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my beloved child I incorporate the

prayers of Believers into my sovereign

governance of your world in ways far too

intricate for finite Minds to comprehend

bear in mind for as the heavens are

higher than the earth so are my ways

higher than your ways and my thoughts

than your thoughts given that my methods

of working in the world often appear

enigmatic it is crucial to carve out

moments of Stillness and acknowledge

that I am God sit quietly in my presence

inhale my peace and I shall Grant you

rest embrace the strength of my glory

when you find yourself grappling with

enduring unrelenting challenges resist

the temptation to Grimace and merely

bide your time in a gloomy disposition

such passivity and negativity are not

the response I desire from you recognize

that I hold sovereignty over the

circumstance ances of your life and

therein lie opportunities of Plenty do

not mimic the man who buried his

master’s Talent out of disgruntlement

with his

circumstances he surrendered and chose

the path of least resistance placing

blame on his difficult situation rather

than seizing the opportunity within

it understand that the more arduous your

circumstances the greater the potential

for growth I willingly bestow upon you

you the strength of my glory it is

profoundly potent for it is the spirit

himself who empowers you infusing

strength into your innermost being

moreover my boundless Glory strength

equips you to persevere through the

seemingly insurmountable this reservoir

of power is so vast that it overflows

into Joy apart from me you can

accomplish nothing on days when the task

before you seems overwhelming bear in

mind that I am with you ready to assist

take a moment to bask in my loving

presence whisper surely the Lord is in

this place and relax knowing that you

are not meant to be

self-sufficient I designed you to

require me to depend on me approach me

as you are without shame or pretense

engage me in conversations about the

challenges that Loom ahead and the

inadequacy you feel implore me to

illuminate the way forward instead of

rushing ahead take small stepss in trust

while staying in communion with me I am

the vine and you are a branch of my

existence as you connect to me my life

flows through you enabling you to Bear

abundant fruit do not concern yourself

with achieving worldly success bearing

fruit in my kingdom means carrying out

the good works I ordained for you long

ago therefore live closely to me

prepared to carry out my will and I

shall unveil the path before you if you

wholeheartedly Embrace this belief you

can bask in the knowledge that every day

of your life is a day worth rejoicing

disregard the labors of a bad day even

when you grapple with profound struggles

your circumstances May indeed be arduous

yet I am by your side holding your right

hand goodness can be found in each day

every day due to my unwavering presence

and enduring love material wealth May

evade You by worldly standards

but my unwavering love is immeasurable

it provides you Refuge under the shelter

of my wings no matter the tumultuous

world around you it grants you access to

the river of my Delights when the world

seems devoid of Joy turn to me and drink

deeply from this enchanting River my

loving presence I am your ultimate Joy I

extend to you an invitation to behold my

Splendor and seek me increasingly this

is an invitation brimming with delight

you may May Glimpse my loveliness and

the wonders of nature yet those are but

feeble Reflections of My boundless Glory

the grandest revelations await you when

in the Hereafter You Shall Behold me

face to face in the realm of Heaven for

now the privilege of gazing upon my

beauty requires steadfast focus on my

unseen presence through prayer and

contemplation of my word the core of

your quest to find me is the constant

awareness that I am forever ever with

you I am always attuned to your every

moment training you to become

increasingly conscious of my presence

scatter reminders of my nearness

throughout your home car and workplace

whisper my name to yourself as a

reminder of my proximity sing praises

unto me read or recite passages from

scripture aloud seek companions who

share your fervor for knowing me more

deeply and embark on this glorious Quest

together pursue me earnestly considering

me an indispensable necessity and seek

me with all your heart fix your gaze not

on the visible but on the invisible you

expend an excessive amount of time and

mental energy pondering trivial matters

superficial concerns devoid of value in

My Kingdom The Gift of Sight is a Marvel

granted by me yet it can become a snare

if misused you have access to mirrors

that reflect your image with disquieting


coupled with media’s portrayal of

flawlessness this can tempt you to

obsess over your appearance the same

holds true for your possessions and

familial ties such preoccupations divert

your focus from the sole enriching joys

of knowing me in seeking me you Revel in

the company of the only perfect being to

ever exist however my perfection does

not lie in outward appearance but in my

Divine sinless character I am the one

who loves loves you with a love that

never falters and bestows upon you

perfect peace therefore refrain from

squandering your thoughts on

trivialities redirect your focus to me

and receive my peace know this my child

I affirm you as you are mine adopted

into my royal family I regard you

through the lens of Grace I chose you

before the foundation of the world to be

holy and blameless in my sight I

acknowledge that you fall short of this

LOF standard in your daily life however

I perceive you as holy and blameless

because this is your Eternal position

within my kingdom while I may not

condone everything you do I certainly

approve of your authentic self the one I

meticulously designed I am aware of your

deep yearning for my affirmation and I

acknowledge the difficulty you face in

accepting it I implore you to adopt the

perspective of Grace in viewing yourself

and others through these lenses through

Grace R focus more on the good and the

right and less on the wrong learn to

collaborate with me and embrace my

transformative work in your life as I

mold you into my likeness with ever

increasing Radiance I not only approve

of you I take Delight in you persist in

dwelling in me rooted and built up in me

overflowing with gratitude D the

relationship you share with me is unlike

any other you abide in me and I dwell in

you you never Journey alone for I am

always at your side this unparalleled

connection with me provides an

unwavering foundation for your life I

encourage you to continue building upon

this Foundation living in constant

awareness of my presence gratitude

serves as one of the most crucial

building blocks for your existence the

more gratitude you incorporate into your

life the Richer your experience becomes

gratitude expands the capacity of your

heart to receive abundant Joy it equips

you to endure suffering without

descending into despair or

self-pity regardless of the

circumstances you can always give thanks

to me for your Eternal salvation and my

unwavering love these blessings remain

constant and unchanging other blessings

such as relationships finances or health

May fluctuate I urge you to count both

kinds of blessings until you overflow

with gratitude I am God and you are not

while this may sound Stern it is in

truth a blessed reality check in the

Garden of Eden Satan tempted Eve with

the very same desire that led to his

fall from Heaven to be like God

supplanting my Divine position Eve

yielded to this temptation as did Adam

since that fateful moment Human Nature

has been inclined to act as if they are

God striving to control every facet of

life and passing judgment when

circumstances fail to align with their

desires remembering that you are not God

liberates you you need not shoulder the

burden of matters beyond your control

which encompasses most

Matters by relinquishing everything not

within your purview you free yourself

from carrying needless burdens and

enhance your Effectiveness where you do

have influence furthermore you can

entrust your concerns to me

acknowledging my sovereignty presenting

your requests to me with Thanksgiving

share your prayers with me living in

this manner will shield you from anxiety

and bestow upon you a peace that

transcends comprehension joyfully thank

me for the Forgiveness of all your sins

past present and future known and

unknown forgiveness is your greatest

need and I have met this need perfectly

eternally I am the eternal life who is

with the father and revealed to you

through your faith in me as your savior

God you inherit everlasting life let

this astounding promise fill you with

joy and dispel any fear of the future

your future is radiant and secure an

inheritance that will never Decay spoil

or fade reserved for you in heaven share

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