my beloved child I want you to know that

I am always with you guiding your steps

and watching over

you even when life feels overwhelming

and you’re unsure of which way to turn

trust that I am by your side ready to

lead you on the right

path remember your faith is not just a

feeling it requires action when You Face

challenges and the enemy tries to

discourage you don’t just sit back and

let it happen

rise up and fight back take every

negative thought captive and replace it

with the truth of who you are in me you

are more than a conqueror through my

strength look to King David as an

example when he faced adversity and

everyone turned against him he didn’t

wallow in

self-pity instead he looked to me for

encouragement he sought my direction and

trusted that with my help he could

overcome any obstacle

that’s the kind of faith I want to see

in you I know it’s not always easy I

want you to glorify me through your

actions trust me above your feelings and

thoughts because I am the still Small

Voice that speaks truth in the midst of

your fears and pain I understand every

struggle you face because I’ve been

there myself but remember I conquered

death hell and the grave and I did it

all for you so rise up and pray pray

speak up declare your belief even when

you don’t feel like it when the enemy

comes at you with lies and temptations

respond with the truth of my

word you are a praiser a worshipper who

worships me in spirit and

truth even when your flesh is weak

choose to praise me

anyway I need you just as you are to

show the world my goodness and love let

them see the fruit of my spirit in your

life love joy peace patience kindness

goodness faithfulness gentleness and

self-control trust in me with all your

heart mind soul and strength don’t try

to figure everything out on your own

because my thoughts and ways are higher

than yours just as Jesus grew in wisdom

and stature finding favor with both God

and Men you too are growing and maturing

in your faith I created you you in my

image fearfully and wonderfully made I

know every detail about you down to the

number of hairs on your head when you

wake up each morning know that I am

singing over you filled with joy at the

sight of you set your Gaze on me and the

things of the spirit go out and help


today use the gifts I’ve given you to

bring people into my kingdom listen to

my voice with confidence and boldness

when you speak life and encouragement to

others know that it’s coming for me I’ve

made sure that the people you minister

to are ready to receive it I have set

you on high above every enemy and

obstacle ride the waves of my glory as

they flow through you Illuminating

everywhere you

go people will be touched by the

presence of my spirit in you know that I

love you deeply and need you to fulfill

my purposes on this Earth rise up in

Faith and Action trusting that I am with

you every step of the way together we

will accomplish great things for my

kingdom my dear child I see the passion

and desire burning within you to make a

positive difference in the lives of

others that yearning comes from me it’s

a calling I’ve placed on your heart but

I know you may be unsure wondering if

it’s truly my voice guiding you or just

your own thoughts and

inclinations let me reassure you when

you feel compelled to help serve and

uplift those around you that is indeed

my spirit at work within you you don’t

need to wait for the perfect opportunity

or a dramatic sign from above to step

out in faith and obedience the time to

act is now right where you are with

whatever resources and abilities you


have for too long many of my people have

been spiritually lethargic and

disengaged they’ve been content to sit

on the sidelines leaving the work of

ministry to a select

few but that was never my plan I’ve

called each and every one of my children

to actively participate in advancing my

kingdom using the unique gifts talents

and spheres of influence I’ve entrusted

to them the task is too great for

pastors and leaders to shoulder alone it

requires the whole body working together


unity if you’ve been holding back

waiting for just the right moment or for

for everything to line up perfectly

before you step out hear my word today

the door of opportunity is already open

before you don’t let fear of failure or

rejection hold you back any longer trust

that as you move forward in obedience I

will equip you with everything you

need my grace is sufficient and my power

works best in weakness start right where

you are using what you already have in

your hands if you have a platform

whether large or small use it to share

words of truth and

encouragement if you have an idea take

action and pursue it don’t limit

yourself to methods and strategies

you’ve used in the past I’m always doing

a new thing be open to Fresh ways I want

to work in and through you in this

season it’s time to stop overthinking

everything and waiting for some elusive

perfect moment walking with me is about

Fai faith and obedience in the day today

not just in the big dramatic

experiences so focus on being faithful

with the seemingly small opportunities

in front of you as you prove faithful

with little I will entrust you with

more I know the journey hasn’t been easy

many of you have endured painful trials

and fierce spiritual attacks but I want

you to know that I have seen your

perseverance and your faithfulness in

the hard

times I’ve been refining you in the fire

purifying your faith and

character and now I’m calling you to

arise and step into the plans and

purposes I have for you in this new

season if you’re not sure what those

next steps are go back to the last thing

I instructed you to do pick up where you

left off and keep moving forward don’t

get paralyzed trying to figure out the

entire plan just focus on the next right

thing as I reveal it

I’ll guide you step by step as you trust

me I’m not trying to confuse you or make

things difficult I’m inviting you into a

journey of ever increasing faith and

intimacy with me remember your identity

and value are firmly rooted in my love


you nothing you do or don’t do can

change that but there are hurting people

all around you who desperately need to

know that

love people who are lost lost broken and

perishing without me I want to reach

them through you you may be the only

