God is saying today my child I see the challenges you

face particularly when it comes to your children their distracted minds and

disinterest pierce my heart reminding me of the days when their fervor for me was

palpable oh how their youthful voices once uplifted

me my hope persists that they will return to me their faith rekindled their

smiles a beacon of Joy once more listen closely for I hold the

blueprint to shape their Destinies and your cooperation is pivotal for its

realization approach them with tenderness withholding criticism yelling

or retribution for their missteps remember words possess the

power to wound deeply so we them with caution follow my lead for I embody

gentleness and humility despite the challenges suppress

your frustration and rage extend to them patience and

affection for they are kin born of your flesh and blood entrusted to your care

by Fate do you grasp the gravity of this hence illustrate through your Deeds

that I possess the ability to work wonders and harbor boundless love for your Offspring your household and even

those embraced by your affection as if they were of your own blood I welcome your entire family into

my presence urging them to listen to my words daily to join in prayer and to

seek prayers for their well-being even if immediate results

evade you do not lose heart persist in prayer

unwaveringly a time will come when they will shift their perspectives returning

to me in this reunion Joy will overflow for

you and your loved ones type yes heavenly father if you

believe each morning you awaken with fervor and Faith a sight that brings me

Delight challenges do not deter you you stand firm your heart aligns with mine

brimming with the desire to do good to Aid to serve and to maintain familial

unity in harmony your actions resonate with me

evoking praise and I am inclined to open doors for others to witness Someone Like

You a person of genuine faith and love for me my admiration for you knows no bound

S Type yes God if you believe you have weathered storms

without secing to hatred or bitterness towards those deceitful acquaintances who have wronged you who have taken

material possessions but cannot seize the essence of your being your faith

your devotion your unwavering commitment to follow my guidance you are undeniably my child the

seeds of my teachings within you have borne plentiful fruit and there are still many blessings awaiting your

Harvest type amen if you believe you are destined for greatness

and know this my unwavering support stands behind you ready to bolster you

through every trial seek me out confidently for I am

here as your Sanctuary a place where you can lay bear your deepest Fe fears and

missteps without fear of judgment my loyalty to you is steadfast

I will never abandon you no matter the circumstances feel my presence

encompassing you wherever you may tread let it permeate your being reassuring

you that I am by your side accompanied by Legions poised to Aid you in your

battles against treacherous adversaries know that my strength is

yours to command ready to deliver you from Affliction and restore you to

wholeness I will imbue you with the power to Vanquish malevolent forces with

the mere utterance of my name your life your loved ones your

Prosperity All Shall flourish under my Divine protection liberated from the

shackles of adversity your very essence will radiate with my transcend Glory inviting

miracles to manifest in your daily existence surrounded by Kindred Spirits

whose lives you touch with your Compassionate Heart you will Forge bonds that elevate all who are fortunate

enough to know you trust in me and together we shall triumph over the darkness bringing forth

a realm where goodness Reigns Supreme your resilience has been tested

to limits a moment that demands acknowledgment of your

vulnerability I see the trials your family endures traversing a harsh desert

where hope evaporates in solitude leaving your soul parched for affection

amidst neglect the journey skulls each step upon the blistering Stones evoking cries

of Anguish I empathize with your struggle it’s AR ous to persevere to trust that

amidst the turmoil my guidance remains steadfast yet I am here to Shield you

from asants who seek to inflict harm your current tribulations are akin

to the refining Flames that purify gold through this ordeal you will emerge

gleaming liberated from the shackles of negativity my intent is not to Foster

superiority but to elevate you empowering you to extend a helping hand

to those who have stumbled let go of anger vanity fear

doubt and disbelief the past holds no power over

the boundless Joy awaiting you cultivate gratitude for both the

small and Grand aspects of your life keep a clear conscience embrace

embracing virtues within your value surpasses material

possessions money cars houses Fame don’t be Shackled by

them fear not their loss focus on what truly matters love and pursuit of

me trust in my provision I’ll meet your needs abundantly doors will open opportunities

