God Says: I Will Restore What You Have Lost | God Message


message my dearest

child today as you approach me with a

heart burdened by pain and uncertainty I

beckon you to come closer to kneel

before me in

sincerity let your tears fall freely for

in their dissent lies the release of


anguish and as they trickle down know

that they transform into Pearls of Joy

upon my sacred

altar type yes heavenly father if you

believe for in this moment you embrace

the depth of my love a love boundless

and eternal crafted solely for you my

affection for you knows no

bounds it is a love that stretches

Beyond Time In Space enduring forever

more With Every Beat of your heart I am

there Whispering words of comfort and

Solace believe in this love my child for

it holds the power to transform your

existence in the midst of life’s trials

and tribulations remember that you are


alone I stand beside you a pillar of

strength in the face of

adversity have faith in my divine power

for it is through this faith that

Miracles are

wrought type yes God if you

believe trust in the path that I have

laid before you for it leads to a


tomorrow the struggles you face are but

skirmishes in the grand Battle of

Life the spiritual realm is fraught with

conflict yet you possess the courage to

confront it

headon rise my Brave one type A in the

comments and don’t forget to share this

message with up to three people so that

God can help you and know that Victory

is within your

grasp if change is what you seek then

seize it with unwavering

determination I am here to guide you to

light the path

ahead surrender your burdens unto me and

watch as I turn Darkness into light

despair into hope

immerse yourself in my teachings for

within them lies the wisdom to navigate


complexities seek me in every moment and

you shall find me ready to bestow

blessings upon

blessings type

if you

believe your perseverance shall be

rewarded my

child the hardships you endure are but

stepping stone stones to a future filled

with abundance and

prosperity trust in my plan and

abundance shall overflow in your

life as you Traverse this journey remain

ever Vigilant attune to my voice amidst

the cacophony of the

world with eyes wide open and ears

attuned to my Whispers you shall

navigate the currents of life with Grace


Poise know that I am with you always my


child embrace my love and let it be the

guiding force in your life for with me

by your side you shall never

falter type to

airm amidst the multitudes you stand out

a beacon of unwavering devotion and

genuine love towards me your faith a

steadfast pillar remains un shaken even

in the face of Trials and

scarcity such profound commitment does

not go

unnoticed thus I shall Elevate you to

oversee Realms adorned with blessings

prosperity and true

wealth your resilience your refusal to

succumb to despair fills me with


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button my gaze is fixed upon you for you

dare to dream grander refusing to be

hindered by doubt or

fear embark on Ventures make plans for I

shall endow you with blessings that will

enable you to prosper

abundantly you shall not rely on loans

or debts but on the talents and Gifts

best bestowed upon you by my hand

today prepare to be astonished as events

unfold revealing the extent of my grace

enveloping and enriching your life let

my love Encompass you enveloping you in

Tranquility as you await my response

trust in me ceaselessly keeping your


fervent kype


affirm place these words by your bedside

and each morning rise with the Assurance

of imminent

blessings as night falls find solace in

the knowledge that you can rest

peacefully in my

presence I shall bestow upon you health

of spirit Body and Soul your table shall

be blessed the fruit of your labor

multiplied and your household surrounded


abundance embrace my promise for it is

steadfast and

true in this moment as you immerse

yourself in the words before you know

that a profound Serenity descends upon

your being It Is Not Mere chance or

happen stance that you find yourself

here reading these

lines Divine peace flows through the

very essence of your existence seeking

to embrace your soul in its tranquil

Embrace take this moment to surrender to

its gentle currents allowing them to

wash away the anxieties and worries that

may have clouded your

mind if you believe in God then like the

video and leave a heartfelt Amen in the

comments my child now as you stand on

the threshold of inner calm let us

embark on a journey of introspection and

understanding close your eyes if it

helps and breathe deeply drawing in the

essence of peace that surrounds you in

this Sacred Space of silence and

meditation let your thoughts settle like

Autumn Leaves drifting gently upon the

surface of your

Consciousness reflect upon the words

spoken for they carry a message of


significance know that the Divine seeks

to bless you not with material offerings

or Earthly Treasures but with something

far more precious the gift of your own

heart your loyalty and commitment are

the currency of this Divine exchange the

offerings that pave the path to True

fulfillment if within your heart there

lies a yearning to depart from the

confines of your current existence speak

it now for the Divine hears and

understands should the weight of sardon

suffering burden your soul embrace the

feeling power of these words allowing

them to suit the wounds that linger

within consider two the Dynamics of your


bonds are disputes and turmoil a

constant presence within the walls of

your home if so know that the Divine

offers you a way out a pathway to

Harmony and

Reconciliation let your actions speak

volumes as you prioritize the needs of

the Soul Over The Superficial

distractions of the material

world believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type

and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you Heavenly

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