my child I’m God your helper and your

protector even before you were born I picked you out and gave you a special

purpose that you carry with you every day I’m the one who plans out your life

showering you with love and kindness like the ocean that never runs

dry type yes God if you believe I’m All About Love

bringing peace in the middle of chaos and Shining a light to guide you through

tough times think of today as a blank canvas just waiting for amazing things to

happen all because of your faith my words are like a friend walking

beside you liding the way when things get tough type yes heavenly father if you

believe keep your heart open to these truths that are a part of who you are

ready to show up when you need them most my door is always open to you so

come on in without any fear I’m here to heal your spirit and

comfort you when you’re hurting even if no one else can see it let go of the dark thoughts and

secrets that have been holding you back today is a fresh start a chance to

leave behind find the mistakes of yesterday don’t worry or let anyone

steal your peace if you’re struggling to move on from your past take small steps to make

things right apologize try to fix what you can

and work on becoming a better person and if someone won’t forgive you

don’t let it bring you down type yes God to affirm

you are starting a new with a clean slate remember that every step even the

ones you trip on is part of your journey to becoming a better

person your past doesn’t Define you and your mistakes don’t determine your

value each day is a chance to grow and improve type yes Father if you

believe it’s time to let go of all the stuff that’s been bringing you

down leave behind all those bad feelings and memories that have been weighing you

down give them to me and I’ll take care of them for you you don’t have to hold on to those

negative thoughts anymore let me help you feel better I’ll get rid of your fears and

worries and fill you up with love and grace you’ll feel free and happy

surrounded by blessings type amen if you

believe today is a new day you don’t have to be angry or upset

anymore I’m here to protect you and make everything better let’s start fresh and leave all

that negativity behind I make your words sound amazing

like a magical fountain that can heal and make you feel free you’re never alone because I’ve

always been by your side telling you to have faith no matter what

happens even when things get tough you keep moving forward because I’m right

there with you you believe in what I promise you and I’ll lead you to a better

future if you trust me and follow my plan Miracles can happen there’s nothing

you can’t overcome every challenge you face every

tough time and even when you feel like you failed or succeeded it’s all a

chance to see how much I love you you’re safe in my hands with angels

protecting you all the time my spirit will make sure nothing

can hurt you or cause trouble your family means everything to

me I love you more than you can imagine you can always count on me to be

there for you giving you comfort support and wisdom I promise to take care of you

forever you’ll never have to worry about feeling unloved or seeking approval from

anyone else I’ll give you everything you need to be happy and have good friends

without even having to ask don’t put all all your trust in people who might disappoint

you my spirit will make your dreams come true and give you the drive to live life

to the fullest type yes Father if you

believe just keep believing in me and come back to me whenever you need

to learn from my teachings and surround yourself with love and [Music]

positivity when you rely on my strength follow my guidance and live according to

my plans for you there’s no limit to what you can achieve be thankful every day and you’ll

feel happy because good things are happening in your life start each day by being grateful

and believing that amazing things will happen God loves you and will take care

of you trust in him with your worries and problems he will heal you and make your

life better expect miracles to happen and be amazed by the wonderful things God will

do for you prepare yourself rid your heart of all negative emotions that steal your

inner peace fear resentment doubt and their

kin lay before me your troubles and despair I shall be your

Solace I offer guidance to lift you from the depths of sorrow and spiritual

desolation trust in my promise you are under my care your well-being is my

concern I do not wish for your suffering to endure you have sought my Aid and it

is granted banish doubt and welcome the profound love that brings

Solace I am here to mend your wounds let me reaffirm my

commitment I will alleviate your suffering and enhance your overall

well-being with my touch I will rejuvenate and bless you bringing

Harmony to your body mind family and even your

finances I will orchestrate a transformation in your life ushering in

peace and contentment for you and your loved ones some people may have underestimated

you or been envious of your abilities but they will soon realize their

mistake they will come back to you seeking forgiveness and assistance

acknowledging the support I provide for you those who have wronged you will try

to make things right when you hear these words take a moment to pray and Express gratitude for

the blessings you have received I appreciate your prayers and

love to hear your voice a new opportunity is on the

horizon one that will bring success and prosperity to you and your loved

ones I really want you to do well in everything you do when your spirit is strong you won’t

have to worry about money problems not having enough food or having to borrow

money that’s what I hope for you and it will happen the tough times you’ve been

through were to help you learn to be patient and have faith I can see how much you want my

love every day you can find it through your prayers pay attention I’m not talking

about quick blessings that come and go I’m going to open up new

opportunities for you bringing you real blessings I will help you be patient

strong and wise if you want to feel closer to me

learn more about my teachings and really get to know me good news is coming your way but it’s

important to stay humble when it arrives remember it’s easy to let pride

get in the way and make mistakes but don’t worry I’m here to

help protect you and your loved ones from any harm stay focused and pray often because

