God Says: I Will Leave Forever If You Skip | Jesus Affirmations | God Message Today

my beloved child to live close to me is

to catch a glimpse of Heaven A Taste of

the Divine I will say that it’s a

beautiful experience but I will also say

that it requires a level of dedication

that can be hard in the Psalms David

always thought of me you can do the same

thing you can seek my face and enjoy my

presence in your daily life you can find

the beauty in living with me by your

side just like he did this is the way of

life I want to teach you and it takes a

lot of hard work and determination to

get there I promise though that getting

close to me won’t take away from your

daily life instead it will bring them to

life do everything you do for me with me

through me and in me when you do simple

things for my sake they will shine with

the joy of my presence remember that

nothing in the world can ever separate

you from me we will all always be on

this beautiful journey together please

do not be scared for I am with you all

the way and will protect and lead you

fear can sometimes be a gentle way to

remind you to connect with me even if

you aren’t fully aware of my presence

when your anxiety starts to rise take a

moment to calm down and let the light of

my presence shine on you from the inside

out my love will keep you warm and that

cold hard fear will slowly go away say

yes to my love by telling me you trust

me and love me do not forget that I am

your guardian and guide I keep you safe

from more harm than you can imagine

protecting your Eternal Soul is the most

valuable thing I can do for you I will

take care of your soul because you

follow me and I will show you the way to

heaven I’ll be your guide all the way to

the end if your anxiety gets too much

come to me for comfort Comfort

compassion empathy help encouragement

reassurance urance and relief are all

words that can be used to describe

consolation I offer all of these things

to my beloved children but when you’re

stressed you might want to think about

yourself and your problems you might

feel farther away from me and more

anxious the more you do this please use

this pain as a sign to get closer to me

say my name out loud and let me join you

in your trouble look for my face and

find comfort in my kindness and

understanding please come to me for

support comfort and help I know what

you’re going through and how to help you

get through it now you can rest in my

loving company while you rest in my

loving presence take comfort in the fact

that I know all too well what you are

going through I’m always ready to help

you and give you strength there is no

problem too big for me to handle in

times of worry and fear remember that I

am the prince of peace and that my peace

is beyond all understanding that you can

always get it no matter what goes on

hide yourself in my peace and let it

calm your heart trust that I am in

charge and that my love for you will

never change when you don’t know what to

do come to me for advice and Direction

you can always count on me to show you

the right way to do things in everything

seek my will and I will show you the way

most of all remember that I love and

care for you very much I love you more

than anything else and it gives you

strength and comfort all the time trust

that my love will never fail you and let

it carry you through all of life’s

problems I will always be with you my

dear child if you trust me I will hold

you up with my right hand we will get

through anything together and nothing

will ever stop my love from being with

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