God Says- I Will Forgive All Your Sin | God message Today | god message for you today|

today I call upon you to reflect deeply within your soul as you hear these words allowing this message to become

ingrained in your very being trying times are Fading Into the past and better days lie

ahead the challenging moments you’ve endured are nearing their conclusion and you can trust that your heavenly Creator

will always Stand By Your Side guiding and supporting you life may bring trials

challenges and situations that dim the once bright flame of faith in your heart

however my fervent desire is for your faith to shine with fervor and compassion remember that your spirit

motivation and desire to live a fulfilling life are gifts bestowed upon you by the boundless love of your

creator it is time to return to the path of Hope nourishing your spirit with Divine promises and eternal

truths even as you walk through dark valleys fear no evil for the Creator

will always be with you guiding urging you to overcome obstacles protecting

your aspirations and helping you achieve your dreams this world is filled with

hardships but trust in the Creator for they have overcome pain and hold the keys to eternal life they want you to

live your life with great joy as your Victory one after another is their will

may your future be filled with success and blessing and may you never face defeat do not

forget these words for as you become happier and more blessed Envy may try to

witness your downfall it is a law of the supernatural life that the Creator is here to uplift those they love but

adversaries may arise to hate them because of their happiness and Faith fear not for no harm will befall you as

long as you walk in the Creator’s will Perfection is not demanded of you for

the Creator understands that you are human and you may falter sooner or later they only ask for your heart and

that your eyes remain fixed on their sacred word they also desire your loyalty you may seek and love the

Creator when things go well but even in times of adversity when things go arai

do not stop your journey in prayers keep walking and praying with unwavering Faith you may shed many tears whether it

rains or storms but persevere without faltering and the Creator will calm the storms and

silence the Seas they will command your conflicts to cease and address your problems however the Creator wishes to

see an unwavering attitude of loving and seeking them always giving them the first place in

all you do you will find that this faith will become a sword that conquers evil

overcomes your weaknesses and provides spiritual and Supernatural strength to help you

conquer Temptations fears problems and any challenges that come your way

before leaving your home bow your head for a few minutes dedicate your plans

and all your Affairs to the Creator and pray for your family speak

words of faith and peace Rejoice for the Creator is your Shepherd and you shall

not want you are their sons and daughters their beautiful little sheep

they will lead you to Lush pastures and Still Waters there will there be no more shouting or confusion in your home and

the conflicts that burden your heart will cease the Creator will remove Wicked

individuals those who steal love and Destroy peace from your household they will uproot all sin and wrongdoing

hiding in the corners seeking to corrupt your faith and happiness they will take away your

sorrow and you will see no misery or poverty at your table you will have bread in its due

season the Creator will open the windows of Heaven and blessings will re upon you bringing

more employment education and new growth opportunities the Creator will remove

bad habits and vices from your home that threaten your integrity and Faith you will walk together and they will hold

your hand firmly focus on the good pure and

marvelous things the Creator wants to bring into your life do not seek out negative friendships and do not return

to those who never rise from from the ground the Creator is your provider and

they can also bring you happiness therefore you do not need to seek acceptance or approval from others

just as the Creator does not seek permission from anyone to bless you you should not seek anyone else’s approval

to love and serve the Creator the answer is clear you can only find pure and

indestructible love in the Creator it Comforts and heals you they are the only

one in this universe who died and rose again for you you so you may have salvation and eternal

happiness ask the Creator now beloved for this love to be granted to you

forever the miracle you await will come and the matter that troubles you will be

resolved your prayer has been heard in the celestial throne and your answer will arrive soon but when you receive it

do not do as others do receiving what they asked for and forgetting who gave it to them the

Creator urges you to use these situations that you have suffered to bring wisdom to your heart now that you

see everything resolved prepare yourself for a life of gratitude and prayer every day it costs you nothing to open your

eyes and simply say thank you Creator the Creator is not asking for your

material possessions they do not want your offerings unless they come from your sincere and grateful spirit that is

how blessings truly multiply apply this in your life when you receive an answer to your prayer if

you forget the Creator who saved you and believe that you have achieved everything through your own strength

then be warned that your blessings will gradually wither away like a flower without water water your prayers with

praise bring Thanksgiving to the Creator’s Altar and value and appreciate

everything you receive even if it is something small although the Creator may

not give you exactly what you ask for you must understand that they always provide something much better the

