God Says I ONLY NEED 2.14 MINUTES OF YOUR TIME | God Message | God Message Today |

in The Quiet Moments Of Life when the

world seems overwhelming

have you ever wondered if there’s a

Divine message waiting just for you

look around you for God’s message is

whispered through the beauty of creation

in the depths of meditation you may hear

his voice guiding you towards your


in The Strokes of creativity you’ll find

his inspiration

urging you to create your masterpiece

and in the acts of kindness you’ll feel

his presence reminding you to spread

love and positivity

so when life’s challenges seem

insurmountable remember you are never


God is with you

urging you to rise to shine and to

embrace your full potential

embrace the message of motivation from

God and let it be the light that guides

you to Greatness

your journey is filled with purpose and

you are destined for remarkable things

in every Whisper Of The Wind in every

ray of sunshine in every Beating Heart

God’s message of motivation is written

embrace it and you shall find your path

if this message blessed your heart type

Amen in the comments section below

remember God plans to prosper you and

not to harm you he plans to give you

hope and a future

be abundantly blessed today in Jesus

name amen

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motivation continue to guide your


until next time my friends stay inspired

and keep believing in the power of God’s


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