will arise blessings will flow ceaselessly stay vigilant negative

situations can turn in your favor challenges conceal Untold

Prosperity don’t lose heart I’m orchestrating abundance beyond your

comprehension manage my blessings wisely seeking guidance in my teachings to

nurture the gifts I bestowed upon you guard against the Allure of material

wealth fame or unnecessary debt Focus instead on spiritual growth

diving deep into my work to enrich your understanding of life through this journey I’ll unveil

countless Revelations I desire you to witness extraordinary wonders prioritizing your

health and family without delay with the strength and intellect

I’ve endowed you with tackle challenges promptly avoid the desperation of last

minute actions as neglecting my counsel may lead to frustration and

failure stand tall and embrace action Your Inner Strength is boundless fuess

flows through your veins engage in acts of kindness let not

hesitation Cloud your path know this your efforts will not go

unnoticed nor will you suffer any loss even amidst setbacks or the

disapproval of others as you strive for self-improvement and wise

decisions leave those who hinder progress to me offer prayers yet

disregard their counsel and complaints those who willingly tread the

path of Destruction cannot guide you I stand beside you ready to lend

support in all [Music] Endeavors prioritize me and Together We

Shall Not only overcome but Thrive showered with blessings more precious

than riches even in moments of defeat and despair I shall reignite your will to

persevere from the depths I’ll raise you a testament to my abundant

grace your transformation shall Inspire Generations adorned with honor

surrounded by my glory trust in me in the tapestry of existence there

emerges a profound truth I hold you dear and it is imperative that you heed my

counsel gather close for within my words lies a vital

Revelation with tender care I impart these sentiments embracing you in a

soothing Embrace seeking to instill a profound Serenity within your very

being know this the era of Anguish is drawing to a close as sorrow and

distress Make Way for resilience and renewal through the strength of my

guidance you shall Triumph life’s Vigor and the balm of

healing are yours to claim feel the currents of courage and

joy coursing through you infusing every fiber of your existence with fortitude

and exuberance today I decree that you acquaint yourself with happiness

embracing the multitude of blessings already bestowed upon you listen intently for these words are

not to be disregarded they are a testament to your well-being my affection for you knows no

bounds and in every trial I Endeavor to provide Solace and

support you are cherished enveloped in Divine love deserving a protection

assistance and profound affection within the depths of my heart

resides a fervent desire to impart upon you a message of Paramount importance an

offering destined to nurture your inner Tranquility so Heed These words dear one

for they are a beacon guiding you towards a sanctuary of peace and

fulfillment embrace the wisdom I impart for it holds the key to unlocking the

abundance of spiritual riches awaiting you if you aspire to journey across the

Ethereal Bridge into a realm of divine wonders and extraordinary experience

then within yourself discard all Grievances and negativity your faith cherished though

it may be must remain untainted by the poison of

complaint reject pessimism and banish negative thoughts for they betray her

and smother your vibrant Faith unexpectedly speak not of criticism and

distance yourself from those who sow seeds of doubt Discord and

discontent be Discerning in choosing your companions today you face a choice to

welcome my guidance and embrace the positive transformation and blessings that await or to turn away and forsake

the path of growth renounce complaint hold fast to

Faith and Hope and cast off negativity for in doing so you will witness wonders

blessings abundance Freedom healing familial unity and joy that fills your

soul and heart with gladness these gifts are bestowed upon

those hearts that choose to believe I will break down the barriers

standing in your way demolish the walls blocking your path to Greatness and free

you from the chains that have held you back you’ve weathered harsh storms that

threaten to drown your spirit in despair but today I offer you

Liberation with my words I will dispel the clouds of fear and anxiety that have

overshadowed your life my teachings hold the power to bring about true Miracles and the Fresh