Creator is your father and Creator they know what is best for your future your family your spiritual life and your

heart if you ask the Creator for Prosperity they will cancel your debts

be thankful now for you are living in Freedom perhaps at this moment you have

no money in your accounts but no one will come to your door to collect if you ask the Creator for

abundance they will provide employment and dignified work for everyone in your household do not complain for the

Creator is providing you with the means and the way to earn your bread do not be afraid for the Creator

will open doors for you go to the place they send you for there you shall prosper with your dedication and honor

the Creator desires to pour Abundant Blessings into your life because they want you to learn how to manage

them combine your grateful heart with the wisdom you have received

and you will receive many great and marvelous things the creator also wants peace in your

home let the Miracles you witness serve to promote your spiritual growth however

do not lose sight of the Creator’s word do not focus solely on material things

above all maintain a sincere attitude of gratitude within you this is the first

step toward a supernatural life these are the keys that unlock the door to a time of abundance your devotion worship

Thanksgiving Faith your commitment to bless those around you and your desire

to receive the Creator’s word your persistence in prayer and your eagerness to be an instrument of divine

grace to Build a Better World all please the Creator listen once more to the word

spoken to you let them be etched into your soul for you will need to remember

them when the tongues that seek to discourage you attack know that the Creator is the one who heals you prospers you and rescues your

life from the pit they have covered you with love and mercy drawing the very air

you breathe from your heart your life and your family are a Divine Testament to the Creator’s love take a moment to

reflect on the places and times the pains and sufferings from which the creator has saved you you were not born

surrounded by luxury but from the day you first saw the light you became one of the Creator’s Messengers one who

would bring healing to this world however the enemy sought to snatch

away your calling and the Creator’s Heavenly Angelic armies flew to defend you in a cruel battle you were struck by

the Relentless lashes of hatred attacking your very being but the Creator arrived with love your true

parent the only one who supports and lifts you up so that you may fulfill your purpose and

Mission the Creator themsel came and with the sword of their word they

rebuked the enemy and its armies they poured out a holy anointing of healing over you and set you on the path to your

destiny they guided you traced a map with countless dreams in your heart and

opened up paths for you they bestowed upon you gifts and talents and molded you into their Warrior they breathed

their breath into your spirit igniting a flame within you that never Fades they

equipped you to bring Solace to Nations offering Soul capsules to those in

distress take the Creator’s hand and never forget that they will walk beside you offering you the assurance that you

can achieve all your dreams the Creator’s deepest desire is to see you happy and that’s why they are here to

watch over you protect you and provide you with peace their love for you is

genuine and true therefore do not fear

for they shall never leave you alone the Creator is your counselor your

friend and your protector they have moved the heavens and the Earth to ensure that you emerge

Victorious they do not desire to witness your failure for they have paid the price for all your

sins now is the moment to open your heart to the Creator’s Grace and embrace their

forgiveness despite individuals fervently Desiring your downfall they will soon witness how the Creator can

assist you in triumphing and achieving success despite their ill intentions come with the Creator now and

you shall walk together place your unwavering trust in them let their love

Empower and transform you there is no room for sorrow or fear when you are held in the palm of the Creator’s hand

for they forever watch over you do not fear your adversaries for the Creator is

your protector when you face those who rise against you as a brave Warrior the

Creator shall extend their hand to you and raise you High granting you Victory the time has come to entrust

your future to the Creator and Stand Tall today they offer you an irrefutable

plan surrender your life into their hands give them your entire being

whether there are mountains to climb or deep valleys to Traverse the Creator will guide you and clear your paths but

they require you to exert effort and display courage to take firm steps even as you tread through the valley of

