God Says: I WILL BE HAPPY IF YOU OPEN THIS | God Message | God Message Today |

God is saying to you today my child I am

here with you in every moment in every


I didn’t create you to blend in I

sculpted you to stand out as a beacon of


your faithfulness is about to be

rewarded in ways you’ve never imagined

prepare to sort the heights you once

thought were unreachable

are you ready to affirm your belief type

to affirm it

no matter what storms may rage in your

life always remember you are never alone

I’m right beside you at all times

my love is boundless and unbreakable

bond that will never let you go

so wipe those tears away my dear child

for your smile is a reflection of divine


feel that shift in the air

change is coming propelling you towards

your destiny

blessings are gathering like stars in

the night sky and God is ready to shower

you with a double portion of blessings

and favor

do you believe type Amen to declare your


doors that seemed unreachable will swing

open for you and opportunities will

arrive like shooting stars altering the

course of your future

Miracles will light your path as you

Journey on your path of trust

remember I have magnificent plans for

you even when the road ahead seems


plans that will enrich you and shield

you from harm

abundance is on its way and your

financial landscape will be transformed

type amen if you believe in this Divine


my child what you’ve seen in the past is

but a glimpse of the extraordinary

future that awaits you

you are destined to Excel and sort of

heights you’ve never reached before


please my child keep going you are

closer to your breakthrough than you


don’t let the enemies Whispers tempt you

to turn back

you’ve come too far to give up now

in let it be known that this is the

year of happiness love Financial Freedom

and good health for you

it will be the best year of your life

do you believe it type yes to affirm

your faith

let these words be a Beacon of Hope

illuminating your path towards a

brighter more blessed future

trust in a divine plan have faith in

your journey and never forget you are

deeply unconditionally loved

thank you for joining us today May these

words serve as a Beacon of Hope guiding

you toward a brighter more blessed


trust in the divine plan have faith in

your journey and never forget that you

are deeply loved


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