Starts you’ve been longing for but remember time is precious and

you mustn’t waste it any longer rise up and take heed of my

guidance embrace the grace and mercy that come your way and let them nourish

your soul and sweeten your heart this is the year to put all the

lessons you’ve learned into practice each morning I’ll be there to

remind you whether you see me or not seek me in your faith and prayers

for I am always Within Reach listen closely for I am here to manifest

the deepest desires of your heart to bring forth the extraordinary into your

life the path you seek is clear before you trust in me completely refrain from

speaking negativity and let your actions be guided by

righteousness surrender yourself to my wisdom and follow my counsel

Faithfully know this significant Transformations are on the horizon and

my promises to you shall be fulfilled without fail embrace the certainty of Liberation

from debts and the abundance of Vitality and purpose in your

endeavors understand that there are no limits to what I can achieve and as you Journey alongside me you will witness

the unwavering truth of my word know that I cherish you

deeply draw new to me and I will comfort you in your uncertainties and

grievances do not face your battles alone allow me to shower upon you the

blessings of my boundless love rest assured my affection for you

remains steadfast and though you may have sought answers and encountered silence I grant you the freedom to

pursue your aspirations with my benevolent support on that pivotal Tuesday you set

sail without seeking my counsel you seized the Reigns of your

destiny disregarding my guidance now as adversity lashes against

you you point accusing fingers in my direction I implored you my dear one to

surrender your heart to me to heed my path to trust in my

wisdom for a time you followed finding solace in my

teachings but then lured by the illusion of self-sufficiency you strayed on to

treacherous roads in pursuit of fleeting gains blind to the abundance I offered

you forsook true contentment I beckon to you in dreams

and whispered through the hours of day yet you turn to deaf fear out of love I intervened when you

stumbled into the freay alone but your obstinacy Led You Into

the Depths of Despair in your anguish amidst tears and

pleas you finally called upon my name seeking deliverance from the pit of your

making listen closely for I have observed the sincerity within your heart

and have heeded the earnest pleas that Echo like a child’s innocent cry your repentance has not fallen on

death ears instead I have reached out my hand and pulled your soul from the

depths of Despair my cherished one sense the warmth of my affectionate words

resonating within your very being should you seek genuine happiness

know that Eternal Unity with me is the so path you must tread to Triumph in the Journey of your

life you must maintain a steadfast connection with my spirit perpetually

shielded and purified by the sanctifying power of my blood enveloped in the

Embrace of my boundless love come forth now my beloved return to

the sanctuary of your true home partake of the nourishment that feeds your

spirit transforming it into the essence of life here you shall find Solace for

straying far from my presence will only lead to the absence of my peace and

joy though you may not perceive my form rest assured that my watchful gaze never

wavers from you even in moments of Doubt know that my comforting Embrace surrounds

you though the passage of time may seem to delay my response and the fruition of

your Miracles I am instilling within you an unwavering Faith assuring you that

all rests within my Divine Providence listen closely for my words

are not mere chance encounters they carry purpose resonating

deeply within your soul amidst the chaos you perceive I

offer Solace and serenity Embrace this this Tranquility I

bestow a testament to my unwavering commitment to guide you through triumphs

to the hallowed grounds of your blessings though time May fade and

circumstances shift my promises stand Resolute The Pact of Salvation I’ve

forged with you shall come to fruition undeterred by

adversaries now inquire within yourself do you Harbor true belief

are you prepared to embrace the Transformations I offer I shall expel those who inflict

harm alleviate your daily anguish and silence the voices that torment your

spirit in the realm of existence the battle rages on and the journey is a

constant struggle stay alert for dangersous lur

around every corner engage in daily prayer and bring

before me all who reside under your roof as well as Those Distant Souls whom you

hold in high regard yet who remain aloof practice forgiveness withholding

judgment and offer prayers for their well-being as I too desire to extend my

blessings upon them and you shall serve as the conduit for their deliverance from

adversity you find yourself amidst a tumultuous era fought with Myriad trials

and I have singled you out to be a vessel of blessings my dear

child I stand as your stronghold your unwavering

support though thousands May falter by your side and tens of thousands May

succumb to adversity malevolence shall not encroach upon you should I decree that your blessings

