God Says: I Will Leave If You Skip Me | God Message Today

please my dear child stop judging people

based only on how they look Instead try

to be wise and use your discernment to

do what is right I spoke these words in

the Holy areas of the Jerusalem Temple

teaching people that judgment can take

on the form of either virtue or vice my

audience was made up of people who had

judged me based on the letter of the law

alone without looking at the Spirit

behind it even though what they did was

wrong please know that not all judgments

are bad I strongly condemn judgments

that are too shallow self-righteous or

hypocritical I urge my disciples instead

to make moral judgments based on the

principles of biblical Truth at this

point in time of Tolerance there is a

lot of social pressure to avoid making

moral distinctions fear of being called

intolerant has effectively silenced many

people who have the sense to know what

is right and wrong I beg you to find the

strength to tell the truth with kindness

as I show you how to do it the smartest

way to get ready is to carefully read

the Bible and think about your own

thoughts along with sincerely asking my

spirit to send Divine love through your

words I also praise me for the great

help that my constant presence has been

in all situations and at all times it’s

appropriate to say this prayer thank you

Jesus for always being with me right now

rest assured that I have made a solemn

promise that is enough even if you don’t

always feel my presence trusting that I

will always be with you and following

your faith is an important part of your

Christian calling you can tell me your

deepest feelings thoughts problems and

joys continue to trust that I deeply

care about you and know that I hear all

of your prayers come to me with eager

anticipation always on the lookout for

the many ways I work in and through

through you let yourself be happy

knowing that you and I can achieve much

more than your wildest dreams in times

of weakness when you offer yourself up

to serve my Divine purposes my all

powerful power shines brightest it’s

important to remember that nothing is

impossible with me therefore don’t let

scary situations scare you thank you for

the comfort of my constant presence I’m

not only your brother but also someone

you can talk to you are being made more

like me because you are the firstborn of

many siblings this is an incredible

honor and blessing while some people are

lucky enough to have a loyal and helpful

older sibling you have an all powerful

older brother who always looks out for

your best interests there is no one not

even the most loyal family member or

friend who can always be there for you

but I will never leave your side I’m the

friend who stays close to you longer

than any family member you should never

take it for granted that I’ll always be

in your life remember all the time that

your true friend is also the King of

Kings If You Could See Me In all my

dazzling Glory you would understand why

John fell to the ground as if he were

dead when he saw me I am the Alpha and

the Omega I am the living one who be de

and will live forever please treat me

with respect because I am your savior

and God keep telling yourself that the

wonderful gift of Salvation is yours

forever and show your appreciation in

that way be aware that the choices you

make have huge effects on your life

beloved there is an important part of my

work that changes you that involves them

most of the decisions you make happen

alone in the Sacred Space of your heart

and mind keep this fact in mind though I

am Christ Living inside you I understand

every thought before it comes to life

and every choice before it is made being

aware that I know everything that is

going on inside you can keep you from

being careless and self-centered if you

want to please me the person who knows

you best let that desire change the way

you think and live it’s possible that

you thought many of your choices

wouldn’t matter but they do a seemingly

small Act of goodness you do today could

set you on the path to a huge success on

the other hand a choice that seems small

and not well thought out can lead to Big

failure or losses in the future what you

choose will have big effects on your

life but always remember that those who

belong to me are not judged I can see

all of your flaws and mistakes while

Still Loving You Very Much ask my spirit

to help you be honest and open with me

don’t feel bad about how much you need

me instead use it to grow a humble

dependence on me send out an invitation

for me to do my Divine will in your life

know this I’m the Potter and you are the

clay the weakness you bring to my

attention can be shaped by my hands and

it becomes the building blocks for my

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