Shadows walk in darkness or cross turbulent Waters do not fear do not seek

excuses to abandon your dreams you shall not falter you shall persist even when

you feel weary exert yourself further for the creator has bestowed upon you

the power and capability to overcome despondency and rid your mind of the habit of blaming

others you have a purpose a mission and a commitment to the Creator no one else

is responsible do not wait for others to come and Aid you when problems arise

when difficulties emerge do not complain that no one calls to uplift you the Creator is with you

and that shall suffice there are those who criticize and reject you seeking

ways to bring you down however you need not seek love and acceptance from those

who have forged alliances with your adversaries the Creator’s love is sufficient for you and their grace shall

Propel you forward the Creator shall bless and prosper your Abode you have a

calling and a mission their promise remains steadfast the Creator shall surround you

with prosperity peace health and provision be upright in your dealings

with the Creator fulfill your part of your Covenant and witness the windows of

Heaven opening with abundance and provision for your life and home the Creator loves you and each day you

shall love them more tell the Creator that you shall for today your storm ends and your

tribulation concludes the Creator’s Divine breath sweeps across your Sky

dispersing the clouds that concealed you their light Heralds a new day for you

henceforth you shall tread only on firm ground leading to Their Blessings so you

may experience great peace and profound happiness the Creator’s ears listen to you

affectionately and they remain silent out of love preferring to hear you for

your prayer is to them like a song of worship your tears shall be transformed into joy and moments of pain shall give

way to happiness nothing shall Cloud your mind for the Creator shall always be there

amidst your thoughts filling you with beautiful and eternal Joy do not doubt their

word when the cre Creator makes a promise it is written and shall be

fulfilled you cannot fathom the extent to which they are willing to go for you their love transcends the limits of the

universe the Creator shall embrace you with tenderness bless your dwelling and

send their Divine Reign to nourish your Fields you shall reap the fruits with gratitude daily the Creator shall make

it such that when you awaken their Birds shall sing for you filling you with

happiness for you shall re recognize their blessings in every step you take

your life and that of your family shall no longer be the same for the time to reap the rewards of your dedication and

Valor has arrived you have withstood a thousand obstacles and emerged from grave challenges through your faith and

determination you have witnessed many seemingly impossible things becoming possible due to the Persistence of your

faith and your decision to hold fast to the Creator’s word and love now answer

who can stand against you the Creator is the one who determines your destiny and their will is for you to advance further

to receive your spiritual inheritance on this Earth the Creator is a good and just being you are a cherished member of

their flock a tenacious person whom they are proud to call their beloved child

they have sent their angels to guard you ensuring Your Peace and Freedom from illness and worry you shall be so happy

that you will leap for Joy at the favors you will witness in your life remember that the blessings that shall shower

upon you come from above do not become prideful remain humble and the Creator

shall bless you even more your confidence shall increase and you shall notice it because you will not hesitate

when confronting your adversaries the Creator shall be by your side helping you to overcome your

enemies shall Retreat upon witnessing the Creator’s power within you the time has come to lift your face leaving

behind all past offenses and mistreatment you endured without losing faith in the Creator cease lowering your gaze and

losing sight of all that the creator has to show you raise your face and revel in the blessings you shall receive for the

creator has decided to share their beautiful promises with you the Creator is your creator the one who made all

that is seen and unseen therefore they give you their word that they shall always be with you

and bestow upon you their most beautiful blessings they love you for all eternity

you Astound them they instructed you to be strong yet you have exerted yourself beyond their request you are an example

of loyalty and Fidelity the Creator is delighted to see that all the seeds they planted within

you have grown and borne such beautiful fruits this is why better times and New Horizons are coming for you exceeding

your desires and dreams you shall not stop until you conquer that land where blessings and happiness

abound the Creator knows that at times you perceive things differently your emotions plummet when you encounter envy

and rejection from people even those who claim to love you instead of

acknowledging your virtues they seek ways to make you feel bad they delve

into the past to bring forth memories meant to hurt and shatter your spirit but

today as you listen to the Creator make this decision just as you

have demonstrated your faith and remained strong wrong amidst pain you shall now adopt a Victorious attitude do

not allow anyone to undermine your determination you shall place your trust solely in the Creator’s word and be

guided by the promises they speak to you you know that you belong to the Creator

they shall surround you with their love and they shall personally confront any enemy daring to oppose you discard those