there are things out there trying to trip you up when you least expect it embrace my Guidance with happiness

and let Joy be your strength as things start to fall into place you’re on the path to success so

keep working hard if things are tough right now and you feel like you’re running low on

resources don’t worry better time times are just around the

corner trust that I will provide for you whether it’s a job or something else you

need just keep the faith and stay positive take a step forward with

confidence and look for opportunities for yourself and your loved ones because

you are important to me remember this and let the love I have

for you bring you peace and joy I am always always here for you like

a loyal friend who will never leave your side close your eyes and breathe in the

calmness I offer if you have to hurry take this peaceful feeling with you and leave your

worries behind even when you feel like you don’t deserve it remember that I am always

here for you because I love you endlessly I will always support you you

want to be closer to me but sometimes you hesitate to let go of the things

that are bothering you doubt Creeps in and you end up carrying a heavy burden of

bitterness listen carefully to my words let them heal you with their soothing

power let me tell you something important I love you and you are

important I will always be there for you holding you close and keeping you

safe when things get tough just remember that I am with you cheering you on and

guiding you in the right direction I will light a fire in your

heart that will never go out even when things seem dark and scary

My Love Will Shine Bright Like the Sun nothing can bring you down when you

have me on your side trust me and listen for my my voice

throughout your day I am here to help you and protect you from anything that tries to hurt

you I will always forgive you and help you become the best version of

yourself I don’t want you to feel scared or guilty about your mistakes from the

past I’m not here to judge or punish you I’m all about showing you

love if I wanted to punish you you wouldn’t be here right now just think about how much love I

have for you waiting for you to accept it don’t ignore it because you have a

choice to make one path will lead you to truth in a great future while the other will take

you away from me let me be your guide and

protector I will always be there for you offering comfort and wisdom when you

need it you can count on me to keep you safe from any dangers that may come your

way trust in me and I will surround you with love joy and

peace I will make sure you are always taken care of No Matter What challenges

you may face you are never alone with me by your

side I just wanted to let you know that you are super special and important to

me I chose you and I will always be there for you no matter

what even if you feel like I’m far away just remember all the times I helped you

out and kept you safe I’ve been there for you when things were tough and when everyone else turned

their back on you I always look at you with love and

care my love for you never ends no matter what you’re going

through you might feel like I’m close to you right now and that feeling will

stick around don’t doubt that I love you and will always be there for

you nothing can break the bond we have you are so loved and I promise to

take care of you always no matter what you need don’t stress about the challenges

you’re facing right now Just Close Your Eyes remember the promises I’ve made to

you and you’ll feel peaceful and calm inside there are so many opportunities

waiting for you to grab hold of them be brave and go after them like I’ve shown

you you don’t need to be afraid because I’ll help you speak and show you where

to go choose to move forward confidently on your journey don’t let fear hold you

back as you take steps forward you’ll be showered with blessings that are real

and amazing you’ll be in a place where you have more than enough without any debt

or worries what you’ll receive will be even better than you imagined allowing you to

share and help others generously you’ll be in a cycle of

giving and receiving from now on every day every month every

year so really understand these words and follow my guidance read my teachings

and move forward with confidence it’s time for you to wake up

let your faith ignite and bring to life the plans I have for you let go of your past mistakes and

regrets keep moving forward even when people without you forgive others and focus on the

future I will help you and give you strength trust me to guide you through

tough times stay strong and believe in

yourself I know what you need and will provide for you be confident and determined to

succeed don’t let bad news bring you down I have a plan for you

you I can help you through any Challenge and heal your spirit trust in me and find comfort in

your faith I will always be there for you giving you love and peace when you need

it most time alone doesn’t always fix everything but I can

help I can make your wounds disappear without a trace the tough times you’ve been

through have actually made you smarter I can also make those painful

memories hurt less that’s why I suffered on the cross

to take away your pain and wash away your mistakes with my love I’ll give you my grace to help you

carry your burdens and sadness I’ll always be there for you no

matter what I promise amazing things are going to

happen in your life if you listen to my teachings with an open heart you’ll see Endless

