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my child why are you allowing worries to

dominate your

thoughts have you permitted anxieties to

overshadow your faith in me causing

weakness and hopelessness to take root

in your

heart consider this has anyone ever

enhanced their life by constantly

worrying about the

future can Fring lead to a better

life dear child understand that I am

diligently working for your

well-being I am orchestrating events to

ensure your path is filled with Pleasant

experiences picture the wealth flowing

toward you like a steady

stream I comprehend the challenges you

face and I acknowledge that times can be

tough in those moments of weakness and

hopelessness remember that I will never

abandon you trust me for I Will Stand by

you through the fires and the waters

ensuring they do not overcome you I am

the Lord God and there is nothing too

hard for me I created the Earth

stretched out the heavens and ordained

all their

hosts before the mountains Rose and the

waters separated I was

God even though you may feel alone in

your struggles know that I am with you

and I will never stop loving you with an


love you are not neglected and I will

never leave you stranded or

helpless people will call you blessed

and favored for I will alleviate your

troubles and send helpers to your side

are tears flowing due to losses or

worries about unmet

goals are you feeling stagnant in life

know that I promise to restore what has

been lost to return your captives and to

replenish the years that seemed

wasted cease your crying for I will come

through for you I will fight on your

behalf and you won’t have to lift a

finger do you comprehend the plans I

have for you they are good promising a

glorious end and a well-planned

future regardless of today’s challenge

is the glory of Tomorrow will surpass it

worrying distances you from me replacing

Faith with

fear I did not Grant you the spirit of

fear but of a sound

mind don’t let the fear of Tomorrow

alienate you from me for I have already

secured your

future all the storms you face are

merely attempts to instill fear and

doubt in

you yet I have commanded a peace that

surpasses understanding to be upon you

what worries you my

child is it a lack of promotion at work

career struggles marital challenges

financial crisis or the departure of

friends and

family are you sad about inconsistent

results concerned about your children

husband wife or

parents what whatever burdens your heart

speak to me I am here unchanging and

unwavering I promised never to leave nor

forsake you my words will be fulfilled

and I am here for

you speak to me and I will lift you from

your worries turning them into stepping

stones for your

promotion approach me with great

expectations and be

encouraged do not worry about tomorrow

for it will be

better I will pull you out of your

problems and erase the fear of what lies

ahead know this my child I love you

focus on me not your

worries if you believe in this message


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