thoughts that come when problems surround you if conflicts pile up if you

feel weary if you face numerous decisions and your spirit is exhausted

come and rest you can be certain that in the Creator’s presence you shall find Solace

and hope the sum of your problems shall not diminish your protection by the Creator’s

love understand that the Creator did not send those situations to you they assure you that from where you

stand you shall emerge with their powerful hand they shall rescue you for

they have never desired for you to suffer beyond your capabilities they shall lift off your

shoulders all those heavy burdens it is not the Creator’s will for you to dwell in solitude and

sadness my child type Amon in the comment box your future is so wondrous

that your enemies seek ways to hinder your blessing but in this battle you hold the key and your faith is a sword

that shatters the obstacles in your path you shall only sink if you open the door to negative thoughts and emotions that

your enemies send your way however you shall Triumph if the

Creator’s Holy Spirit holds the foremost place in your life and your heart the creator has done their part

they have provided salvation for you an inheritance of Victory and blessing now you must remain

steadfast as you have done the Creator comes to tell you this just in time you

are on the verge of reaching a spiritual level where Miracles occur in your daily Journey do not regress you have gained

much ground do not discard the tears you shed the sacrifices you made regardless

of whether your family appreciates your efforts focus on the goal your faith and

your power of decision are stronger than steel exert yourself and be courageous

many have abandoned their purpose and lament their circumstances but a different future awaits you the Creator’s presence

surrounds you their Spirit Reigns in your home the windows of Heaven shall

open over you bestowing blessings and gifts that shall fill your home with joy my dearly beloved if I am for you

who can truly stand against you as you walk Faithfully in my ways know with

certainty that I am for you this assurance however does not imply a path

PA free from opposition rather it signifies that having me on your side is the most pivotal element of your

existence in your life’s journey you may encounter Myriad challenges but you

remain on the Victorious side my triumph over death and Resurrection is a testament to this eternal Victory a

Triumph in which you partake regardless of the adversities that you face on your Earthly pilgrimage understand that no Force no

obstacle no adversity can ultimately Prevail against you for you are mine

eternally held within my loving Embrace this profound truth can dramatically transform your outlook on

life instead of a defensive stance constantly guarding against suffering

you learn to follow me with boldness and courage my guidance is shaping you not only to seek my presence and follow my

Direction but to Delight in this Divine adventure of complete surrender to my will I am your constant helper in times

of trouble the SEC purity of your future in my hands changes everything it allows you to live life

not in fear but in the freedom and joy of my promises this journey with me is not

about merely surviving it is about thriving about embracing the challenges

as opportunities to witness my power and Grace at work in your life as you start each day seek me in

prayer immerse yourself in my word and let my spirit fill your heart with peace

and strength in this way you will learn to face every circumstance with a Heart of

Courage and a spirit of trust I am rearranging aligning and setting things

in motion for your good removing hindrances clearing your path and

resolving conflicts that impede your progress trust that I am actively working in your life fighting your

battles and leading you to victory your Victory is not contingent on your

strength or circumstances but on my unchanging nature and unfailing love you

are more than a conqueror through me and in this truth find your strength joy and

peace I want you to know that I am here for you watching over you with love and

care I see all that you go through and I want to assure you that you are never alone in your

journey when those who wish to harm you raise their hands against you know that

I am there to Shield you and protect you no harm can come to you when you are under my Divine protection I love you

deeply and I want you to understand that I never make mistakes everything that

happens in your life has a purpose even the difficulties you face I will turn

those challenges into opportunities for you you will emerge from them Victorious and the blessings that await

you will be so abundant that others will Envy you there is no defeat in your path

so trust in me when I say that things will improve I am always with you and my

will shall be done do not be troubled by the negativity that surrounds you or the threats from those who wish you harm

remember nothing and no one can defeat you have faith and be convinced that

your enemies are already defeated even before they raise their hand against you my child like the video now do not fall

into their traps or let negative emotions consume you seek me in prayer every morning and let me embrace you

with affection allow me to free your mind from fears that have taken hold

Victory is assured I promise you that you already know me as your God your heavenly father your friend your creator