representative of my love that some will

ever encounter your words your acts of

kindness and generosity your willingness

to serve all of these can open a door

for my spirit to work in their lives you

are my hands and feet in the earth I’m

not asking you to be perfect just

available as you step out in obedience

I will give you the words to

say and show you how to

minister my life and hope to those

around you don’t let feelings or

circumstances dictate your obedience my

word calls you to walk by faith not by

sight there will be days when you don’t

feel like reaching out or serving but

that doesn’t change the assignment I’ve

given you be ruled by my spirit not your

emotions the needs are urgent the time

is short I’m inviting you to be part of

something bigger than yourself I’m

calling you to be my agent of

transformation right where I’ve placed

you the local church can’t do it all I’m

Awakening and mobilizing my people in

every sphere of

society as overwhelming as that may seem

remember that I will supply every

resource you need to fulfill the

assignments I give you when I guide I

also provide so don’t let fear or in

security hold you back trust me to equip

you and open the right doors as you step

out you are not alone I am with you and

for you and I will manifest my favor and

Power on your behalf as you obey resist

the urge to compare yourself to others

or create limitations in your mind based

on your perceived lack my ways are

higher than yours and I often use the

weak and unlikely to confound the strong


wise stay humble and teachable before

me be ready to embrace assignments that

stretch you beyond your comfort zone and

don’t lose sight of why you’re doing

this it’s all for my glory and the

advancement of my purposes in the earth

I want my love and truth to infiltrate

every sphere of society until the

knowledge of my glory covers the earth

as the waters cover the sea I have

chosen you and called you to be part of

that great

Mission so rise up my child

shake off discouragement and passivity

the season of waiting is over it’s time

to run your race with passion and

purpose I will lead you and Empower You

by my spirit I will open doors that no

one can shut and close doors that no one

can open trust the desires and burdens

I’ve placed in your heart and get moving

I’m counting on you and I’m with you

every step of the

way my dear child I am with you always

providing strength strength

encouragement resources guidance and

healing as you Faithfully go about the

work I’ve called you to

do I know you may have faced setbacks

discouragement or rejection but don’t

let that stop you remember you

ultimately serve me not other people the

time to act is now if you’ve been

waiting for a sign consider this message

that prompting I will orchestrate the

right circumstances and connections

needed to advance the Mission I’ve

entrusted to you dream big because I am

able to do far more than you can imagine

through my spirit that dwells within you

my resurrection power lives inside of

you so refuse to be held back by

sickness Brokenness timidity or

insecurity everything you need I’ve

already provided through the finished

work on the cross I am dispatching

angels to assist you and clear the path

for breakthroughs this is a Time of

freedom and bold action not waiting for

permission or direction from others as

helpful as spiritual leadership can

be you have my spirit to guide you if

you’re unsure of the next steps ask for

support from other believers But

ultimately you have my spirit to direct

you allow me to speak to you personally

and intimately I’m empowering you now

with fresh strength freedom from

depression addiction destructive

thoughts I’m releasing healing

Deliverance Abundant Life and

fruitfulness over you receive it by

faith my word that goes out will not

fail to produce results you already have

every spiritual blessing and provision

you need to advance in the assignment

I’ve given you everywhere you go my

kingdom is being established as you walk

in faithful obedience even in seemingly

small acts right now chains are breaking

and captives are being liberated today

is your day of Deliverance and Newfound

Freedom as you take that step of faith

in response to my

leading expect to see significant

breakthroughs for those wrestling with

major decisions you already know in your

heart what to do stop wavering in

indecision and move forward boldly I

will give you wisdom as you act in faith

I’m Sovereign and well able to direct

and correct your path I chose you and

predestined your steps Before Time began

you have no reason to be anxious I will

care for you just as I provide for the

birds and flowers I will supply your

needs as you simply do what I created

you to do don’t borrow worries from

tomorrow but trust me with

today I’ve equipped you with all you

need for this day and moment refuse to

waver in doubt but be confident in my

empowering presence my calling and

equipping in your life rise up with bold

Faith put your faith into action as you

step out in obedience to what I’ve

already shown you I will give you the

next steps and instructions needed you

have my word on this I will never fail

or abandon you I’m with you working

through you every step of this journey

your labor for me will never be in vain

fix your eyes on me listen to my voice

and move forward with joy ful

expectation I’m doing a new and profound

work in and through you in this season

receive it believe it and walk it out

boldly my faithful

child my dear child I want you to know

that I’m always with you guiding your

steps and supporting you in every

situation sometimes life can be

challenging and confusing but remember

that I have a plan for you even when

things don’t make sense trust that I’m

working behind the scenes means to bring

about good in your life I encourage you

to stay open to my leading even if it

means deviating from your own plans

don’t get so caught up in your own

agenda that you miss the opportunities I

place in your path be flexible and

willing to adapt knowing that I may have

something better in store for you than

what you had originally

envisioned remember life is so much more

fulfilling when you view yourself as my

representative sent on a special mission

I love you deeply and have gone before

you to prepare the way I’m behind you

