God Says: I Will Kill The Satan If You Watch | Jesus Affirmations | God Message Today

my beloved child I will take you to a

better place a higher spiritual level

where there are no fights or jealousy

and where true love still exists the

people there will value the skills and

Gifts I’ve given you and help you grow

and be

successful don’t be afraid of wealth

only people with bad hearts think of

money right away I’m talking about

happiness health provision peace and

along with your

family no debts and no

sadness I can see your miracle from here

it’s so big and beautiful that you will

realize all the pain you went through

was worth it your family will know you

were right they should have trusted the

God who loves them so much they will be

sorry they sinned against me when you

prayed for patience and strength and

they laughed at you because they thought

you were crazy or making a

mistake but they will ask you to forgive

them when they see how powerfully I

answered your prayer I chose you for a

special reason to be a real blessing to

your family and your

country I didn’t pick you to make you

rich and famous or to be like people who

waste their time trying to please others

and will do anything to get

praise you are not the same as them

don’t bend down to eat crumbs while they

look at you take a look you should be on

my Throne if you keep going and have

faith you will reach it and see all the

promises I made to you come true I will

do amazing things through you but don’t

expect anything in return be happy with

my love the peace I give you and the

fact that I am always with

you I will increase your faith and help

you even more so that you can

confidently receive receive and manage

this blessing that is about to come I

will transform your Affliction into

blessing your sadness into strength and

I will remove your pain healing your

heart with my love I I want you to feel

this tender Embrace wherever you are

even if you are busy and surrounded by

people take a few seconds and receive

this gift by faith it will bring calm to

your soul and peace to your

mind I give you the power to control

those roaring emotions that stir in your

head the news you receive alarms you

exhaust you and makes you feel weak but

my child believe me again I am here

nothing is happening your life continues

this too shall pass and your future is

sealed with a blessing from

above your blessing will not be depleted

by any enemy seeking to discourage you I

can turn every opposition into a

blessing every lack into abundance and

every illness in your family can be

healed I have the power and my eternal

desire is for you to receive all these

wonders I have been promising you I am

God not a mere human I do not lie my

purpose Remains the Same as it has been

since the beginning of time I have come

to save you to give you eternal life to

guide you on the right

path I am the way the truth your life I

am your solution and your way

out so I ask you with love to hold fast

to my promises to not divert your gaze

to the lies of this world it pleases me

to see you trust in me to see you pay no

attention to the threats posed by

provocators they want to steal your

peace fill your mind with anger and

confusion with false ideas and erroneous

feelings they want you to make mistakes

in your daily life to be filled with

guilt and ultimately to distance

yourself from the truth my love and my

presence so now you know their

intentions I know you love me and won’t

allow anyone to take you away from the

place where you are today surrounded by

affection and supreme love unparalleled

in your life you’ve endured much

solitude lack of tenderness but now I

embrace you console you with Divine

strength and encouragement because I

love you deeply my

child you were so frightened I heard

your cries for help you begged urgently

for my mighty hand to intervene

believing I was angry with you and

unwilling to assist I want you to

understand that you will always need me

even when everything is going well even

when Prosperity surrounds you you must

never forget this do not lower your

guard for for the enemy seeks to make

you neglectful to destroy your faith to

ruin your plans and wound your soul I

will help you in this matter you face

today it moves me to see you sad and

distressed and it is not my will for you

to live in torment I do not want you to

feel this

way so instead of dwelling on the same

thoughts over and over in your head stop

give me all your thoughts if defeat

crosses your mind don’t believe it it’s

impossible you will not be defeated

because you believe in the omnipotent

God if discouragement tugs at your heart

do not open its doors or you will make a

grave mistake one who believes in my

power and awaits my blessing cannot be

disheartened if the will to live slips

from your grasp use your faith you

believe and serve a mighty Sovereign God

he will ignite the fire of divine love

in your heart and fill you with a

wonderful desire to keep fighting hold

hold on to the promises I am giving you

grasp onto these words I am speaking to

you your enemies belittle you daily

shouting that you do not deserve life

but you should no longer listen to them

you should never think that your bad

mood is who you are and that no one can

change you everything is possible with

me I can turn rocks and stones into soft

Hearts people who used to only scream

will laugh like kids I’ll put hot coals

on their lips and their words will be as

sweet as honey that’s why I can change

you so your family can see that my power

is real the world will attack them

because of their faith and people will

tell them that I don’t exist and can’t

help them but believe now that my glory

will come to your home at night my

neighbors will be able to see my light

and angels will light up every room in

your house strange and Supernatural

things will happen in your home that

will Amaze

everyone a lot of people will come and

you will touch

them in answer to your prayer I will

personally heal the hurt raise the dead

and fix their problems your family is

having a spiritual Revival that means

the end times are near and many people

want to know the mysteries of my coming

but they don’t really want

me I will only show my love to people

who truly believe in me and are willing

to give up their souls follow my word

and even give up their lives for this

message and other people this is the

strong message I want to plant in you

right now pay close attention to where

you hear it and remember the time and

day take a deep breath and look out as

far as you can see toward the Horizon I

will use your life to bring my glory to

those far away places where people speak

languages you don’t understand but I

will touch you and my holy spirit will

show itself through you and your

family there is going to be a spiritual

Revolution and I have been with you as

you’ve gone through the valley of

Shadows do not be afraid for I am with

you no matter what problems you see or

how rough things are right now believe

what I’ve written without question this

year you will be blessed Prosper known

and respected if you act and fight and

don’t waver in your faith in the one who

died so you could

win hold on to me let go of thoughts of

being bad and accept my love and

forgiveness even if you feel unworthy or

think you don’t deserve so many good


I picked you to be a blessing to your

family now is the time to win and make

your life better than ever get rid of

any negative thoughts that are bothering

you put the old battles behind you and

start a new stage of Victory and renewal

this is where I change your life and

start a new story for you let me show

you a new way that will bring you

happiness and

knowledge I give you my love and peace

so that your mind and soul can be at

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