your Shepherd your king your Liberator do not lose hope keep studying

my word and I will etch these promises into your heart bringing peace and

healing to your soul Reviving your passion for life and rekindling the Beautiful dreams within

you I am rearranging things in your life removing obstacles clearing your path

and eliminating conflicts that hinder your progress problems may still arise but

hold on to my promises and you will receive my blessings trust that I will

fight for you confront your enemies and Grant you Victory you must leave it all

to me and trust that I will protect you and your loved ones my angels will be sent to lift you up and ensure your feet

remain steady I am aware of the injustices you’ve endured the tears you’ve shed and the doors that have

closed on you I have heard your prayers and I have decided that those who have

taken from you will return what they have stolen you will be surprised when they come to your door repentant and

humbled I am here to bring you justice so pray for them instead of holding

grudges your Victory is near and your family will be blessed so do not

worry avoid conflicts and stay away from Evil do not let yourself be ins snared

by the provocations of the wicked turn away from sin and come to me in Repentance if you have faltered I will

receive you no matter your condition I don’t want you to return to the confusion from which I once rescued you

give your family time prayer PR and my word do not waste your efforts on things

that do not build you up I will provide for your needs pray and ask for wisdom

and I will grant it to you you will perform great Miracles if you remember my promises and believe in

my love and control over everything your Victory starts with every prayer you bring to my throne of grace I know it

can be challenging to believe and entrust everything to me especially when it seems like nothing is happening

dismiss those doubts and focus on my word pray clar think and appreciate the

blessings around you in times of distress I will show you the way strengthen your trust and

increase my promises in your heart forever stay connected to me do not ignore my calls in the morning avoid

distractions that steal your prayer time be brave and set aside what drains you

when the morning sun enters your window use your early Energies to come to me in prayer if you feel weak or faint call

upon me and you will be blessed when you say with affection my God I need you know that I

am always with you blessing you today to tomorrow and

always I know your innermost thoughts and struggles you are going through tough

times but you are incredibly Brave and persevering I admire your character and

and I want you to know that I am here to help you even if you cannot see me I

protect you with my holy mantle and cover you with my unconditional love

people may have told you that you are worthless and will achieve nothing but today hear what your heavenly father is

saying to you directly I am speaking to your heart and my words are igniting courage within you like never before

believe it hold on to these words of love I have invested in you for so long and my Holy Spirit has prepared you

through trials you are now ready to move forward in Triumph do not cower do not

give up I will be by your side attentive to your needs because I admire your

struggle your effort and your perseverance every day I see you facing

your challenges with enthusiasm and courage and it brings me great joy and admiration you don’t need to hide from

me I hear your cries on those sleepless nights it’s time to find Rest In My

Embrace [Music] give me your burdens frustrations pains illnesses and

disappointments I’m here to assist not to judge lean on me and I’ll be your Solace

your listener and your source of Love You’re Not

Alone Together We can overcome all obstacles and solve the problems that weigh on you

so today I implore you to trust me bring your suffering and needs to my

throne of grace I’ll guide you toward healing protection peace and prosperity in all

your endeavors when I talk about Prosperity I mean wisdom growth

spiritual power courage and strength to face and Conquer your challenges I’ll

provide you with the intelligence and security to succeed in your work or business you’ll reap wonderful fruits

and share Their Blessings with your family to quench The Thirst of the needy and hungry it is my

desire even when it’s hard to believe I will always stand by your side and love you

deeply this message is meant for you the one who reads and listens to my words daily you’re entering a new season of

blessings even as you see the world around you in turmoil your family and you are securely held in my hands keep

being faithful persevering and Valiant and I will bless you

abundantly I know the world can be unpredictable and life can become complicated with seemingly

insurmountable obstacles but remember I’m here to assist you cry out to me and

I will always always respond my love for you knows no bounds it and your

well-being is of utmost importance to me I desire to guide you toward A Life That’s abundant

fulfilling and joyful one that brings you satisfaction and happiness you have significant dreams to

fulfill and this fills you with joy don’t let obstacles discourage you

each one is an opportunity to learn and grow with my word you can overcome

anything that stands in your way keep dreaming big and don’t fear your challenges my unconditional love will