supporting you every step of the journey

and I’ve made the Crooked places in your

life straight right now I’m speaking

healing and freedom over those of you

who are struggling with physical

ailments and mental strongholds if

you’re dealing with problems pain or any

other condition know that I am releasing

healing over you in this very moment for

those of you with physical problems I

encourage you to get up and move your

body as a sign of Faith dance praise and

celebrate knowing that my healing power

is flowing through you don’t wait until

you see the full manifestation of your

healing act in faith believing that I am

at work in your body take a cue from

King David who danced with all his might

before me not caring what others thought

be bold and unashamed in your worship

knowing that your praise is a powerful

weapon weapon against the enemy as you

step out in faith you’ll see my hand

move in your life in remarkable

ways wherever I’m sending you be the

change you want to see don’t wait for

someone else to take action embrace your

unique role in bringing about my

purposes on the

earth the world needs what you have to

offer so step out with courage and

conviction I know some of you may feel

timid afraid or shy as especially if

you’ve been wounded in the past when

trying to operate in your calling and

gifting maybe you’ve faced rejection or

persecution for standing up for what’s

right I want you to know that you are

deeply loved and accepted by me

opposition is often a sign that you’re

on the right track and that what you’re

doing is making a difference in the


realm I’m inviting you to pray and

believe for instant Miracles and

healings in your body

some of you will experience immediate

breakthroughs While others may walk

through a process of healing regardless

of how your healing

unfolds know that I am with you every

step of the way teaching you growing you

and revealing more of myself to

you it’s often in the midst of struggles

and suffering that you come to know me

in a deeper more intimate

way remember who I am your healer your

your provider your banner of Victory I

Am The Great I Am the Alpha and Omega

the beginning and the end and I am for

you cheering you on and Desiring your

success to those of you who have tried

and been knocked down I want to remind

you that the righteous may fall seven

times but they will keep getting back up

don’t let setbacks or failures

discourage you instead let them be

opportunities to lean into me and trust

in my my strength take comfort in

knowing that I am in control and that

when I am for you no one can stand

against you weapons may form against you

but they will not Prosper because you

are my chosen one as you go about your

day keep your heart open to my leading

listen for my still Small Voice and be

ready to minister to those around you as

I present

opportunities I hope this message has

sparked something fresh in you igniting

a passion to pursue all that I have for

you you have been called and activated

for such a time as this and I am with

you every step of the way please share

this encouragement with anyone who needs

a word of direction or Clarity you are

one of those called ones equipped and

anointed to make a difference in your

world thank you for your faithfulness

and dedication to me I love you more

than you can imagine and I am excited to

see all that we will accomplish together

as you step out in obedience and Faith

may my peace joy and strength be with

you always my beloved child when you

seow seeds of kindness and share your

resources you are participating in my

heart for the world I am a Giver by

nature and I have blessed you so that

you can be a blessing to others remember

the parable of the swer the farmer

scattered seeds and some fell on good

soil producing a Bountiful

harvest in the same way when you give

financially to those in need or to

further my kingdom work you are planting

seeds that will yield a rich crop now

giving is not just about a miraculous

return it’s an expression of your trust

in me as your provider when you open

your hands to give you are demonstrating

that you believe I will take care of

your needs you are showing that your

security is in me not in your bank

account or

possessions giving is also a way to

partner with me in meeting the needs of

others there are people all around you

who are struggling financially

emotionally and spiritually when you

give you are extending my love and

compassion to them in a tangible way you

are being my hands and feet showing them

that they are not alone and that there

is hope I know that giving can feel

risky at times especially when you’re

facing your own Financial

challenges but I want to encourage you

to step out in faith and trust me in

this area start by giving small amounts

consistently and watch How I multiply


seed as you prove faithful with little I

will entrust you with more remember your

giving doesn’t have to be limited to

finances Alone look for ways to be

generous with your time talents and

resources as well use your skills to to

bless others when you live with an open

heart and Open Hands you reflect my

generosity to the world around you you

become a Channel of my blessing and you

experience the joy and fulfillment that

comes from being aligned with my

purposes I also want to remind you that

giving is not about earning my favor I

love you

unconditionally regardless of how much


give giving is simply an outward

expression of the transformation

happening in your heart as you grow in

your relationship with

me as you step out in faith and

obedience in this area trust that I will

guide you and provide for you every step

of the way remember that I am your good

father who Delights in meeting your

needs and blessing you

abundantly I will never leave you or

forsake you and I will always be your

source of strength and provision so

today I encourage you to look for

opportunities to sew seeds of generosity

wherever I lead you whether it’s through

your finances your time or your talents

know that your giving makes a difference

don’t let fear hold you back from

experiencing the joy and freedom of a

generous life trust me follow my leading

and watch How I will use your giving to

impact lives and Advance my kingdom in

ways you never imagined amen

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