are forthcoming Trust in this Proclamation for it holds

true if my word assures you that every eventuality serves your ultimate good

and furthers your destiny take solace for my utterances are devoid of

falsehood even amidst the harshest storms of life when you’re certain you

can bear no more remember this you will rise strength and joy will flood your

being watch ping away sorrow’s grip prepare yourself for blessings will

rain down upon you filling your days with beauty and goodness my love is a bom soothing your

wounds my hand will guide and lift you supporting you through every

trial feel my presence surrounding you like a warm

embrace let my spirit fill you like a refreshing stream washing over your

soul it’s been too long since you’ve known true happiness but now it’s yours

to claim you’ve endured hardship and loneliness feeling forsaken but those

days are behind you now forget not this day for I arri to

impart unto you strength and banish the despair that plagues your soul henceforth let my insurances be the

anthem upon your lips spoken and recalled unfailingly in moments of solitude call

out and know that my presence envelopes you each day when the burdens of the world weigh

heavy upon you seek solace in me and find the peace your heart

craves each Dawn recognize me as your guide assured that in my care lack shall

find no place I hold within my grasp all that you

require ensuring your needs are met without want I am the beacon of Salvation

casting out fears Shadows from your existence By the Waters of life I

fortify your foundation promising that your endeavors shall bear fruit a

testament to my grace enriching not only your kin but countless others

if you’re searching for something genuine a love that endures beyond the fleeting look no

further when tears threaten to overwhelm you my love will be your

Sanctuary you’ll find Solace here without strings

attached Others May offer affection but their motives are never

pure they’ll demand more leaving you empty-handed when you’ve given all you

can man in a world where trust is scarce I offer you unwavering love Serenity and

healing Embrace this gift freely given without ulterior

motives I don’t seek your wealth I crave your devotion your commitment to a fresh

start together let go of the past and embark on this journey with

me embrace a future filled with faith and

anticipation stay steadfast displaying patience while affirming your surrender

to the Divine declare with conviction I entrust myself to you my

God I wholeheartedly embrace your promises fear not for I shall answer my

beloved I acknowledge your unwavering faith prepare yourself as a Cascade of

blessings awaits to shower upon you today witness the depth of my

affection for you my love is palpable resonating

within your heart take heed of the orchestrated Marvel surrounding you designed to

Captivate your senses and express my devotion yet be mindful of adversaries

lurking in the shadows resentful of your security and envious of your virtues

seeking to piler your blessings they begrudge your happiness

recognizing the threat posed by your faith and righteousness to their nefarious

schemes knowing my protective Embrace they are already

vanquished their soul recourse lies in hurling doubts and Hollow

threats they encircle you you clamoring to undermine your beliefs to cast doubt

upon your identity as my cherished child they propagate Notions of

Abandonment denying the significance of your struggles and purpose in my Grand

Design Your Inner Essence Bears witness to the truth as soon as you awaken an

innate knowing envelopes you acknowledging my boundless affection this profound love fortifies

you elevating your spirit and fueling your journey towards Triumph each day

marked by conquests you are under my protection

even amidst the fiercest storms and Earth’s upheavals fear not my cherished child my

beloved Offspring you and your kin are under my

guardianship entrust your faith in my God guidance lean into my unwavering

love draw strength from my assurances and embrace the authority vested in

me I am your sustainer the fervent spark igniting your zest for Life dispelling

Despair and fostering deeper connections within your family do not surrender to

despair do not betray the trust of those who care for you

refrain from indulging in thoughts that bring harm Cast Away the burden of Hidden

Truths that eat away at your soul I stand before you as your father

your guide and my affection is evident in the remarkable opportunity one offer

you despite your imperfections I have cherished you in the past I cherish you

now and I will continue to shower you with blessing ings despite your

flaws however the time has come for transformation to transition from Mere

belief to a life of true Liberation this message is tailored

specifically for you a testament to my unwavering love embrace it today and tomorrow will

unveil countless new blessings I have in store for you know that my love for you is

boundless now declare your love for me believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you Heavenly Father for those who hold God close to

their hearts express your love with the words I really love you

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