practice hoping for things

you cannot see both for this life and

the next ask me to guide you toward

hopes and dreams aligned with my will

train the eyes of your heart to see

these blessings while you pray for my

will to be fully and solely done

discipline yourself to wait eagerly

keeping your focus on me and the outcome

you long for remain hopeful and

expectant as you persevere be of good

courage for I will strengthen your heart

I desire for my children to be brave not

cowardly escaping difficulties and

seeking an easier way out often stems

from self-pity and a sense of

entitlement but remember I am Sovereign

over your life and even your challenging

circumstances hold value so summon the

courage to embrace your life trusting

that I am in control and with you in

your struggles approach me with a

courageous heart filled with hope and I

will bless you in numerous ways share

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