always accompany you even in the the darkest moments I promise you that I have a plan

for your life a plan of hope not despair

for you and your family I hold the final word in everything and I will never distance

myself from you you are not alone come to me when you need love

strength balance and peace if you seek me with all your heart I promise to

respond and guide you toward a future filled with hope I love you forever

nourish yourself with my word which is born in my heart written with my own

hand and inspired to my servants it is an endless source of wisdom and comfort my word reveals my

love and grace to you through it I provide you with the instruction manual that you and your family need to

live a full and meaningful life in my productive will immersed in holy prosperity and surrounded by happiness

because my word is alive it transforms you and when I send it to you it does not return empty it

carries your prayers and needs even when your path is difficult remember that you are never alone my faithfulness upholds

you and the promise of my Holy Spirit fortifies your faith I will never let

you fall but wrap yourself in my word learn it memorize it and share it it is

like drinking fresh water on a hot day it refreshes your soul and nourishes your spirit my word reminds you that no

matter how low you may have fallen the letters I write to you will show you the way back to these waiting arms that are

ready to surround you with peace my word is a treasure that never stops giving the more you read it the

more you understand it the stronger you become and the more you feel and believe

it when you come to your knees before my presence and fill yourself with my word

when you hear this voice speaking to you every morning when you feel this love burning in your heart your tears

flow carrying away all sadness in my presence you will find rest and strength

I will never abandon you wherever you go I will always be with you these are my

promises now tell me if you truly believe them and demonstrate it by standing up and facing any difficulty

with determination and faith no one can defeat you I will uphold your

arms and assist you in the battle my armies are watching and when it’s over

when you’ve achieved Victory and feel weary come to me with confidence and take refuge in my

arms allow me to remove your anguish and write these beautiful and Powerful Words of Love on your heart one day I looked

upon you with great compassion and chose to be your Eternal Father understand that I always want to

to see you wherever you are I am never far from you close your eyes place your

hands on your chest and let the skin of your fingers feel this emotion that slowly ignites runs through your veins

takes away your Sorrows uproots doubts from their very core and finally

eradicates your fear I am opening your spiritual eyes so that you can see through the air in the light of the Sun

and gaze upon those heavenly Angels who watch over you and fight for you they cast out your enemies and keep Wicked

people away from your family very very soon you will dream dreams and see

Visions not to Proclaim them to the masses for Applause but so you may witness my

Supernatural power for yourself The Marvelous things I will do in your life keep these wonders in your

heart and do not tell anyone about the dreams you will see I am giving you much wisdom and Powerful anointing so that

you can control your emotions and tongue you will no longer be afraid of the attacks of the wicked or their

provocations my word has strengthened you so much that I can now take you by the hand and lead you to a place where

great miracles happen daily open your lips to pray and bless to exalt the

Wonders I am performing in you I am your healer and the provider of all your needs ignore the distractions that seek

to divert you from me and take away my blessings you will always find the answers to your question questions the

solutions to your problems and the supernatural key that opens the doors to a spiritual World in my word do not look

elsewhere you need to listen to this message again to understand it fully I do not want you to miss out on

this beautiful blessing that I want to give you however you must believe it first and accept it with

gratitude you must care for it wisely work with it intelligently and it will

multiply stop thinking that you will forever dwell in Failure I bless and prosper those I love and you already

know the truth my love for you is tender affectionate Eternal and great is my

faithfulness tell me that you believe it I your ever loving God am unequivocally

for you this assurance is not just a fleeting sentiment it is an unshakable

promise to all who follow me it is in these trying times that you must remind yourself of an unalterable truth my

presence is a constant in your life and my support is unwavering there will be

days when you Excel and days when you falter times when you receive kindness and times when You Face rejection yet

through all these fluctuations one thing remains constant my love and support for you the

realization and full belief that I am always for you have the power to diminish fear imbue you with a sense of

calmness during adversity and Foster a resilience rooted in Divine

Assurance knowing that I will never turn my back on you instills a confidence that enables you to persevere through