Possibilities I’ll turn tough times into opportunities for you to grow and

learn the challenges you face will make you stronger and wiser all part of my

plan for you trust me I’ll be there to protect you every step of the

way I want all the good things in your life life to grow and get even

better believe in yourself and don’t let past mistakes bring you

down trust that I can forgive you and don’t listen to anyone who tries to

bring you down stay positive and don’t let jealousy get in the way of your

future feel my love and support bringing you happiness peace hope and

courage I promise to make your life full of joy and good

things you’ll see a big change where good things come to you easily and you

won’t have to worry about money or mistakes anymore even when things are tough trust

that good things are coming your way stay open to New Opportunities and

be kind to others I have big plans for you that you

can’t even imagine you’ll you have amazing experiences even when things are

hard you’ll shine bright and show everyone how strong you

are my child I have some important truths to

share with you some people might try to bring you down but don’t listen to

them I love you all so much and it’s important to trust in

me doubting only stops you from getting all the good things I have in store for

you I see the faith in your hearts and it’s real so embrace my blessings and know

that you’re safe with me I’ll protect you for many enemies that come your

way you’ll come out on top with your foes defeated and

embarrassed I’m always here to defend you so have faith and act on it with me

by your side you can do anything so be brave let go of your

fears and get ready for all the amazing things I have planned for

you I’ll be here to help you every step of the way listen

up you have a special gift to help others and bring happiness to your

family good things are coming your way soon your home will be peaceful and all

the bad stuff will disappear just look for me and you’ll

find peace in your heart I’m here to help you heal you and

make you strong Hold On Tight to me and you’ll never

fall I’ll protect you and take care of you show everyone how much you believe

in me and keep your faith strong I love you now in the past and in

the future pray hard for your family because it’s

important your prayers are powerful and I always hear them even when things seem tough your

family will get through it get down on your knees and ask for my help for your

family I’ll protect them from getting sick or hurt and give them the smarts to

find new opportunities I’ll also give you the strength to be

kind and loving instead of mean try to understand what your family

is going through give them hugs pat their heads

and pray for them with your touch my power will make them feel

better and heal their hearts talk about me in your house with

respect you’ll see their problems go away and my presence will fill your

home you’ll see them change for the better and find their true

purpose so keep believing in me even when things seem

tough I have a big plan for you all and nothing can stop

it you are the one in your family who believes in me the most your prayers are powerful and will

help your family overcome any obstacles I love you and your family so

much trust in me to take care of you now and in the future and to bless your

life believe in me and my word and even those who doubt will be amazed at the

amazing things I will do for you I will comfort you wipe away your

tears and give you peace I will bring joy into your life

every day d dithe into the promises I have for you in the Bible spend time in silence

read and satisfy your spiritual hunger let my strength make you

stronger if you’ve been looking for signs from me look ahead because I am

already answering your prayers I will give you what you’ve asked for enriching your life with true

prosperity and Freedom the blessings I bring you will not bring you sorrow or

debt my child no one can take away the good things that come your

way don’t feel bad when you see good stuff happening in your

life you are totally deserving of all the good things that come your

way I give you good things because I love you and want to see you

happy but watch out there are some bad guys out there who will try to make you

doubt yourself and take away your dreams I’ll give you the smarts to know

when someone is trying to trick you or lie to you be careful of people who act all

nice but really just want to use you for their own gain stay alert and listen to my

warnings about people who want to hurt you I promise to protect you and keep

you safe it’s important to pray often and let me be with you to make you

strong keep believing in what I tell you and trust me I will keep you and your family

safe don’t doubt my love for you I will always take care of

you I want to help you through tough times lift you up when you’re feeling

down and help you focus on the good things ahead keep your faith strong and keep

moving forward toward success and happiness let’s talk about how awesome

it is to have a close relationship with me your heavenly parent I want you to feel comfortable

sharing everything with me like I’m your best friend I’m always looking out for you

and paying attention to what’s going on in your life you can tell me anything your

thoughts dreams what’s in your heart and how you’re feeling talking to me can make you feel

better and bring peace to your mind when you express your feelings and

beliefs to me it can help your faith grow and amazing things can

happen today is a great day for us to have a chat you can tell me all your hopes and

dreams and I’ll be here listening carefully I’m not here to judge you or

bring up past mistakes just listen for the gentle nudges from me showing you how much I

love you and care about you every morning I’m excited to see you

wake up and start your day I love it when you think about me

and show your love and need for me it’s like a special kind of worship

that makes me happy I’m always here to help you through any challenges you face

[Music] if you ask me for good things I’ll be ready to give them to you with

love my presence is always around you your family and your home keeping you

safe and surrounded by love remember I’m here for you whenever

you need me let me be there for you when you’re feeling down when you’re carrying a

heavy load on your mind and heart you don’t don’t have to let doubt

and sadness take over will you listen to the negative voices telling you to give up or will

you listen to my gentle words of encouragement you don’t have to feel

hopeless when I have shown you time and time again that believing in me can bring you peace and

happiness you are my child meant for greatness and

joy my spirit is always with you ready to comfort you no matter where you are

or what you’re going through this message is no

accident I know life has been tough on you with challenges and enemies trying

to bring you down but I am here to help you to protect you and to guide you through the

tough times I want you to listen to me to pay attention to my words and to have faith

in me believe in faith and positivity if you agree type

and if you believe in God’s love type I love you Heavenly

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