God Says: I Want To See You Smile Forever, My Child | | God Message Today |

my beloved

child I am the god who makes you strong

and keeps you safe bring all of your

flaws and sins to me when you come to me

tell me about your sins and ask me to

send them as far away from you as the

East is from the West keep being around

me where your flaws are clear to see

your weaknesses are like empty jars that

are ready to be filled with my power

ask me to fill them with strength thank

me that you aren’t enough it makes you

rely on me have joy in the fact that I

am enough for you I am the one who

protects your path and keeps you from

worrying and making too many plans

instead of worrying about the future you

don’t know keep me in mind as you go

through each day stay in touch with me

at all times and my presence will help

you stay on track I will go ahead of you

and next to you clearing the way for you

you can count on me to make sure that

your trip goes smoothly do not be afraid

for I am right next to you watching over

you and leading you every step of the

way I am always with you but there are

times when you might not feel my

presence fear can wake you up and tell

you to get back in touch with me when

worry starts to show take a moment to

rest and let the warm light of my

presence fill you up that cold hard fear

will start to melt away as you rest in

my love

you can respond to my love by telling me

you trust me and love me don’t forget

that I am a God who watches over and

leads you would be shocked to learn

about the harm I keep you from your

Eternal Soul is the thing I protect the

most your soul is safe with me because

you follow me no one can take you away

from me aside from that I show you the

way to heaven I will be your guide all

the way through living close to me can

give you a taste of Heaven before you

get get there living this way is great

but it is hard and requires focus on

both the mind and the spirit in the

Psalms David wrote about this wonderful

way of life and said he has always put

me before him as a shepherd He had a lot

of time to look for me and enjoy being

with me he learned that living with me

always in front of and next to him was

beautiful I am teaching you how to live

this way too it’s something that needs

consistent work and determination but

being close to me won’t take away from

what you’re doing instead it will bring

your activities to life do everything

you do for me with me through me and in

me being with me can make even the most

boring tasks shine with joy when you do

them for my glory everything in the

world will never be able to separate you

from me so this wonderful Journey that

you and I are on together can last

forever let go of the idea that you can

control your life it’s simple to think

you are in charge when things are going

well if you think of yourself as your

own boss you’ll fall more when things

get tough enjoy the times when things go

well but don’t let the feeling of

control over your life make you addicted

to it things will go wrong and storms

will happen you are likely to fail if

you try to control everything and make

it happen your way keep your eyes on me

the one who gave you faith and helped it

grow as you go through life trust that I

will do what I say and that everything

will work out for the best if you follow

my word you will have the full life I

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