God Says: Ignore If You Don’t Need Me | Jesus Affirmations

my beloved child in your glorified State

you will never need sleep for your

Celestial form will overflow with

Boundless Energy fatigue a constant

companion in your Earthly Journey

especially amid the ravages of age and

infirmity will have no place in Heaven’s

realm sleep will be unnecessary Heaven’s

resplendant Glory light is Flawless and

unblemished free from all obscurity sin

will be absent there concealing nothing

your vision liberated from the

limitations of Earthly sight will

perceive with unprecedented Clarity

colors will Dazzle faces will exude

vibrancy you will gaze unwaveringly into

my countenance your experience will

transcend even that of Moses who could

only catch a glimpse of my glory from

the Cliff of a rock as I passed by but

you dear one will know no such

constraints in heaven you will behold me

face to face immersed in the fullness of

my glory I am the embodiment of Truth

unchanging Transcendent truth many

believe that truth is a shifting concept

subject to circumstance person or the

whims of the day but only absolute truth

can provide a stable Foundation For Your

Existence all else is like shifting

Sands in my Flawless truth all the

treasures of wisdom and knowledge are

hidden your relationship with me is the

source of all your needs I provide the

foundation on which to build your life

and I am life itself so the closer you

draw to me the more alive you will feel

many Souls grapple with questions of

identity yearning to unearth their true

Essence and purpose but the more deeply

you come to know me the truth the more

intimately you will understand yourself

and the purpose of your your life so

strive to know me as I truly am and be

ready to testify to others about the

Savior God who redeemed you and set you

free I am a shield to all who take

refuge in me on some days you may keenly

sense your need for my protective

presence while on others you may remain

oblivious to the danger surrounding you

but I am always near vigilantly watching

over you I find immense joy in being

your protector and you can always find

Sanctuary within me one of the most

effective ways to designate me as your

Refuge is to devote focused time to me

and pour out your heart before me share

your wounds with me the injustices done

to you the hurtful words spoken about

you trust that I care for you and desire

to heal your wounds remember I have a

perfect understanding of every

circumstance untainted by rumors and

half-truths this complete understanding

is crucial for your healing as well as

for your ability to forgive those who

have wronged you forgiveness is often a

gradual process persevere until you find

Freedom rejoice in me dear one for I

came to set you free I am the one and

only who came from the father full of

grace and truth I descended from the

Heavenly Realms and returned there for I

am God the second person of the Trinity

I entered your world to provide a

pathway for you to Forge an enduring

Eternal relationship with your father

God many claim that there are various

paths to God but this is false I am the

way the truth and the life no one can

approach the father except through me

you beloved are secure in my grace for

you have entrusted your salvation to me

through my sacrificial death on the

cross so do not fear failure or falling

short of expectations I your your savior

hold you securely for I’m both faithful

and sufficient despite the turmoil of

this world you can find peace in me I

have conquered the world do not worry

about tomorrow this is a loving command

born of a deep understanding of human

Frailty I know that you are but dust

mortal and finite this command is not

meant to burden or condemn you it aims

to free you from the anxieties of the

world just before giving this directive

to my disciples I explained how to

attain such Liberation remember that

your heavenly father knows your every

need as you prioritize his kingdom and

righteousness Above All Else your

perspective will change Earthly Pursuits

will yield to unseen Eternal realities

the advancement of my kingdom so invest

more of your time and energy in

cultivating your relationship with me

seeking not only my presence but also my

will be ready to follow follow wherever

I lead you I will guide you on

extraordinary paths infusing your life

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