the toughest of times my approval and love for you my

beloved stem not from your achievements or failures but simply because you are

mine it is my opinion my view of you that stands Paramount and will continue

to do so for all eternity no person no

circumstance no challenge can ever sever the bond between us or diminish the magnitude of my love for you this love

is your Shield your strength and your guide through the es and flows of

life as you stand on the threshold of what lies ahead with its inherent

challenges and uncertainties let this be your Guiding Light come to me and find rest in my

loving presence you are aware that the day will unfold with its own trials and often you

find yourself lost in thoughts attempting to navigate these difficulties ahead of time in doing so

remember that I am with you now and perpetually when you repeatedly rehearse

your troubles in your mind you endure them multiple times amplifying your suffering

needlessly this is not what you are meant to experience instead of being entangled in

the web of anticipated struggles turn to me come into my presence and let my

peace envelop you it is in this Sacred Space of communion with me that your fears are transformed into a confident

trust in my presence you will find not just Solace but also the strength to face the day my

child type in the comment box I am here to fortify you to prepare you for

what is to come let my love and peace wash over you replacing your anxieties with a

deep-seated assurance you are not meant to carry the burden of tomorrow or to live through your trials

before they arrive my desire for you is to experience each day as it comes not

burdened by the weight of the future but uplifted by the certainty of my love and guidance in my presence there is a

fortitude that readies you for the day’s challenges transforming fear into Faith anxiety into assurance and doubt into

determined Trust In the Journey of Faith an essential truth must be acknowledged

you can not serve two masters if I am truly your master your heart’s deepest

desire will be to please me above all others the pursuit of pleasing people can be a treacherous path leading to a

form of enslavement when you give others this power over you they can become harsh

taskmasters demanding and unyielding however when I Am The

Sovereign master of your life Something Beautiful unfolds your service to me is not born

out of obligation or fear but is deeply rooted and grounded in my vast unconditional love for you it is in The

Humbling Act of bowing down before me that you are lifted into an intimate relationship with me this relationship

is the source of true Joy a joy that far outshines any other pleasure you may find in this world I desire for you to

live in increasing intimacy with me reflecting the joyous light of my presence in your life this intimacy is

not a distant unattainable IDE deal but a tangible daily experience that transforms every aspect of your

existence as you draw nearer to me let my love fill you to overflowing

influencing your actions your thoughts and your priorities the more you immerse yourself

in my love the less you will seek the approval of others in this Divine exchange you find

Freedom from the constraints of people pleasing and you discover the liberating Joy of being fully mine

serving me becomes an expression of love a natural outpouring of your relationship with me it is in this place

of surrender and devotion that you experience the truest form of joy and fulfillment as you walk forward on this

path let this be your guiding principle seek to please me above all and let your

service be a reflection of our intimate relationship for in this you will find your heart’s truest joy and your life’s

deepest purpose remember in the act of serving me you

are not losing yourself but rather finding your truest self in the Embrace of my love in the dance of Life

understand this I am the Firm Foundation on which you can freely dance

sing and wholeheartedly celebrate my presence this joyful celebration is not

merely an active worship but also my high and holy calling for you embrace it

as a precious gift a sacred invitation to experience joy and fulfillment in its

purest form glorifying and enjoying me transcends the importance of maintaining a meticulously structured and tidy life

my guidance for each of my children is uniquely tailored to their Journey this is why tuning into my voice

and to my guidance is essential for your well-being allow me to prepare you for

the day ahead to set your path straight and to guide your steps I am with you

continuously offering constant companionship and support therefore te do not be daunted

by the shadows of fear though it may lurk close by it cannot inflict harm as long as you

remain firmly grasped in my hand keep your focus on me and in doing so you

will experience the tranquility and peace of my presence this peace is not a fleeting

moment but a constant reality for those who take refuge in me it is a peace that surpasses all

understanding a peace that guards your heart and mind in the midst of life’s storms and

uncertainties as you journey through each day remember that your true Refuge

your unshakable foundation lies in me in my presence you find the freedom to

express your joy to celebrate your faith and to live in the Assurance of my

unfailing love and guidance so dance and sing on this firm family foundation and

let your life be a testimony of joy and peace found only in my presence

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