God Says: I will Smile If You Watch | God Message Today |

my beloved child I lead you through life

and when it’s over I’ll take you to

heaven dependence is part of what it

means to be human and I made you to

always need me enjoy being dependent on

me because it brings you closer to me

and lets you enjoy my presence I want to

talk to you more and more about

different parts of your life walk with

me with joy as you go on your journey do

not let evil take over instead use good

to beat it with scary news stories and

people calling evil good in good evil

the world may sometimes seem very dark

and hopeless the fact that people’s

hearts are broken makes me sad but it

doesn’t surprise me it is impossible for

people to do wrong things unless they

believe in me and are saved the way the
Light in the darkness

world is right now should not make you

sad instead I want you my followers to

be light in the darkness it’s more

important than ever to do good when bad

things seem to be winning you may have

to directly fight evil or promote

goodness depending on your gifts skills

and situation instead of complaining
Try making something good

about bad things try making something

good A lot of people pick and choose

what parts of themselves to pray for me

some people are afraid to talk to me

about traits they think are embarrassing

or shameful and others live with painful

emotions like loneliness fear

guilt and shame without getting help
Fear guilt and shame

many people forget that I’m here when

they are having a hard time my beloved

this is not how it should be there are

hurt parts of you that I want to get

better with some you’ve known them for

so long that they’re part of who you are

I want to free you but it takes time to

get out of these habits you can only

heal completely by putting them in my

loving presence over and over again
Rest in my presence

you’ll feel more and more of my joury

joy as you gain more freedom you who are

tired should come to me and rest in my

presence I’m always here for you and

ready to help but you forget about me

sometimes demands from other people can

take your attention away and their

expectations can feel heavy need help
Come to me

with those things when they get too much

come to me if you need help let me

know you can also talk to me about your

worries let my presence shine on them so

that you can see what to do next

this light will calm you down and make

you stronger reaching deep into your

soul let me heal you by being with you

and let my blessings flow freely into

you my beloved take some time to rest

with me and enjoy the peace I offer when
Bend to your will

things don’t go your way learn to be

happy every morning don’t set out to

make the world Bend to your will no

matter how big or small you’ll run into

something every day that doesn’t fit

with what you want making your life easy

or giving you everything you want is not

my job for you always trust me that’s

what I want you to learn it’s more

likely to make you angry if you insist

on having everything your way believe

that I am in charge of your life

remember that I am always with you and

being with me brings you a lot of

Happiness my face lights up with

happiness and that happiness Shines on

you I am the one who makes your path

safe including protection from worry and

excessive planning instead of constantly

looking into the unknown future try to

remain mindful of me as you journey

through each day keep communicating with

me allowing my guiding presence to keep

you on course I will go before you and

beside you removing obstacles from your

path trust me to make your path the very

best it can be I am a shield for all who

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