God Says: I Will Punish Them, Who Ignore Me | Jesus Affirmations | God Message Today

beloved child let me shed some light on

your inner Strife your heart is empty

and it will get even bigger if you keep

ignoring my love that’s why you’re sad

and why you wake up in the middle of the

night with tears running down your

cheeks you want to be loved but you’re

looking in the wrong places know this I

love you more than anyone else in the

world I will give you peace love and

rest if you come to me

why are you still here do you really

want to keep giving your life and love

to people who hurt you so much will you

go through more pain before crying and

coming back to me even then I will

accept you because my love goes beyond

your mistakes and bad choices you don’t

have to wait for pain to get closer

before coming to me though you can come

to me now I will hold you gently to show

how much I love you come today I’m

waiting for you please don’t give up I

am here to help you today even before

you ask for it before you even opened

your mouth to beg me I was already

paying close attention don’t forget that

I love you and want to save you from

your problems I’m really proud of How

brave you are in the face of trouble I

beg you to keep believing that you are

being helped by a real trustworthy and

Powerful God please stay away from

people who make fun of you or say things

that make you sad

these people are not your friends they

have lost their faith and are jealous of

your future even though they can’t

accept it they know how much they love

and honor you I am your God the one who

fills your life with boundless Grace and

NeverEnding Mercy when you find yourself

in the depths of Despair I am the hand

that reaches out to lift you up in times

of pain I am your Solace your Refuge

your unwavering strength just like an

eagle I strengthen you and my Eternal

Word soothes the wounds of your heart I

have flung wide the doors to a

supernatural realm where you hold the

power to tread upon serpents and

scorpions and nothing absolutely nothing

can harm you these words I sent to you

today are a bomb of Peace a Beacon of

Hope dispelling your doubts and filling

your spirit with Tranquility I am your

ever watchful Guardian watching over

your very Soul especially in these times

when the world world’s challenges

besiege you daily Temptations lurk and

enemies seek to undermine you from every

corner there are moments when you feel

lost not knowing whom to trust anymore

friends may turn into foes and even your

own family may turn away when you need

them most but I am here always here my

love for you swells with each passing

day you must not anchor all your hopes

infallible human beings or fleeting

material possessions today I come to

reaffirm my eternal commitment to you as

you Journey Through This World I am by

your side shouldering your burdens

pardoning your transgressions and

pouring out my Holy Spirit upon you

anyone who dares to harm you will face

defeat and those who lead you astray

shall be held to account many may

attempt to bring you down to cast a

shadow of Shame upon you driven by the

poison of Envy in their hearts but hear

this no one can sneak stat you from My

Embrace Lean on Me trust in the promises

I have written for you receive these

words as a Herald of my unfathomable

Mercy open your ears and allow my Divine

breath to transform your thoughts you

have many years ahead many important

missions to fulfill there exists a

sacred and marvelous purpose that

beckons you but your sustenance and

strength do not reside in this world or

in the people around you if you seek

profound and enduring blessings if you

yearn for a transformative life for you

and your family then look no further I

am your only option you are on the right

path keep forging ahead love me with

unwavering devotion let me take the

foremost place in your heart I desire to

be your priority and I ask for no more

than a few moments each day you have

been chosen and accepted through my

sacrifice and Resurrection I know your

you’re not without flaws but I have

covered you with my grace you are not a

wretched sinner wallowing in the M of

iniquity turn to my word when guidance

is sought consult your Bible when wisdom

is needed seek counsel from my servants

who guide you for I will speak to you in

many ways be attentive and you shall

find success you are well aware that I

have never promised an effortless

existence but responsibilities and

trials shall always be part of life

however there’s a marked difference when

someone like you places unwavering trust

in me I breathe life and joy into your

soul I bestow upon you a crown of

Victory I have seen you adorned in Robes

of white I grant you Authority skill and

courage to surmount a thousand obstacles

to cross a thousand borders to journey

to distant lands and display my Miracles

I Empower you to remain unshaken a

beacon of unwavering Faith Like a Rock

that stands firm

an example for those who falter those

who cling to their past and

underestimate the profound blessings I

am pouring upon them you have sought a

message that stirs your heart I must

speak to you about what you Harbor in

the deepest recesses the secrets you

believe no one else can see but rest

assured we both know if you feel this

message isn’t solely for you and sense

the name of someone who needs to hear

these words then extend it to them Act

act now be a savior of souls I bless

those who serve me with unwavering

dedication those who bear no shame in

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